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This event occurred on
July 18, 2021
Shinjuku-ku, Tôkyô

In times of unprecedented societal changes and challenges, it is easy to let the darkness consume us. And yet humanity remains resilient, searching tirelessly for footholds, as the moment we are sharing today is merely a brief second of an eclipse, a transition from darkness back to light.

With this year’s theme “Eclipse”, we welcome speakers to share their stories –– the transition, resilience, or discoveries made through their journey –– to bring into focus the phases of an eclipse, and the interplay between light and darkness. When the obscuring ends, we start again with a newfound perception of the world.

In celebration of the 10th year anniversary, we TEDxWasedaU also reflect on the light and dark we have experienced during our decade-long journey. By sharing our “Eclipse” and the “Eclipse” of our speakers, we embrace the new beginning in our mission of sharing “ideas worth spreading”. Through the phases of Eclipse, what do you see?

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1-104 Totsukamachi
Shinjuku-ku, Tôkyô, 169-8050
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Bill Reilly

Drag performer
"Goma Dango is a bilingual drag performer living and working in Tokyo, Japan. Goma founded the queer performance group, Haus of Gaishoku, in 2018 and currently produces monthly shows for international audiences in various venues in and around Tokyo. Goma also performs with the bilingual improvisational comedy group, Pirates of Tokyo Bay, at their live shows and teaches classes on improv as well. In order to buy even more makeup, Goma works full time creating subtitles for various clients' streaming content as well as consults with Japanese creatives in order to better pitch their pieces to overseas buyers. "

Billy Cleary

Clinical Director
Billy has lived in Japan for over a decade and resides in West Tokyo with his wife and son. Billy serves as the Clinical Director of the largest International mental health agency in Japan, TELL. He received his clinical license and training in Chicago, Illinois and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Billy’s focus in his work and life is to engage in a collaborative discovery of improving one's self and the systems around him that cause people to change and thrive. His focus at TELL is to build upon its mission to support the international and Japanese community of individuals and families to help restore relationships. Billy finds himself wrestling with his son on the weekends, enjoying a lively discussion with his wife, yet, not all before stealing a couple quiet hours away in the morning for a freshly made cup of pour-over coffee. When he gets around to it, you may find him taking a trail up one of the many diverse mountains throughout Japan.

Dennis Chia

Employee, Social entrepreneur
Born and bred in Singapore. Moved to Japan in 2008. Founded social project Boundless in 2017 with the aim of reevaluating charms of rural Japan and finding solutions for the multitude of problems faced in Japan, by connecting the global community with the hyper local. Currently working at Your Stand, a start-up developing EV charging technologies, while managing Boundless activities and juggling random interpretation gigs related to design, education and sustainability. With his interdisciplinary experiences accumulated thus far, Dennis hopes to contribute, however insignificantly, to creating a sustainable future.

Eri Itoh

「空はひとつ」をモットーに、世界の空を駆けながら、航空管制および航空交通管理の研究に従事する科学者・エンジニア。科学、技術、工学、アート、数学、デザインを融合するSTEAM+Dと国際連携に興味を持ち、著書の執筆、国際規格策定、国内外のアカデミアや企業等での教育・提言・講演活動なども多数行っている。 東京大学大学院博士課程修了(航空宇宙工学専攻)。ユーロコントロール実験研究所(フランス)、オランダ航空宇宙研究所、NASAエイムズ研究所、海上・港湾・航空技術研究所 電子航法研究所、南洋理工大学などでの研究職を経て、東京大学大学院 工学系研究科 准教授。国際航空科学会議(ICAS)よりMcCarthy Award、John J.Green Award 受賞。著書に『空の旅を科学する 人工知能が拓く!?21世紀の航空管制』(河出書房新社)、『みんなでつくるAI時代 これからの教養としてのSTEAM』(CCCメディアハウス社)がある。

Kenta Watanabe

"山形県出身。山形大学を卒業後、貿易商社に勤務。 サラリーマン時代に体験した藍染めに感動し、藍の世界に飛び込むことを決意。 2012年より徳島県上板町地域おこし協力隊として活動後、2015年にBUAISOU.を設立。 2018年に脱退し、新たにWatanabe'sを設立し活動中。藍師・染師 阿波藍の産地として知られる徳島県上板町を拠点に藍の栽培、染料となる蒅(すくも)造り、染色、製作を一貫して行う。 蓼藍という植物の葉を乾燥、発酵させてつくる蒅をもとに、日本の伝統技法 ’’天然灰汁発酵建て’’ を用いてつくられる藍色は、深みのある、冴えた色合いが美しく、色移りしにくいという特徴を持つ。 古き良き日本の伝統を残しつつ、新たな機軸で藍を伝えるべく、国内外で幅広く活動を行う。 堆肥造り、土造り、種まき、育苗、栽培、蒅造り、染色液の仕込み…Watanabe’sの藍色は、関わる全ての方々と全ての過程に想いをもって取り組んだ結果の副産物である。 伝統工芸という枠から少しだけ工業化に戻すこと。 暮らしに寄り添う色として、人々の生活に馴染んでいくものづくりを考える。"

Kentaro Iwata

Prof. Kentaro Iwata was born in 1971, in Shimane, Japan. After graduating from Shimane Medical University, he went through postgraduate training at Okinawa Chubu Hospital, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, and Beth Israel Medical Center. He also worked as a family physician in Beijing, China. He returned to Japan in 2004 and became chief of the Department of Infectious Disease, and the Department of Infection Control at Kameda Medical Center. He became Professor of Medicine in 2008 at Kobe University's Graduate School of Medicine. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases both in the US and Japan. He is also specialized in Infection Control and Kampo Medicine. Finally, he is also a certified Wine Expert Excellence.

Miyake Ryo

フェンシング選手 (種目:フルーレ 千葉)
幼いころから棒を振り回すのが好きで、保育園在園中に水泳を始めるが、あまり好きではなかったため、水泳を辞めたいと親に言うことができずにいた時にフェンシングに出会い 、親に頼んで フェンシングを始める。フェンシングを始めると才能が開花し、小学校6年生の時には全国大会で優勝する。 2007年に慶應義塾高等学校在学中に、 17歳以下の世界ジュニア・カデ選手権で、日本人初フルーレ個人で優勝 する。2012年には慶應義塾大学在学中にロンドンオリンピック に出場し 、男子フルーレ団体で銀メダルを獲得する。2013年、アジア選手権大会で、個人・団体で準優勝。 2014年のアジア大会ではフルーレ団体で五連覇を狙う中国を下し金メダルを獲得。 2020年に新型コロナウイルス感染症により、東京オリンピックが延期になるなか、「アスリートして結果でお返しができない中、契約を続けてほしいというのがおこがましい。」という理由で、自らス ポンサー契約を一時保 留にして、生活費や活動費を稼ぐためUberEats を始める。 UberEats を始めると 国内・世界のメディアに取り上げられている。

Tamaki Hoshi

Tamaki is a Social Sciences major at Waseda University and Miss World Japan 2020 Runner-up. While she was born in Tokyo, Tamaki spent most of her childhood in the US, where she had planned to pursue medical school and become her definition of a “successful woman”. Just several weeks before graduating from her American high school, however, Tamaki realized that her ideal future-self was like a perfectly empty shell with no inner identity. With the desire to find her true identity, Tamaki changed her college plans and started living in Japan for the first time in 15 years. Through new experiences and culture shocks, Tamaki discovered unquestioned assumptions and subconscious stigmas that distorted her views of the world and of herself. She hopes to share her story on how she overcame her obsession over who she “ought to be” in the future by uncovering and accepting who she already “is” in the present.

Yan Fan

Co-Founder and CTO of Code Chrysalis; Board Member/Advisors for Waffle, Startup Lady, Ekolocal
Yan Fan was born in China and raised in Seattle, she graduated from Dartmouth College with degrees in Economics and Arabic. After graduation, Yan worked at an agri-commodities trading firm in Singapore before changing her career to tech. Quitting trading, Yan moved to San Francisco and became a software engineer at Ayasdi, a leading Silicon Valley machine learning startup. Yan co-founded and served as CTO of her first coding school in Jordan helping refugees in 2016. She focused on training and finding jobs for refugees displaced from the nearby conflict regions. Code Chrysalis is Yan's second coding bootcamp. She started Code Chrysalis because she was brimming with ideas on how to best teach programming and develop top software engineering talent. Code Chrysalis, not only helps individuals change their careers through our programs, but also works with large enterprises to re-engineer their teams, including clients such as Mercari, NRI, some of the NTTs, and more.

Zen Lim

Student / Yoga instructor / Co-founder
Zen is a Chinese-Malaysian junior at Waseda University, Tokyo, School of International Liberal Studies, focusing on global governance and environmental sustainability. She is also a certified yoga instructor, and co-founder of ProjekWaste, a local NPO in Perhentian Islands, Malaysia, tackling waste pollution and raising awareness in nature conservation. She recently started her sustainable creative lifestyle brand Nami, exploring and creating alternatives for sustainable living. In her free time, Zen enjoys playing tennis, badminton, scuba diving, surfing, rock climbing, and more yoga. You may also find her brewing coffee and making latte art in a cafe in Omotesando. Through this Tedx talk, she wishes to reach to more individuals to not only be aware of climate impacts but take actions and make changes through daily activities and mindfulness.

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