x = independently organized TED event

This event occurred on
January 22, 2022
Kandy, Madhyama paḷāta
Sri Lanka

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Grand Kandyan Hotel
Lady Gordon`s Drive
Kandy, Madhyama paḷāta, 20000
Sri Lanka
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Chan Wang

Speaker / Activist
Dr. Chan Wang obtained her Ph.D. in Education from the University of Hong Kong in September 2021, and currently working as a senior research assistant in the Department of Early Childhood Education at the Education University of Hong Kong. She strongly believes that teachers are essential to provide a good foundation for every child, and therefore she is passionate about training better teachers, contributing to her research interest on teacher education. She also hopes to encourage more youth to join the teaching profession to facilitate good education for future generations.

Chanuga Wimalarathna

Student / Speaker
I'm 8 years old and a passionate singer, composer and performance artist. I am also a nature lover and science enthusiast. I have an interesting collection of nature-photographs including some rare species of insects. I'm a great fan of TED talks because the stories are so inspiring. Being an achiever in diverse fields, I felt that I too can make some contribution to the society by sharing my experiences and ideas.

Chau Tran

Speaker / Activist
Chau Tran is currently enrolled in a Research Master in Molecular Medicine at Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands. The TED community has empowered her since 2014 when she first started listening to TED talks while preparing for her IELTS exam. She is mainly interested in watching TED talks on science and technology but also loves to listen to the stories and inspiring journeys of TED speakers on how they got to where they are now. That is what she finds to be the most empowering aspect of TED.

DILLON Alexander

A student from Colombo International School Kandy. He aspire to be a marine biologist when he grew up.

Dinuga Thimsara Ratnayake

Student / Speaker
I am 8 years old. I have a passion for cooking. I love to get together with my grandmother and cook yummy dishes. I even have recipicies I created myself. It's really rewarding to see my family enjoying a special dish I created for them. I also love to sing as well! It fills my heart with joy. Music helps make everyone happy. I have composed several songs my self; a wonderful lullaby for my sister, the joy of Friday, and even one to help get over my fear of the dark. My hobby is reading. I love to read children's mystery and adventure books. I spend many hours imagining alternate endings to the stories I read or cartoons I watch. Magic fascinates me. I love to watch magic shows and beautiful magical cartoons and movies. I am learning how things work and trying to come up with easy ways to do things. I hope to be a famous inventor one day. I am interested in computer technology as well. Scratch is my favourite computer programming application.

Droovi Beven Keanu de Zilva

Student / Speaker
Droovi Bevan Keanu de Zilva is currently a Masters student studying Energy Science at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He is presently working on his thesis where he carries out an environmental impact assessment of plastics waste management on campus. His background in sustainability science fuels his passion for broad sustainability issues and to apply what he has learned about sustainability back in Sri Lanka, his homeland, in a way that suits its context. He has a podcast that was launched in August 2021 on Spotify called "Sustainability Intellectuals" where he speaks about a variety of sustainability issues, while also trying to bring out the Global South perspectives and troubles regarding sustainability, using experiences of his own and of the guests he brings on it. He describes himself as an eco-scientist by day and otaku by night and enjoys watching anime, playing the guitar and reading, when he is not working

Fazmina Imamudeen

Speaker /Mentor
Fazmina Imamudeen is the founder of Semicolon - School of English Language and Literature for Critical Thinking and Creative Expressions. She, with her decade and a half experience in the education sector has initiated Semicolon where she would work on developing critical thinking skills while working on writing skills in children and adults. She is currently reading for her Master of Arts in Teaching Literature in Second Language Context. She has published two short stories in a popular Women’s Journal which focus on mental health and healing. Her experience as a teacher, lecturer, mentor and coach has enabled her to work with children and adults alike. She believes that learning happens with everyone and everywhere. She strongly believes in skill development, thus focuses on developing the skills of her students. In her definition, a child should be encouraged to be a learner and not merely study to complete a syllabus.

Himeth Ranasinghe

Student / Speaker
From Dharamaraja college Kandy. Student who conquered the stage in the arena of Drama and Debating for his alma mater has same interest in humanity and sustainability.

Hiranga Bandara Suraweera

Student / Speaker
I am 10 years old and I study at Trinity College Kandy. My hobbies are playing the Piano, reading about exoplanets and drawing cartoon characters.

Inandi Rathnatilleke

Student / Speaker
Inandi is a student from Mahamaya Girls' College Kandy

Inudi Jayawilal

Student Speaker
I like to read novels by J.K Rowling and I am a big fan of Harry Potter.

Inuli Minthuli Gunaratne

Student / Speaker
Hi, I am Inuli Minthuli Gunaratne, I am 7 years old and I'm studying at Gateway college Kandy. I like to read books and play with my dolls when I'm bored. I like to play Badminton with my brother. I want to be a teacher when I grow up.

Inura Yensitha Gamage

Student / Speaker
My school is Trinity College Kandy and I am eight years old. I love animals and my pet is a small tortoise called Shelly. I love Kandyan dancing and playing piano. I like to play Tennis, Chess and involve in Athletics. I love nature and wild animals and try to find something new about those creatures. I like TEDx because i can express my ideas to world freely.

Livinu Randira Gunaratne

Student / Speaker
Hi, My name is Livinu Randira Gunaratne and I'm 11 years old. I'm studding at Gateway college Kandy in grade 6. I like to play guitar and read. My favourite subject in school is Science. My favourite sports are Cricket and Basketball. When I get a job I'm going to be a Doctor, So I can help sick people.

Manali Nirvana Dodanwala

Student / Speaker
I love sharing my ideas, and opinions, it’s always been important to me. My main interests, are reading, painting and wildlife. I also enjoy public speaking and debate, so speaking for Tedx is a great way to express my thoughts.

Menuki Premaratne

Student / Speaker
I love what ted and tedx do as an initiative to spread ideas that are worth spreading to inspire others. Since I’m really passionate about public speaking , I feel that it gives young speakers like us a good platform and an opportunity to motivate and inspire others. And also what interested me the most was how other Tedx speakers make an impact on people from their speeches and that is why I want to be a part of ted and Tedx to spread my ideas to the society and to make an impact on many people’s lives and the society.

Namraatha Omalmie Joanna John

Student /Speaker
I am 14 years old and studying at Good Shepherd Convent Kandy.I am in the school choir, debating team the Girl Guide Association. I love reading, drawing, handicrafts and playing my 2 instrument (my guitar and piano). I am also enthusiastic about saving animals especially dogs. My hope is to save them and care for them professionally as well. I would consider myself as a extrovert even though I prefer to stay in my comfort zone. I hope that by being a part of Tedx I will be able to be more comfortable by coming out of my shell and socialising even more than I used to.

Nehalie Ruhara Gunawardena

Student / Speaker
I am 13 years old. I go to Hillwood College Kandy and I find school very interesting. I love to play the piano, to write stories and to read

Nimseth De Silva

Nimseth De Silva is from St Benedict's college Kandy.He is 9 years old and aspire to be a chess grandmaster in future.

Pavara Rambukwella

Student / Speaker
I'm an ALs student doing business studies, economics and ICT and attend Trinity College Kandy. ill be doing my ALs in 2022. I'm an active participant in the extracurriculars at school. mainly debating, Model united nations and Interact, which I am the vice captain, sectary and president of respectively. I like to consider my self an out door person even though most days I prefer staying indoors, unless its a hike. then I'm all in. I like to keep myself up to date on current world issues ranging from human rights, environment to economics and politics. My hope is to make my way to the UN.

Prasanya Welgamage

Student / Speaker
I turned 13 a month ago. I’ve been drawing a lot since the start of the pandemic back in 2020, mostly because I had nothing to do back then, and still today. I joined the debating club at the start of 2021, and got into the team, we’ve gone for a few tournaments, but we still have a long way to go before we can win much.I joined the sociology club briefly, but I left because it just wasn’t my thing.Me and my friends created a writers club, which spends 1 hour of its zoom meetings productively, 30 minutes of casual conversation and another 30 minutes of fighting over fictional characters. I love writing stories. It also started back in 2020 when I started reading and watching shows a lot more, I wanted to create my own words to explore. I remember creating several before, but giving up on them, because I just couldn’t continue after a certain plot point. I’m in the process of writing my own novel, as well as a group novel with my friends.

Pumindu Jayawilal

Student Speaker
I do a lot of sports, but because of the pandemic I haven't played in a while. Because of online classes I have learned to cook tasty dishes. I also enjoying player video games such as Fortnite with my friends, it keeps me entertained in this boring situation.These days i am mostly concentrating on school work because grade 7 is very challenging.

Samadhie Ruwanya Gunawardena

Student / Speaker
I am 11 years old. I go to Hillwood College Kandy and I find school very interesting. I love to play the piano, to write stories and to read.

Sarah Suraj

Student / Speaker
I am a tween. I love anything artistic and baking makes me happy.

Savith Bhanuka Ratnaweera

Student / Speaker
I am 11 years old. I love music , dinosaurs and Minecraft .I like TED and TEDX because I like to listen to little ideas that bring positive changes to our lives.

Senith Ratnatilake

Senith is 8 Years old and From Trinity College Kandy, Aspire to be a paleontologist.

Sennovya Seneviratne

Student / Speaker
I will be 10 years old in this November and studying in Hillwood College Kandy. I am in grade 5. I am a nature lover. I observe birds and animals when ever I get a chance. There are lot of things I have learnt from observing animal behaviour. I would like to share my ideas and views with others so I can inspire others as well as I would like to listen to what others have to say and get inspired by their “ideas worth sharing”.

Shamaya Sayandhan

Student / Speaker
I am a 10 years old student at Hillwood College Kandy. My hobbies are bird watching, wildlife and play the piano. I like TED because it give me an opportunity to improve communication skills and presentation style.

Shehani Jayalath

Shehani Jayalath is an aspiring neuroscientist and science communicator with research interests on how lifestyle factors like exercise, diet, stress and brain diseases can shape the brain. Currently she leads the research team in a mental health organization. She is also very fond of the TED community, which led her to organize TEDxHKU 2018 and speak at TEDxYouth@Peradeniya 2021. She loves to share her TEDx experiences with others to nurture more people to embark on their own inspiring journeys with TED.

Shehani Trishni Rajakarunanayake Ferdinandusz

Student / Speaker
I play tennis as a sport and have won many tropies, cetificates and medals. i like making things out of waste and things i get. i always want to do every thing with my twin sister and I've won a gold medal anda silver medal for speech and drama i talk to my pet dog when i feel sad and it makes me happy to see its ears shake . i like going out more than staying inside in this pandemic i spend most of my time in the garden playing with my father.

Sheshani Rachel Rajakarunanayake Ferdinandusz

Student / Speaker
I like reading books. I am a tennis player. I have won trophies and medals for Tennis and Speech and Drama Exams. I like playing with my dog and my Twin Sister. I like sharing my sad and happy thoughts with my dog, because I know it won't tell anyone. I am a girl who likes to see everything clean.

Thenu Weerasinghe

Student / Speaker
I am 10 years old and in grade 5 at Trinity College, Kandy. Apart from studies I am involved in sports, swimming, cricket and rugger. I love to observe nature and play with my pet dog during leisure time.


Student / Speaker
Reading adventure stories, singing, playing the piano, learning to play the guitar, writing short stories and poems. Attending online classes. I miss swimming and tennis.I participated this year and really enjoyed whilst learning a lot.

Yenali Samarakoon

Student / Speaker
I'm six years, studying at Hillwood College Kandy .

Yenara Kavisha Hapugoda Bandaranayake

Student / Speaker
Hello I'm Yenara and I'm from Sri Lanka. I just turned 13 years old and I school at Good Shepherd Convent Kandy.I love dancing and singing. I also enjoy engaging in my school dramas. Cooking and baking are my favorite things to do in my free time. Especially finding and coming up with my own recipes. Another fun fact about me is I love designing houses on minecraft.

Organizing team

De Silva Wijeyeratne

Kandy, Sri Lanka