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Theme: The Enlightenment

This event occurred on
June 5, 2021
3:00pm - 9:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Tanta, Al Gharbīyah

Education is the peace in our minds, the most delightful thing that can guide mankind through evolution in all aspects of life. Education is what guides us through having a greater community and countless knowledgable academics guiding the world to new technology. Education isn't only the knowledge, Education is the wisdom and delight lying inside all our brains waiting for that small tick of moral education to lighten up like a light bulb full of wisdom. Our TED talk here will be describing how Education changed the world, how it made civilizations rise, and civilizations fall- how education can change your state of mind from sitting on your couch trying to cancel all your plans inside your brain to get lazy on your couch without any work to revaluating your life choices and recreating and fixation of all the careless mistakes you've made before, thinking of all the universe's problems and having mini solutions in your brain, thinking of the sound of the dripping water sink to imagine how much water it wastes and how much it harms humanity- Education is the state of mind that within it, has the only solution to all the abuse and bullying kids and adults are suffering from since their youth, varying from verbal abuse to sexual and physical abuse. And this.. is what we call " The Enlightenment ".

Gharbiya STEM High School
Tanta, Galaa Schools District
Tanta, Al Gharbīyah, 31511
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Youth (What is this?)
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Eman Eman

Young Author + Medicine Student
Eman Nabil, aside from studying medicine, she’s a published author of ‘The Result Of A Change' and an enthusiastic avid reader who aims to translate emotions into either words or works of art. She’s also a member of the Introduction To My Country campaign and the writing manager of the campaign's Writing Club. She'd started writing TROAC as a 9th grade student and in late 2016, it was added to Wattpad's ‘Intergalactic Reads' list on their science fiction profile. After a rough year of editing and hunting for publishers, the contract was signed in late 2017 and its first release was at the Cairo International Book Fair 2018. Al Shrouq newspaper article written about TROAC was published on March 26th a couple of months after its release, followed by the appreciation certificate she received from the former governor of Ad Daqahlia later in the same year. As of July 19th of 2019, she had also been interviewed by Nile Culture TV; and she’s currently working on her second novel ‘Apartheid’.

Essam Youssef

Novelist and Script writer
Essam Youssef is an Egyptian novelist, screenwriter, and writer. Born in Cairo, graduated from the English Department, Cairo University. His father is the writer Abdel Tawab Youssef, and his mother is Natila Rashid, editor-in-chief of Samir Children's magazine. Youssef wrote a quarter of a gram novel, and a novel of 2 officers, which are two of the best-selling novels in Egypt. In addition, he authored the series “Go and Return” in 2015. He also presented the “Genius” program, which is a question program for high school students, and it helps educational growth in Egypt.

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