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Theme: Connection

This event occurred on
June 5, 2021
Vancouver, British Columbia

05 June 2021
Hosted Online
TEDxYouth@GranvilleIsland is the first TEDx youth event hosted from the iconic and beautiful community of Granville Island. Known for its reputation as Vancouver's premier cultural hub, Granville Island's unique charm is augmented by its rich and diverse artistic, culinary, and maritime history. These various facets connect together to form the island's distinct identity.

In the spirit of the community it is hosted in, TEDxYouth@GranvilleIsland explores the big ideas and questions relevant to young people today through interesting and diverse perspectives from all walks of life. This event recognizes the value of the ideas and answers young people have in local, national, and global conversations, and aims to provide a platform for the youth to share their thoughts to a greater audience.

Red Gate
1601 Johnston St, Vancouver
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6H 3R9
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Youth (What is this?)
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Aylex Li

Motivational speaker
Aylex is a professional self-challenger. Dedicating his life to learning and experiencing all that the world has to offer, he now comes to the stage of Tedx to share his journey. Aylex is an accomplished athlete, stage performer, and entrepreneur. He has secured the title of provincial champion and third in the nation in badminton, travelled across China MCing and singing Opera, and even performing at the Golden Rooster & 100 Flowers Film Festival in China (The Oscars of China). He is currently focused on his social media career where he has amassed over 1 million followers, creating content with the sole purpose of learning, growing, and sharing.

Belle Zhang

Youth Speaker
My name is Xinyang Belle Zhang. I am six years old and I am in 1st Grade at Westcott Elementary School. I love, love, and love to learn! There are so many things I like to do so much, like playing the piano, dancing, and painting! I also play field hockey and do karate. I want to be a scientist when I grow up, because I hope I can invent a medicine that make people live forever and never get old. There's a saying that I like very much.---"Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Till good is better, and better best."

Daniel Liu

Youth Speaker
Daniel is a 13-year-old from Surrey, British Columbia.

Elizabeth Zou

Youth Speaker
Elizabeth is a 14-year-old student in Vancouver who enjoys playing piano, playing guzheng, and sketching. She firmly believes that your identity is the sum of your choices.

Emerson D'Sylva

Youth Speaker
Emerson works as a youth facilitator at Low Entropy, empowering teens to achieve their goals. She enjoys playing piano, tennis, and acting, and has worked on several commercials and TV shows.

Jamak Golshani

Educator, Technologist
Jamak is an educator, technologist, and perpetual student of life. He uses his experiences to help youth, young adults, and newcomers find suitable careers that are aligned with their passions.

Katrina Kreschuk

Youth Speaker
Katrina is a 16-year-old student in Coquitlam. Katrina sings, dances, and acts in her spare time. She loves to share and hear ideas to help others and our society.

Kelly Huang

Youth Speaker
Kelly is a 10-year-old artist in Vancouver, B.C. She loves to read, play badminton, and of course, paint! Someday, she’d love to pursue painting as a career.

Mark Ji

Youth Speaker
Mark is 11 years old. He was born in Shanghai, China in 2009. Mark go to St. John's School and is in 6th grade. His hobbies include coding, math, playing soccer, public speaking, and running. His favourite food is fish and he is an extrovert. Mark wants to become a scientist when he grows up.

Maxine Cruz

Youth Speaker
Maxine Cruz is 17 year old, and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Maxine is passionate about living life to its fullest and enjoying every moment. She loves meeting new people and hearing different stories about their lives. Her goal for each day is to try and maintain a positive outlook, seeing the best in people and the world around her. When Maxine is not actively trying to do that,she is reading books, preferably of the fantasy genre. She is also a Youth Facilitator at the organization Youth Empowering Youth, where she guides participants to grow into passions and further develop into the wonderful human beings she knows they are. Maxine adores animals, specifically her little fluffy dog, who is always barking at the television. Lastly, Maxine is so thankful for this opportunity to speak to you all.

Sherry Li

Music producer, Motivational speaker
Sherry Li is a music producer, educator, and co-founder of ICTUS Audio. Her deepest passion lies in connecting people through sound and music

Shine Wu

Youth Speaker
Shine is a 7th Grader in Vancouver. she active and positive, willing to be bright like the sunshine, enjoy everyday life, and warm the people around her. As a friend, Shine is greatly helpful. As a student, she is very responsible. As an individual, she is substantially self-motivated. Shine enjoys a wide range of interests, among which the most passionate is public speaking. Shine is ready to use all her strength to empower others and together elevate their potential, and she is eager to share her ideas of achieving valuable connectivity with different friends and her experiences in making innovative efforts from a deep heart. Shine believes quite a lot of people in Vancouver or even in the world could share the same feelings in making friends like her.

Sophie Kuah

Youth Speaker
Sophie Kuah is a first-generation Chinese-Canadian born in Vancouver, BC. She is currently a grade 8 student at York House School where she enjoys taking part in her school basketball team, playing the saxophone in band, discussing social studies, and writing in English. Sophie is inspired daily by her family, especially by her older sister and her grandmother, and she is driven by what she wants the future to look like—what she can do to improve herself and the world around her? In her spare time, Sophie also runs a food blog where she loves taking photographs, telling stories, and discovering connections between food and culture.

Suzanna Chen

Youth Speaker
Aside from being a 17-year-old student, Suzanna Chen is an aspiring "artivist"—a social justice advocate who works with artistic mediums.

William Yan

Youth Speaker
William was born in China and moved here as a child. He has always been very scared to talk to people when he arrived in Canada due to the limited amount of English he knew. Now he goes to White Rock Christian Academy and he likes playing the piano.

Yiheng Li

Youth Speaker
Yiheng is a 16-year-old sophomore attending Burnaby North Secondary who enjoys long philosophical walks and loves playing chess and badminton.

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