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Theme: Breaking Barriers

January 29, 2022
9:00am - 5:00pm +0430
(UTC +4.5hrs)
Kabul, Kābul
This event is open to the public.
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TEDxKabulUniversity is a single day conference that hosts a series of speakers, each presenting a TEDx talk to a carefully curated audience of +100 thinkers, creators and doers. We set the stage for a day where innovators from technology, entertainment and design can have meaningful conversations and gain new insights to make their ideas stronger and more global.

This year’s event Theme: Breaking Barriers 🤩

Throughout our lives we encounter OBSTACLES that prevent movement, communication, or which SEPARATE us from the objects of our desire.

We can’t SOLVE PROBLEMS by using the same kind of THINKING we used when we created them. – Albert Einstein

BREAKING BARRIERS and destruction of these obstacles may be quick or slow and may be accompanied by deafening crashes or whispered relief and yet are often the sources of social learning and personal revelation.

The greatest DISCOVERY of all TIME is that a person can change his FUTURE by merely changing his ATTITUDE. - Oprah Winfrey

Join our attempt to showcase some of the THINKERS, LEADERS from our community who CHOOSE to look at things through a different lens. BREAKING the BARRIERS of community, science and thought.

#TEDx #TEDxKabulUniversity #Breaking_Barriers

Kabul University law and political science hall
Kabul university street
Kabul, Kābul, 10005
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Alyas Omeed

Youth Activist, University Lecturer
He was born in Afghanistan. After spending six springs of his life, He lost his eyesight in the Afghan civil war 1992 in Kabul. He received two bachelor degrees and a master degree from Canadian universities. In addition, He have worked with several national and international organizations in different capacities and countries. He enjoy sociology and thus He majored his first bachelor in sociology. Also, He have been a teacher, so He wanted to major his second bachelor in teacher education. Given the positions that he have held with different organizations in different capacities, he majored his master degree in public policy and administration. He have encountered many different challenges to become someone that he wanted to be. Undoubtedly, it was not easy but possible.

Bashir Ahmad Ansari

president of the Afghanistan Origination for the Culture Peace and Moderation, Author
Mr. Ansari is an author, scholar and the president of the Afghanistan Origination for the Culture Peace and Moderation. He has established the department of Dialog and the Voice of Wisdom: A center for dialogue, peace and understanding in the OIC which is the largest international organization after the UN. Mr. Ansari is a former Afghan diplomat and has written more than ten books and over 100 articles on culture, religion, radicalization, politics and identity.

Dr. Tayeb Khan Islami

Youth Activist, Lecturer and HR Expert
Dr. Tayeb Khan holds a master degree in HR from Linnaeus University, Sweden and has a PhD in Organizational Management from Anadolu University, Turkey. He's working on reinventing HR for the future of work to redesign people and HR strategy for Job Creation. He believes that talent base recruitment motivates Job candidates to access the position they would traditionally blocked from and today's classic recruitment should be changed to modern (Talent Base) recruitment.

Elham Ahmad Rashid

Motivational Speaker, Designer
Elham Rashid is a motivational Speaker and software/website designer which got his bachelor from Kabul University. In a result of an accident in his early age, he got spinal injury and lost control over his feet and couldn’t walk. But with a high motivation he overcame all the challenges and problems to standout today as a roll model for other and to inspire them disabled is in in-fact differently abled.

Esmatullah Asad

Designer & Photographer
Esmatullah Asad is an expert designer and photographer who became professional with his own passion and intrinsic talent with no mentor. He worked as part of a large team, including the Professional Institute of Business & Finance (PIBF), UNFPA, UNITAR, and C4A Think Tank to distribute a meticulously for creative designing for institutions and companies in numerous countries. In 2019, he garnered major attention from numerous organizations outlets for his professional designing, including United Arabic Emirates UAE, Pakistan, India, and USA. He left his position as a photographer, designer, and marketing specialist to focus on his independent work. In his works, there’s an embracing energy to his art in designing. There is a key factor that made Mr. Asad a successful designer and it's called creative leap by using his art having a clear vision and concept for it to make the design unique.

Imtiaz Sharifi

Lecturer, Coach and the President of C4A Think Tank
He has nearly 18 years wealth of experience in public and private sector working in many continents of the world, but he has chosen to work in his home country and work towards a better sustainable future of Afghanistan. Mr. Sharifi is also a resource person and coach at United Nations Institute of Training and Research, where he has given many lectures to the UNITAR Afghanistan Fellowship Programme, where the fellowship is a long-term leadership, organisational management and capacity building initiative to empower citizens to become a better professional and agent of change in Afghanistan. He has been awarded the Medal of United Nations Sustainable Development Champion.

Matiullah Rahmaty

Serial Entrepreneur, Cross Border Mentor, Writer, and Impact Investor
He is an expert in Entrepreneurship Development in emerging markets with more than 7 years of professional experience working with a range of clients from startups to international agencies such as United Nations and World Bank while leading national and international platforms. Mr. Rahmaty believes entrepreneurs are change-makers with the potential to impact their communities, and they can rise even from fragile contexts.

Mohammad Shafi Sharifi

University Professor and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Kabul University
Mohammed Shafi Sharifi brings over thirty years of experience as a teacher, administrator and researcher to the position of Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs at Kabul University. He received his BS from Kabul University and his MS from Ohio University in the US. Most recently, Professor Sharifi was Director of the Information and Communication Technology Institute, where he provided academic and leadership to the Institute, and established program needs and implementation. He was also responsible for establishing relationships with regional and international universities, securing project funding, and evaluating staff. As a teacher, Professor Sharifi has a long history at Kabul University in the College of Engineering: teaching, advising, curriculum development, committee work, and evaluation of both instructors and students. He has participated over 50 international conferences in different countries and has published more than 25 papers.

Obaidullah Baheer

Political Analyst and Lecturer of Peace, Conflict Resolution and Transitional Justice in Kabul
He holds a postgraduate degree in International Relations from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia where he majored in Peace and Negotiation. He has also lectured at UNSW on "Afghanistan's War and It's Possible End" where he received the Dean's Excellence Award. He has spoken at multiple national and international forums and media platforms. Mr. Baheer believes that Justice is elusive when nations disregard their circumstances and want to reach an absolute level of it.

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