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Theme: Climate & Me: innovation mindsets

This event occurred on
April 7, 2021
London, London, City of
United Kingdom

With climate change weighing heavily on our hearts and minds, what will it take to shift our mindsets from passive to inventive? How can we cultivate a stronger culture around climate innovation, one that makes our societies more resilient? Innovative mindsets and culture rally us around common problems and solutions. They enable us to advance towards positive tipping points within industries and between like-minded states. The question is: How do we get there?

Listen to some fascinating talks and then join us for breakout discussions with climate leaders, and explore concrete ways of unleashing an innovation mindset. Among the breakout leaders: Alison Coburn (Chief Executive, Common Purpose International), Stephen Dunbar-Johnson (President, International, The New York Times), Cédric Girard (Head of Development and Strategy at MoHo), Nikki Grass (Brand, Marketing & Sustainability Leader), Clover Hogan (Climate activist, researcher on eco-anxiety and Founder and Executive Director of Force of Nature), Harriet Lamb (CEO, Ashden), Sophie Lambin (CEO, Kite Insights), Mac Macartney (Founder, Embercombe), Massimo Portincaso (Advisor, Inventor and Author, Chairman at Hello Tomorrow), Whitney Richardson (International Events Manager at The New York Times), Shuvo Saha (Founder and Director, Google Digital Academy), Gurjit Singh Lalli (Curator and Founder, TEDxGlasgow) and Michael Stevenson (Senior Advisor, Education and Skills at OECD).

TEDxKiteInsights will be moderated by Sophie Lambin, CEO of Kite Insights.

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2 Vardens Rd
London, London, City of, SW11 1RH
United Kingdom
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Bertrand Piccard

Solar adventurer
Bertrand Piccard is the initiator and visionary behind Solar Impulse, the very first airplane capable of flying around the world without fuel. Following the success of the Round-The-World Solar Flight, Bertrand launched, through the Solar Impulse Foundation, the #1000 SOLUTIONS initiative to bring energy innovations from around the world to decisions makers as practical tools to help them adopt more ambitious energy policies and achieve their environmental targets. With #1000 SOLUTIONS near its target, Bertrand reflects in his TEDxKiteInsights Countdown talk on what he and his colleagues have learned about the culture around climate innovation and the potential to federate actors and fast-track clean energy solutions.

Gail Whiteman

Arctic expert and Eco-innovator
Gail Whiteman is the founder of Arctic Basecamp and Professor of Sustainability at the University of Exeter’s Business School. She is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Frontier Risk and Professor-in-Residence at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Gail’s research examines how a range of actors (companies, civil society, and local communities) make sense of ecological risk, and how these actors transform and build resilience across scales given environmental pressures and social inequities. Her TEDxKiteInsights Talk draws on this research to explore how climate innovators can help rally us around common solutions and contribute to positive tipping points for climate action.

Rahaf Harfoush

Strategist, Digital Anthropologist and Author
Rahaf Harfoush’s research focuses on the intersections between emerging technology, innovation, and digital culture. She is the Executive Director of the Red Thread Institute of Digital Culture, a member of France’s National Digital Council, and a Visiting Policy Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute. Rahaf also teaches “Innovation & Emerging Business Models” at SciencePo’s School of Management and Innovation in Paris. In her TEDxKiteInsights Talk, Rahaf discusses how innovators and activists pour their energy into their social change work as if they were inexhaustible. Yet, innovators also need to nurture their resilience. Drawing a parallel between humane productivity at the personal level and the need to find new solutions for humanity to live sustainably, Rahaf explores some means for climate innovators to replenish their personal resources and rekindle their spirit.

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