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Theme: Imagine-Nasi

This event occurred on
April 30, 2021
Jakarta, Jakarta Raya

Most of us know the classic story of The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen: A little girl wandering in bad weather, starving and craving for warmth, only to have her imagination to hold on to. In the face of the global food crisis because of the climate crisis, we have to rely on our imagination to think about the problem and the solution right now.

Bringing the theme Imagine-Nasi, a word play in which roughly translate to imagining rice (imajinasi is Indonesian for imagination and nasi is Indonesian for rice — the staple food of the country), TEDxJakarta tries to highlight meaningful conversation around Indonesia’s looming food crisis, so that in the future no children have to die of starvation like the little girl in the classic story.

World Trade Center, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 29-31
Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, 12920
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Dr. Amadeus Driando Ahnan Winarno

Dr. Amadeus Driando or Ando for short, is the co-founder of the Indonesian Tempe Movement, UK-based startup Better Nature, and an avid consumer of tempeh. Ever since he was little consuming tempeh was second nature to him, seeing it everywhere, and like all Indonesians, took it for granted. Growing up in a family of food scientists made him appreciate all kinds of food made him realize the awesome potential of this overlooked food source. This was what drove him to take his studies in biotechnology and eventually on food technology, to see what benefits tempeh fermentation has that awaits unlocking. In his studies, Ando has invented 4 patents and written 5 texts on tempeh fermentation, including the forefront guide on tempeh fermentation, the Tempeh Bible.

Lisa Virgiano

Indigenous Food Activist
Lisa Virgiano is a food activist that champions Indonesians culinary heritage and indigenous ingredients. She initiated Underground Secret Dining, a community that reintroduced traditional cuisines of Indonesia to young people. During her time as brand director of KAUM, she was inspired by the wealth of Indonesian food culture, influenced by 300+ ethnic groups, diverse nature, artisanal ingredients; including almost forgotten indigenous cooking techniques and hidden ingredients.

Prof. F.G. Winarno

Father of Food Tech
Prof. F.G. Winarno is widely regarded as the father of Indonesian food technology. Authoring more than 100 scientific paper titles and books on the subject, which have now become the standard within the field of nutrition, agriculture, and food technology. He previously served as the President of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) for the FAO, a body that sets food quality standards for everything we consume today.

Rendria Labde

Rendria Labde co-founded agritech company Magalarva in 2017 after a trip to Bantar Gebang -- one of the world's largest landfills -- inspired him to try to find a away to reduce waste. His solution? The Black Soldier Fly (BSF). For many flies are just disgusting and insignificant insect that live among trash, but not to Rendria. He saw an opportunity with the BSF and their capabilities to effectively consume these waste. At his startup, Magalarva, he feeds the organic waste to the BSF larva, which breaks it down. Once fed, they are able to harvest them to convert into a wide range of products such as fertiliser, fishmeal or dried powder as an alternative source of protein for pets. Rendria holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Universitas Indonesia. A certified permaculturist, he is also the co-founder of Kebun Kumara, an urban farm in Jakarta. He was most recently included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list in 2021 for his effort with Magalarva.

Sharlini Eriza Putri

Inspired by her mother who is also a researcher, Sharlini Eriza Putri became to love the world of microbiomes from a young age. In which eventually led her to co-found a genomics startup called Nusantics (Nusantara Genetics) in 2019. Entering the genomics field through the beauty industry by explaining the relationship between healthy skin and the presence of balance microbiome, Nusantics have also played a role in mapping coronavirus mutations and developed a new saliva-based PCR test kit, named Bio Saliva. This test kit will allow users to test for the COVID-19 virus simply by gargling a special liquid without the discomfort of having to do a nasal swab. Sharlini believes in the enormous potential of Indonesia's biodiversity. For her, the life science approach is the mainstay of building a sustainable and competitive nation in the midst of the earth's situation which continues to decline towards destruction.

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Jakarta, Indonesia
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