x = independently organized TED event

Theme: A Satellite Event of TEDxChange

This event occurred on
April 7, 2012
2:00pm - 6:00pm KST
(UTC +9hrs)
Seoul, Seoul Teugbyeolsi
South Korea

At TEDxEwha, we will share new and diverse stories related to UN Millennium Development Goals including end of poverty and hunger, gender equality, and global partnership. The MDGs are eight international development goals to address extreme poverty in its many dimensions that all United Nations member states have agreed to achieve by the year 2015. TEDxChange is collaborated with about 140 TEDx events and TEDxEwha is one of them, joining the trend.

Through this event, we seek to share various stories of the women, children, and solutions of universal problems associating with poverty. We are open to everyone in Korea, are willing to share valuable ideas, and are eager to create a place for communication.

Also we would like to advance the big, lingering question: Why should we? This question of why is not usually considered among the people in Korea. And that is what we are trying to make people to attend to. Calling attentions of people in Korea on question ‘why’ will definitely contribute to the Korean society and further, the whole society. By pondering over the question ‘why’, we will inspire people to contribute to the world with their own, valuable ideas.

This event also ties strongly with the long history of the Ewha Woman’s University. As Korea's first women’s university, Ewha has established itself strongly as one of the best female-only University in the world. It has led the advancement of women's lives in Korea through voicing many women-related social issues. Not only the university helps the lives of Korean women, it has actively helped the lives of women and children living in the third world.

We yearn to contribute to the whole world with TEDxChange by inspiring people with valuable ideas shared.

ECC Theater
11-1 Daehyun-dong, Seodaemun-gu
Seoul, Seoul Teugbyeolsi, 120-750
South Korea
Event type:
TEDxChange Simulcast (What is this?)
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Organizing team


Seoul, South Korea


  • Kyungmi Moon
  • Youngjee Kim
    Operation Organizer
  • Soyeon Kim
    Operation Organizer
  • Heeyeon Baek
    Operation Organizer
  • Yena Lee
    Attendee Curator
  • Kayoung Yoo
    Attendee Curator
  • Subin You
    PR/Media Organizer
  • Heejo Kim
    PR/Media Organizer
  • Miae Lee
  • Sooyeon Kim
    Finance Organizer
  • Hyunjin Kim
    Finance Organizer