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Theme: Recalibrate Reality

This event occurred on
February 8, 2021
Antwerp, Antwerpen (nl)

Join TEDxAMS, with your bubble, from the safety and comfort of your home or anywhere you want to watch on Monday, 08.02.2021.

Unwillingly and all of a sudden, our world has become a different place, our comfort zone has shifted away underneath our feet and this has led us to no other choice than to recalibrate and re-invent ourselves within this new reality. Because reality is not just something you perceive, meaning that it is what it is. It is something you create in your own mind and therefore, something that you can alter and have control over. Yes, you can be a change agent in your life. What we see in not a universal truth, it is not an objective reality even. What we see is a unique, personal, virtual reality. That is massively constructed by our brain.

At TEDxAMS, we ask you to stop, stand still and RECALIBRATE for just a little while.

During the event you’ll also be able to connect with the speakers and ask your burning questions. So grab this opportunity to connect, to think, to learn and most of all to reflect on your reality, because it is yours and yours only.

The TEDxAMS Team

Antwerp Management School
Boogkeers 5
Antwerp, Antwerpen (nl), 2000
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Bernard Moerman

Change Consultant/Leadership Mentor/Storyteller
Bernard's, over 40 years, professional life is one big discovery-journey, where entrepreneurship, competition and future-oriented thinking have always formed the common thread. Being a Pro-football-player, internet-pioneer, owner of a professional cycling team and an international cycling development center made him work and live in Europe, USA and China. This experience has led Bernard to where he is today; helping entrepreneurial people to discover and explore their own values, talents and passions. To help them recalibrate their reality, when comfort zones and feelings of convenience shift away. He works as career- & executive Coach, Lecturer and Consultant in the fields of Leadership & Organizational Transformation and further than that he's a mentor and storyteller.

Jamie Anderson

Jamie is Professor of Strategic Management at Antwerp Management School and Visiting Professor at INSEAD. He's also known as ‘the stand-up strategist’ as he helps to boost management teams’ creative and innovation capabilities, and challenges them on their strategic thinking. Named as a “management guru” by the Financial Times, Jamie has also been included on a list of the world’s “top 25 management thinkers” by the journal Business Strategy Review. Jamie’s research and teaching focuses on the creativity, innovation and leadership required to thrive in an increasingly complex world. After long and what could be considered “successful” career Jamie wanted to re-calibrate his life and answer to a deep yearning to give something back. In his talk, Jamie explores the concept of altruism, how he has embraced giving, and what he has learned along the way.

Madeleine de Hauke

Meetings Doctor/Leadership Coach/Speaker
Madeleine is a medical doctor by training, she’s a certified executive & life coach, Collective Intelligence Facilitator, KOLBE conative strengths consultant and Menopause at Work expert. She’s been featured in the Financial Times and is a regular keynote speaker on meeting engagement and productivity in international conferences, professional networks and internal company programmes. She's an ‘accidental Meetings Doctor’ coming to it from both professional and personal experience. After years of frustration at being stuck in unproductive and unnecessary meetings she vowed to be a change agent. Twenty years and 1000’s of meetings later, Madeleine helps organisations cure their Meeting Syndrome in all its forms. After struggling with severe shyness as a child, she stumbled across a simple drug-free cure as a medical student. After 20 years of speaking up, Madeleine now coaches professionals all over the world to ‘own their genius’ so they can be seen and take control of their career.

Nupur Kohli

Medical Doctor/Healthcare Leader
As a multi-award winning healthcare leader it is Drs Nupur Kohli's aim to make healthcare worldwide better, more efficient and accessible. Her passion is to help people with a (non)-medical approach through her speeches, media engagements, board positions and advisory roles (including UNICEF Netherlands). More specifically, her passion is to benefit numerous people worldwide. With multiple TEDx talks, she earned a reputation of a prominent female speaker to inspire, educate, motivate, and provide solutions to problems. She won the most Inspiring Woman of the Netherlands Award, Top 3 Joke Smit Award from the Dutch government for fundamental contribution to improve the position of women and gender equality, EU-India 40 Leadership Award at the European Parliament, 100 Most Impactful Healthcare Leaders Accolade at world Healthcare Congress Mumbai 2018 and 2019 and the Dutch Economics Times (FD) Top 50 Young Leaders of the Netherlands 2019.

Peter Perceval

Peter has been writing and directing professionally for television and theatre since 1989. In 2009 he started training entrepreneurs, teamleaders and their teammembers in public communication with an emphasis on storytelling as a means to connect people to a vision, strategy or a target. Through this method and training module called Inspiring Speech, he introduces creative tools and concepts in a corporate or business context. He published some articles about his work and has been invited for several TEDx-conferences with talks on leadership, storytelling, innovation and creativity. With Peter’s extensive expertise in the field humor, he will be telling you all about how to boost and recalibrate your mental resilience by practicing yourself to look at reality while using some classic comedy tricks.

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