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Theme: Emotional Fluency in our Changing World

This event occurred on
June 25, 2022
Manchester Township, New Jersey
United States

Where does emotional fluency begin in an ever-changing world? As we redefine and explore new ways to connect - to self, to place, to our cultures and communities - we are simultaneously asked to consider the cause and effect and reveal the premises that actively shape and reform life’s outcome. Through the vantage of emotional fluency, we will examine our collective and individual approach to emotional fluency and the shape it takes in our lives.

Manchester Township High School
101 Hawks Way
Manchester Township, New Jersey, 08759
United States
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Anna Makarova

Accessibility UX Researcher
Researcher -

Audrey Lawrence

Speaker, Author
Speaker, Coach, Influencer

Brian Nelson-Palmer

Founder - Productivity Gladiator
"Time is the currency of your life, spend it wisely.” At age 4, Brian was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and was told that his life would be 10-20 years shorter than everyone else’s. Figuring out the easiest and best ways to maximize every minute has been a lifelong pursuit. Brian strives to maintain a high level of performance at work, while also thriving in his personal life. He is continuously asked, “How do you do it all?” and “How do you keep track of it all?” This is where Productivity Gladiator was born. Brian has been a public speaker, instructor, and facilitator since 2002. His fascination with continuous improvement surfaced in 2005 when his workplace began extensively implementing LEAN process improvement. His passion for training came to the forefront in 2014-2015 while he was an instructor of several professional development courses. With Productivity Gladiator, Brian teaches workshops and speaks at conferences across the country on Work-Life Balance and Personal Prod

Charissa Pizarro

Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Charissa D. Pizarro is a Bilingual Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Registered Play Therapist with about 20 years of experience working with diverse clinical populations. She has devoted her career to working with the underprivileged and most needy populations. She works in both the public and private sectors not only providing therapeutic services but advocating for and empowering clients so that they eventually feel safe asserting themselves and “having their own voice.” It has been her mission to exert change not only within the individual but within the system, as well. She has done so through the venues of her clinical work, teaching, advocacy, and research.

Chiquista Dornell

Business Coach
Chiquista Proctor (Queen Chi) is an International Women EmpowHerment Speaker, Author, Tech CEO, and Mindset & Money Business Coach who works with Coaches, Authors, Speakers, & Experts to Amplify their Impact, Influence, & Increase by transforming their brilliance into high-ticket signature coaching programs. She helps her clients unlock the transformational power of their authentic brilliance to elevate and rule their spheres of influence. Queen Chi is passionate about shifting the mindsets of her clients and teaching them the strategies to live in abundance in every part of their lives. Her presentations are always filled with a high energy that both captivates and motivates leaders to rise in their awareness, focus, and execution in business and life. She is known in her spheres of influence for the power of her engaging story telling with the practical applications to change lives.

Dino Rosato

Entrepreneur & Spiritual Leader
coming soon

Glen Coleman

Instructor & Author
Glen Coleman has been teaching social studies at River Dell High School, a public school in North Jersey, for over twenty-three years. His doctoral dissertation focused on laptop integration and student-centered learning. He organizes his teaching around essential questions to encourage divergent thinking and believes students must be afforded ample opportunities to fail “gloriously” and try again. When given those opportunities with the support of constructive feedback and a caring community, all boats rise. In 2019 Glen was named an HP Teaching Fellow for helping to reinvent the classroom and employing powerful learning with technology. His publications include articles for the NJEA Review and Digital Promise. He hosts the podcast Teacher Breathe and is the author of 100 or Nothing: Reimagining Success in the Classroom—a love letter to teachers that encourages all of us to rethink the possibilities of the classroom as we confront the new normal of COVID-19 a

Hannes Wingate

Naturalist, Artist, Activist
Hannes N Wingate is a naturalist, artist and activist. His practice explores the human relationship with the natural world and aims to bridge the divide that exist between us and the environment in which we evolved as a species. Fundamentally his work explores what it means to be human. As a life long student of the mysteries of the natural world he also teaches wilderness survival skills at the renowned Boulder Outdoor Survival School in Utah. Hannes’ work has been exhibited and published internationally in among others The New York Times, Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, Nest Magazine and Wallpaper Magazine. He graduated with honors from the visionary BA Arts and Design program at Central Saint Martins College of Art, in London in 2002. Born in Sweden he currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his daughter.

Kim Charlery-Pierre

Mindful Creator
From International Fashion Designer to Mental Health Advocate, Kim Charlery-Pierre has forged a space that merged two things she is extremely passionate about; Creativity & Personal Development. With over a decade of experience in fashion & design, Kim’s interaction with a vastly diverse selection of professionals from all around the world helped to spawn a mission to bridge the gap between creativity and wellness. Leveraging the Principles of Creativity & Design; coupled with the unique lessons she learned from her experience with Mood Disorders & Chronic Illness; Kim made a seamless transition to the world of Public Speaking and Personal Development; challenging her audience to be “More than their Business Card”. Since starting her journey of managing her own Mental Wellness nearly ten years ago, she has been committed to creating and providing tools, avenues and strategies that promote authentic self-expression and positive empowerment.

Lawrence Drake PhD.

Dr. Lawrence Drake is a dynamic and focused, global leader who creates a clear vision and strategic direction that has consistently delivered results in domestic and international markets. His experience has led him to be a champion of targeted recruitment and people development, allowing him to build teams for sustainable organizational success. Through his leadership, Dr. Drake has built teams with such cross-functional expertise in finance, technology, operations, human resources, public policy, philanthropy and marketing. As the first in his family to earn a college degree, Dr. Drake began at Fisk University and graduated from Georgia State University with BA in 1977. He went on to earn an MBA from Rockhurst University in 1990 where he was an Executive Fellow.

Liudmila Schafer, MD

Oncologist & Associate Professor
Liudmila Schafer, MD, FACP, is an Associate Professor of Medicine and board-certified Medical Oncologist specializing in gastrointestinal malignancies. She levels the playing field of knowledge around cancer treatment, research, health, and wellness, helping people make informed decisions and bravely build their best life every day.

Nate Evans Jr.

Speaker, Author & Mental Health Advocate
Nathan Evans Jr. is a First-Generation High School & First-Generation College graduate. He creates experiences for apprehensive students to feel worthy when they are waging a war in their mind. Nate is a #1 best-selling author, a highly requested speaker, mindset coach and podcast host. He also is a youth mentor and educational consultant. He lives by the quote, "CHANGE WHAT WE NORMALIZE™” which was inspired by his mission to eradicate the stigmas around mental health amongst Gen-Z. This passion was birthed by his own battles with mental health issues as a teen and young adult due to childhood trauma in which he overcame. With this motivation, he has developed workshops for high schools, colleges and non-profits based around mental health, emotional wellness and resilience.

Prerna Chakkingal

Prerna Chakkingal is a sophomore at South Fayette High School in Pittsburgh, PA. She is a pianist with national and international guild awards. She enjoys serving her community by fulfilling her duties of a girl scout senior. In her free time, she loves to dance and express herself through actions and expressions. She feels strongly on social issues like feminism and racism, and she hopes to inspire the new generation of young kids with an openness to accept everyone as they are.

Shermalyn Sidonie-John

Marketing Strategist
Brand Strategist & Business Coach

Traci Hill

Career Strategist
Traci Hill is a veteran career strategist with decades of problem-solving experience. She has a gift for identifying and recruiting exceptional leaders and ensuring they are in the right place. Traci’s expertise is the cumulation of experience working with Fortune 100 companies and coaching countless professionals.

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