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Theme: Unlocking the possibilities of a new Tohoku

This event occurred on
June 12, 2022
Sendai, Miyagi

Date|June 12, 2022 (Sunday)
Time|10:00 - 20:00
Venue|Sendai Mediatheque
Speakers|11 speakers will be invited from a wide range of ages/generations, genders, nationalities, regions of Japan, and fields related to Tohoku.
[ Part I - Talk Session ] General: 3,500 yen (Students*: 1,500 yen) *Free for elementary school students and younger.
[ Part II - Reception ] General: 4,500 yen (Under 20: 2,500 yen)
Accessibility|Simultaneous interpretation (Japanese > English) and on-site childcare service will be available.
Livestreaming|The event will be livestreamed. Afterwards, the presentations will be published on YouTube as TEDxTalks.

TEDxTohoku was started in 2011 by a group of volunteer students from Tohoku, and from then until 2015, TEDxTohoku has held annual events at various locations in the Tohoku region. Initially, TEDxTohoku started out as a place to share innovative ideas and initiatives from the disaster-affected areas both within and outside of Japan. From 2012 onwards, ideas from a wider range of fields from the six Tohoku prefectures were shared under the theme of "Together, to an Undiscovered Future”. Through the TEDxTohoku community consisting of participants, speakers, supporting partners, and staff, it has developed into a platform that creates connections between people and ideas, leading to new actions. And now, after 5 years, TEDxTohoku will be re-launched!
This time, we will focus on "Diversity" and aim to create an event that emphasizes DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion). We will invite speakers from a wider range of fields, regions, and generations with various identities to share their “Ideas Worth Spreading” through their presentations and performances. With the event, our aim is to create new actions and communities from the interests and connections gained through this platform.

Sendai Mediatheque
2-1 Kasugamachi, Aoba Ward
Sendai, Miyagi, 9800821
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Atsushi Hayashi

Founder, Next Commons Lab
Atsushi works to create a social operating system “Local Coop” to realize a post-capitalist society. He established the Next Commons Lab in 2016. Starting with Tono City in Iwate Prefecture, his goal is to build a new social system through collaboration with diverse sectors such as local governments, corporations, and entrepreneurs. He was selected as an Outstanding Social Innovator by the Nippon Foundation (2016) and as one of the 55 key people who will change local communities in the Forbes Japan Local Innovator Awards (2017). ポスト資本主義社会を具現化するための社会OS「Local Coop」をつくる。2016年、一般社団法人Next Commons Labを設立。岩手県遠野市を皮切りに、自治体・企業・起業家など多様なセクターと協業しながら、新たな社会システムの構築を目指す。日本財団 特別ソーシャルイノベーターに選出(2016)。Forbes Japan ローカル・イノベーター・アワード 地方を変えるキーマン55人に選出(2017)。

Hiroyuki Kurosawa

Sangen, Tsugaru Shamisenist
Born in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, Hiroyuki began playing the shamisen at the age of 7. Between 2002 to 2004, he thrice won the highest award in the Tsugaru Shamisen All Japan Kanagi Competition (Nitaboh Award). The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake struck his Tsugaru shamisen Kurosawa-kai practice hall, taking the lives of 240 evacuees and marking the incident as the "Kamaishi Tragedy''. Hiroyuki escaped this disaster by just one day, and has since devoted himself to being in solidarity with the victims of the disaster and in sharing the Tsugaru shamisen sound of Tohoku in their memory. With his Soul & Beat TEN-CHI-JIN band formed with drummer Jiro Oma, he is active in Japan and abroad as a messenger for disaster-affected areas. 1972年岩手県盛岡市生まれ。7歳から三味線を始める。2002年~2004年「津軽三味線全日本金木大会」で最高位の「仁太坊賞」を三連覇。2011年、東日本大震災で、津軽三味線黒澤会のお稽古場「佂石鵜住居地区防災センター」が被災し、その場所に避難した240名もの方が亡くなり「佂石の悲劇」と言われている。黒澤は1日違いで難を逃れ、東北の音「津軽三味線」で被災者に寄り添いながら、大間ジローと結成している「Soul & Beat TEN-CHI-JIN」では、被災地のメッセンジャーとして国内外で活動。

Kaori Suganami

Law Attorney, President of Hamadori University, Executive Director of Future Conference
Born in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, Kaori graduated from the University of Tokyo’s Department of Chemical System Engineering. Sensing she was hitting a glass ceiling as a researcher at a chemical manufacturer while juggling child rearing, she left the company to study for the bar and become a lawyer. After the birth of her third daughter, in 2007 she returned to her hometown of Iwaki City as a new lawyer. Following the Great East Japan Earthquake, Kaori started presiding over the Future Conference in 2013, a forum for discussing solutions for community division and conflict. 福島県いわき市出身。東京大学工学部化学システム工学科卒。化学メーカーで研究職として育児しながら働いていた際、女性の生きにくさを感じ、弁護士を目指して退職、司法試験受験の勉強を始める。三女出産後、司法試験合格。2007年に弁護士となり地元いわき市に戻る。東日本大震災後の2013年から、いわゆる分断や軋轢のある状況を乗り越えるための対話の場、未来会議を主宰。

Kei Tanaka

Member of Okunitama Shrine Yamatomai Traditions Association
Born in Iwaki city, Fukushima prefecture, Kei is not only a recognized leader of the “Yamatomai”, “Jangara Nenbutsu Odori”, and “Sanbiki Shishi Mai” dances, but moreover, she is also active as a dancer in Fukushima local performing arts such as the “Taue Odori” and “Hosai Odori” dances. An ambassador committed to passing on the rich local cultural heritage to the next generations, Kei is actively supporting the research, preservation, and future utilization of these arts: she helps with the compilation of booklets (“Oazashi”) that document the local history and culture, develops mobile apps to spread awareness of these cultural assets through play, and produces radio programs on local history. 福島県いわき市出身・在住。大和舞・じゃんがら念仏踊・三匹獅子舞の担い手のほか、田植踊・宝財踊など福島県内の郷土芸能の踊り手として活動。地域に伝わる有形・無形の文化遺産を次世代に伝えるべく、それらの調査・研究・保存・活用、継承のための中間支援、大字誌の編纂、文化財を遊びながら発信するためのアプリ開発、地域の歴史を発信するラジオ番組の制作に携わる。

Llanete Dizon Takahashi

Caregiver at Himawari Day Service Center, Ken-Ikukai Medical Corporate Body
Born in Manila, Philippines in 1976, Llanete traveled to Japan after high school for work. She later married a Japanese man and moved to Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, where she works and raises her six children. Given her 16 years of experience in home care for her family members, she was inspired to become a caregiver after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, and got licensed to begin her career in the industry. At one facility, she hosted English lessons for the elderly, which she found to be effective in improving communication and bringing liveliness into their daily lives. Now, Llanete studies to become a Certified Care Worker while also contributing to her local community. 1976年生まれ、フィリピン・マニラ出身。高校卒業後、就職をきっかけに日本へ来日。その後、日本人男性と結婚、宮城県石巻市に移り住み、働きながら6人の子供を育てる。自宅で祖父など在宅介護を16年間経験。2011年の東日本大震災をきっかけに介護ヘルパーの資格を取得し、介護の仕事に従事。高齢者施設にて働きながら、高齢者向けに「英会話教室」を開催したところコミュニケーションが向上し、日常生活の活性化にも繋がった。現在は、介護福祉士の資格を目指し、日々勉強し、地域コミュニティに貢献している。

Maco Shibuya

Wheelchair YouTuber "Maco, the Modern Princess Mononoke”, Ambassador for the Regenerative Medicine, Regenerative Medicine Welfare Support Fund
In Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, Maco Shibuya worked as a hunter while aiming to become a thatch roof craftsman. After a major fall, Maco suffered a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed in the lower part of her body. Her strong will to serve people in the future encouraged her to start her own YouTube channel, where she shares a wide range of topics often perceived as taboo. She also actively gives lectures at companies and schools. Maco has more than 100,000 followers on YouTube and is empowering many people with her story and cheerfulness. 山形県鶴岡市にて、茅葺き職人を目指しながら、猟師としても活動していた。転落事故で脊髄損傷による障がいを負い、下半身不随に。「今後の誰かの役に立ちたい!」という思いで、タブー視されがちな性や排せつなどの赤裸々な日常をYouTubeで発信、企業や学校での講演活動にも力を入れる。YouTube登録者数は10万人を超え、持ち前の明るさで多くの人をエンパワーしている。

Mari Tomisawa

Mari grew up in Futaba Town, Fukushima Prefecture. After graduating from Tokyo University of Agriculture, she returned to her family's 300 year old brewery, Tomisawa Brewery Co., and started brewing sake. However, with the Great East Japan Earthquake, she lost her sake brewery located just 3.5km away from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident. In order to protect the "goodwill" of the family business, she traveled all over Japan to restore the brewery, unfortunately in vain. She decided to revive the business in Seattle, USA, where she happened to be acquainted with, and moved there with her whole family (including her cat) to revive "SHIRAFUJI" in 2022. Now in Seattle, she is working on traditional sake brewing from scratch. 福島県双葉町育ち。東京農業大学を卒業後、約300年続く実家の株式会社冨沢酒造店に戻って酒造りを始める。東日本大震災によりひき起こった福島第一原発事故より3.5kmにあった酒蔵を失う。家業の「のれん」を守るために、日本全国を駆け回り復興を目指したが、障害が多く断念。偶然、縁のできたアメリカのシアトルでの復興を決め、家族全員(猫を 含む)で移住をし、2022年に「SHIRAFUJI」を復活させる。シアトルという地で、伝統の酒造りに1から取り組む。

Michiko Murakami

President of NPO FIRST ASCENT JAPAN., General Manager of Bouldering Park Yakurai WALL
Michiko Murakami was born in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture. She started rock climbing while in college and it soon became her passion, leading her to complete rigorous routes such as “The Nose” known to be one of the most challenging and technical climbing routes up El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Following the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, she established a non-profit organization in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, called "Treasure Island Project" to support the recovery of Mount Kinka.Together with its beautiful location and the granite rocks suitable for climbing, Michiko introduced its climbing scene to the world, increasing the mountain’s global recognition as “KINKASAN”. 宮城県気仙沼市出身。大学在学中に山登りをはじめる。その後クライミングに熱中し、アメリカのヨセミテ国立公園 El Capitan「The Nose」等を制覇。2011年東日本大震災をきっかけにNPOを設立。宮城県石巻市にて金華山震災復興支援「宝島プロジェクト」を立上げ、金華山のクライミングに適した花崗岩に着目し、その美しいロケーションとともにクライミングシーンを世界に発信、「KINKASAN」として知られるところになった。

Naoya Kudo

TV Commercial Planner, Communication Designer, Grandson and Creator of the fashion icon “Silver Tetsuya”
Raised in Akita prefecture until high school, Naoya went on to study design at the Department of Engineering in Chiba University. He began his career at an advertising agency in Tokyo focussed on digital marketing and strategy, and then pivoted to his current creative position. He engaged in many popular TV commercials and digital campaigns, and won numerous advertising awards both within Japan and abroad. Known as the grandson and creator of the fashion icon “Silver Tetsuya”, this idea came to life when Naoya returned home to Akita In 2019 and photographed his grandfather wearing his own clothes. This marked the beginning of “Silver Tetsuya”, which has become a worldwide fashion icon overnight. 高校まで秋田で過ごし、千葉大学工学部デザイン学科へ進学。大学卒業後、都内の広告代理店に勤務。デジタルマーケティングや、ストラテジー領域を経て、現在のクリエイティブ職へ。話題となったテレビCMやデジタルキャンペーンを数多く手がけ、国内外で数々の広告賞を受賞。2019年、秋田の実家に帰省した際に、思いつきで祖父に自身の服を着せて写真を撮ったところ、一夜にして世界が注目するファッションアイコンとなった「シルバーテツヤ」の “生みの孫” としても知られる。

Ryohei Kobayashi

ElevationSpace Inc. CEO
Born in 1997 in Katagami City, Akita Prefecture, while studying at Akita National College of Technology at the age of 19, Ryohei encountered space architecture and found his life changed indefinitely. He then majored in architecture and space engineering at Tohoku University, focusing on satellite development projects. Aiming to revitalize the Tohoku region through space, as founder of the Tohoku Space Community, and of ElevationSpace Inc. in 2021 working in collaboration with an associate professor at Tohoku University, Ryohei is developing a platform for small space utilization and conducting experiments on space and manufacturing within a satellite, rather than within a large space station. 1997年生まれ、秋田県潟上市出身。秋田高専在学中の19歳の時に宇宙建築に出会い、人生が変わる。卒業後、東北大学に編入学し、建築学と宇宙工学を専攻。また、Tohoku Space Communityを立上げ、東北を宇宙で活性化させることを目指し活動、東北大学の准教授と共同で2021年に株式会社ElevationSpaceを起業。現在は、誰もが宇宙で生活できる世界を目指し、宇宙ステーションに代わり人工衛星内で宇宙実験や材料製造を行う小型宇宙利用・回収プラットフォームを開発している。

Takaya & Fumito Matsuda

President & CEO | Vice President & COO, HERALBONY Co., Ltd.
Fumito and Takaya Matsuda are twin brothers with an older brother with autism. They started their own company in Iwate Prefecture called "HERALBONY", a name based on a mysterious word that their brother Shota, four years their senior, wrote down while in elementary school. As with their mission statement, “Let Out Your Exceptionality”, the team aims to create a new economic cycle and culture with the talents of people with intellectual disabilities, starting with welfare. They continue to tackle social issues with creativity through activities such as a licensing business for works by artists with disabilities. Takaya and Fumito were selected for the "Forbes 30 Under 30 Japan". 自閉症の兄をもつ双子の兄弟。4歳上の兄・翔太が小学校時代に記していた謎の言葉「ヘラルボニー」を社名に、岩手県にて起業。「異彩を、放て。」をミッションに掲げる福祉実験ユニットを通じて、知的障害のある人の才能を中心に、福祉を起点とした新たな経済循環と文化の創造を目指している。障害のあるアーティストによる作品のライセンスビジネスなどを展開、社会課題にクリエイティブで挑む。世界を変える30歳未 満30人の日本人「Forbes 30 UNDER 30 JAPAN」受賞。

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