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Theme: In Transit

This event occurred on
September 18, 2021
Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen

To think that things can stay as they are is an illusion. To think that they are OK as they are is also an illusion BUT….
at TEDxMünster we are not deluded as we plan our next live event for 18 Sept 2021! New team members and partners are on board. With the theme In Transit, we want to look at change in the way we live: in cities, communities, families. How can we thrive on the threshold of a new normal, how can we explore this liminal space, and what can we learn?

Our event will be smaller, more flexible, more interactive whilst allowing for all Corona restrictions. Talks will be given in German and English with simultaneous translation available.

Am Mittelhafen
Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen, 48155
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Benedikt Dunse

Student, Co-Organizer of the Network Summit conference
Combining a passion for sport with ongoing business studies, Benedikt joined the Sports Business Club at the University of St. Gallen at the beginning of his studies and recently co-founded the Impulse Network, a Swiss non-for-profit organization built on top of the student intiative and focusing on exchange within the sports industry. Together with a team of 25 engaged students, he organizes an annual conference, the Impulse Summit, to foster intergenerational dialogue, complete industry projects with the European sports industry and bridge the gap between the university context and the sports industry.

Bodo Wartke

Cabaret Artist, Songwriter, Pianist
Bodo is a musician and cabaret artist. He studied piano and singing at the University of the Arts in Berlin from 2000 to 2005. He composes and performs songs with excellently rhymed lyrics full of wit - poetic, political, and outspoken - to which he accompanies himself confidently on the piano. In the 25 years of his artistic career, he has won numerous awards like the renowned Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis and others.

Colin Skelton

Actor, Director, Designer, Storyteller
Colin Skelton is a cultural creative who draws on principles and practices from various theatre making traditions, in his facilitation style and design work. He believes that a greater emphasis on the practice and application of embodiment insights, together with supporting evidence in neuroscience, will strongly drive desired personal and organisational change into the future.

Gianni Valenti

Entrepreneur, founder of an NGO
Gianni Valenti is the president and founder of the environmental NGO Gaia First. With years of experience in creating, structuring and guiding businesses he also has a deep passion for scientific innovation, that has led to his contribution to several products on the market today, international patents and award winning solutions. With a strong love for the environment, his life goal is to change the way we relate to nature.

Iris Dzudzek

Junior Professor at Münster University
Iris Dzudzek is a junior professor for Critical Urban Geography at the University of Münster and works from a translocal perspective in the intersection of city and health. Her passion is to make city planning better for all humans.

Johannes Schnocks

Professor at Münster University, Dean of the Faculty of Catholic Theology
Prof. Johannes Schnocks is Professor of Contemporary and Religious History of the Old Testament and teaches and researches at the Cluster of Excellence "Religion and Politics". His passion is to show how we can promote interreligious dialogue.

Jule Wanders

Head of Department 'Culture & Education'
Jule Wanders spent 18 years at the municipal music school in Bocholt/Germany, where she composed librettis while teaching. She won prizes, had many TV appearances and solo concerts. Since 2016, she has been "Head of Department Culture & Education" in Bocholt cooperating with the music school, the adult education center, the Young University, the public library, the theater, the archive, the museum. The press always writes "Head of Culture" but she prefers to call herself #kultussi - the culture chick. She is a member of the advisory board of the heads of cultural departments in the association of cities and sits in various committees and associations. She is a world traveler, reads a lot and has a position in the animal shelter as a turtle catching officer.

Mouhanad Khorchide

Professor at Münster University, Director of the Centre for Islamic Theology
Mouhanad Khorchide is Professor for Islamic Religious Education. His academic career brought him from Lebanon to Vienna/Austria and then to Münster/Germany. He is renowned for his commitment to the training of islamic religious teachers. He is the author of numerous academic publications, and his passion is to promote understanding between religions.

Natalie Knapp

Philosopher, Public Speaker, Publicist
Dr. Natalie Knapp leads seminars, advises executives and gives lectures on coping with complexity, the crisis as an opportunity or how to come to terms with uncertainty. As an author of popular nonfiction books, Knapp published "The Infinite Moment: Why Times of Uncertainty Are So Valuable," "Compass New Thinking: How We Can Orient Ourselves in a Confusing World," and "The Quantum Leap of Thinking: What We Can Learn from Modern Physics."

Sven Köppel

Physicist, founder of Anabrid
The analog journey of Sven Köppel started three years ago when he inherited a computer museum. Puzzled by the achievements of old analog computers from the 1960s, he wondered about the efficiency of modern day computing. After graduating in theoretical physics, he joined a startup developing modern day non-traditional computers, comparable with quantum computers. He knows a lot about the leap innovation possible with future analog processor chips, and why this is neccessary for a sustainable world.

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