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Theme: Fusion

This event occurred on
March 19, 2023
Shanghai, Shanghai

Fusion is not only a new concept, but also integration, acceptance, confluence, collision reaction or reorganization of the new and traditional visions for Huangpu, Shanghai.

Pudong Grand Theatre
61 Yangxin Rd
Shanghai, Shanghai, 200135
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Chao (熊超) Xiong

The Nine Shanghai Creative Director, Visual Effects Director for the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics and Short Film Director for the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Paralympic Games, and the Golden Lion Award for the Design of China's First Creative Festival in Cannes, France. He has 18 years of experience in an internationally renowned 4A advertising company. In 2016, he founded the independent creative agency The Nine Shanghai, which has created many influential cases for the brand over the past five years. I believe that meaningful creativity, design, and art can make the world more beautiful.

Chao (韩朝) Han

Chao Han (韩朝) is chief physician, doctoral supervisor, director of otolaryngology in the department of East China Hospital He is familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, and is good at various types of otological neurocranial base surgery related to otitis media, facial paralysis, acoustic tumors, and temporal bone tumors in the ear.

Hui (杨辉) Yang

Hui Yang is a researcher at the Brain Intelligence Excellence Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and founder of Huida Biology. He is the Doctor of Science from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and postdoctoral fellow at MIT. The research field has always been focused on genetic engineering, and has been supported by the National Outstanding Youth Fund. The related research results have been selected as one of the "Top Ten Advances in Life Science in 2019".

Huifeng (孙汇沣) Sun

Business Leader
Huifeng Sun has been deeply engaged in Internet media for more than 10 years, and has been responsible for the establishment and growth of business planning strategy teams in Alibaba, Youku, Baidu, etc. He is now a business leader in AAuto Quicker. He is proficient in long video content marketing, product algorithms, and short video commercialization. He has deeply cooperated with hundreds of KA industry leading brands, and is good at brand full link marketing strategies.

Lan (石岚) Shi

Founder of Cocafe
Lan Shi is the founder and CEO of CoCafe Technology. She is a pioneer in the development of digital collectibles in China. She is a director of MIT Sloan College, founder of Y-CITY, president of Hotan Jade Museum in Xinjiang, and judge of Forbes China U30. She is the main organizer of the Global Blockchain and Digital Economy Leadership Course, the main initiator of the World Internet Forum in Davos, and a former senior consultant at Christie's.

Seng Dong (G僧东) G

Famous blogger
G Seng Dong (G僧东) is a famous blogger, self media person.

Ting (俞挺) Yu

Yu Ting is a famous architect in China.

Xiansheng (华先胜) Hua

Xiansheng Hua is CTO of Telian Technology Group, former Vice President of Alibaba, Doctor of Peking University, IEEE Fellow, TR35 Winner, ACM Distinguished Scientist, First Prize for Science and Technology Progress in Zhejiang Province, and Project Leader of National AI Open Platform (Urban Brain); Internationally renowned visual AI experts, who have long been committed to the research and development of basic AI technologies, product creation and application landing, have made many innovative achievements in core technologies and large-scale applications in smart cities (landing in dozens of cities), smart medicine (helping COVID-19 fight the epidemic, and being collected by national museums) and other directions in the past six years.

Xuemei (丁雪梅) Ding

Professor in Donghua University
Xuemei Ding is a professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Fashion and Art Design at Donghua University. She also serves as the Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of Modern Fashion Design and Technology of the Ministry of Education, and an expert in the Science and Technology Expert Database of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Led national key research and development projects, National Natural Science Foundation of China, and other projects to carry out research on sustainable development of the textile industry environment. Led the release of a series of standards for environmental impact accounting and evaluation of China's textile industry.

Yier (罗依尔) Luo

Founder of Art Talk Show
Yier Luo is a curator, the founder of art talk shows and the defender of Dunhuang culture who is an invited expert in many museums. So far, he has held more than 600 performances and has been engaged in art education and promotion based on Dunhuang in multiple museums and art galleries, aiming to make audiences fall in love with art while laughing.

Ying (荣颖) Rong

Chinese Bamboo Flute Performer
Ying Rong is a Chinese Bamboo Flute Performer.

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