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This event occurred on
March 29, 2021
Nashville, Tennessee
United States

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Nashville, Tennessee, 37211
United States
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Alexandra Holovitz

Tantric Sexuality Coach & Hypnotherapist
Alexandra is a tantric sexuality coach & hypnotherapist. She is known for her honest, passionate, and authentic coaching style. She works with high achieving men in their 40's helping them to stop self-sabotaging and step into their true power by healing negative emotional response and gain self-confidence and value to show up in their true SELF and potential. She empowers men to become 'Tantric Warriors' through somatics, mindset, and self-compassion. She believes in holistic healing (mind-body-soul) to awaken sexual energy, power, and purpose to thrive in life and business with deep connection, love, and passion! Her mission is to empower 1 Million Men via self-actualization and sexual mastery.

Alysha Smith

Alysha Smith is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist whose purpose is to support others on their unique healing journeys of turning pain into purpose. After experiencing unique losses in Alysha’s life, including abandonment, death, grief within pregnancy, and grief within living relationships, she decided to take action towards healing her heart from the pain, anger, sadness, and resentment she had carried for years utilizing the Grief Recovery Method. Along with her passion for healing hearts, Alysha is a devoted mother and the Author of New Beginnings. Alysha lives her passion and purpose every day and shows up as a beacon of love and light in the world.

Anamika Dutta

Researcher, Podcaster, Spoken Word Artist & Writer
Anamika is an alumna of the University of Mumbai. Her Podcast Spoken Word by Anamika, where she performs Spoken Word, focuses on healing through poetry and storytelling; it's currently available on more than twenty platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, and Pandora. Anamika believes in turning bad experiences into life lessons; a constant learner, she always thrives on being creatively active. She's an avid reader and traveler as well.

Anita "AC" Clinton

With almost two decades of creative design, brand development, marketing, editorial, and business development experience, Anita “AC” Clinton is the go-to-person for all aspects of purpose. Her passion resides in helping Purpose-Seekers connect to their purpose, and transition to Game-Changers. Despite setbacks, roadblocks, and wrong turns along the way, she is living proof that anything can be accomplished with tenacity, determination, and perseverance. She is the Founder and President of Anita Clinton Enterprises, LLC, and Be Great Global, where she creates the Be Great Global Podcast, books, and training programs to help intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs find happiness, fulfillment, and money doing work they actually love. In addition, she is the author of the #1 Amazon Best-seller “Destiny Starter: How to Discover What You Are Called to Do and Do It!”

Asya Grigoryan

Asya Grigoryan is a certified Leadership and Career Coach and a results-oriented business professional with more than 15 years of experience in talent management, organizational development, change management, and business consulting. She works with young leaders who want to enhance their leadership skills as well as with CEOs of small and medium companies who face a challenge of clarifying their competitive advantage and positioning in the market, needs to rethink their vision and strategic direction as well as struggle to create a corporate culture aligned with their values and supporting their vision and goals. In her work, Asya uses a holistic approach with the main focus on the well-being of individuals and organizations, she works with. As an ex-pat wife and a mother of three young children, during the last 10 years, Asya has traveled, lived, and worked in few different countries and faced the challenge of reinventing herself professionally and personally several times along this journey. That’s why one of her passions is in empowering all those people who feel stuck and who are seeking to reinvent themselves or perhaps are struggling to make a transition in their life and career. She is very committed to helping her clients gain or regain confidence, overcome any limiting beliefs, recognize and lean on their strengths and values and truly become the leaders of their own lives!

Baptiste Ottevaere

As a product owner at Kiron Open Higher Education, a German nonprofit organization, Baptiste Ottevaere is building an online platform where refugees and underserved communities can access higher education for free. He is a former tax lawyer now turned into a social change maker. He wants to live in a world where no single mind is lost. He is an innovator, out-of-the-box thinker who believes that through technology and effective collaboration we can scale impact. He is currently working on the Collective Impact Campus, a project focusing on providing NGOs the right tools and networks to reach their learners and provide more impact. He has five degrees: Bachelor of Laws (Université de Namur), Master of Laws (KULeuven), Master in Taxation (KULeuven), Master in International Sports & Event Management (the University of Europe for Applied Science), and MBA in Sports Management (Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid UEM.

Claudio Chiste

Claudio’s intrinsic values have influenced his belief in making a difference for the common good, by helping others to adopt a mindset of resilience, and engendering a culture that embraces leadership, as he believes everyone can be a leader. Claudio is a firm believer that nothing is instant, only instant coffee, results take time. The important thing is to progress, creating non-intimidating micro-goals on a daily basis. In his own life, he has overcome a series of limiting beliefs. One of many examples of a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) which he stared down, practicing ‘personal leadership’ using grit (mental toughness) was whilst he was a young leader in the military. Regarding himself as an average swimmer with average physical ability, he decided to sign up for the elite Navy Divers (Combat Divers) to challenge himself. The Navy Diver selection, renowned as being one of the toughest and most demanding trainings in the Navy, where one is pushed to one’s limits both physically and mentally. After a grueling four-day selection, Claudio was one of only three who passed this particular selection, from a total of 90 who had undergone this selection. A staggering 3% pass rate! He proved to himself what he already knew deep down… he could do it. The key is knowing what you want and taking consistent daily action. If you improve only 1% per day, after a year that would be 365% improvement (without even taking the compounding effect into account!). Leadership is a concept which Claudio embraced from the start of his career, at the age of 24 he was placed in charge of 44 men. Claudio is inspired by seeing people overcome their limiting beliefs. By staring down your own internal monsters, setting BHAG, you break the chains holding you back to step into the version of who you want to be. His varied background allows him to have a multi-angled approach, with a background as a leader whilst a combat officer in the South African Navy (9 years), and as a specialist international banker in London and Milan (10 years), during which time he was in charge of an international award-wining business association focused on promoting both business and the next generation, called Shipping Professional Network London (www.spnl.co.uk) serving as chairman for 8 years.

Desiree Cocroft, MBA, ACC

Desiree empowers women to live their fullest potential. At the early age of 17, Desiree became a teen mentor that trained students in self-image, self-esteem, and decision-making. Fast forward, she has transformed from a teacher to the Co-founder and Chair of a nonprofit dance company that uses the art of dance and spiritual growth to change the lives of over 5,000 women and girls through its programs and performances. Today, Desiree is an empowering coach and trainer for one of the most recognized leadership training companies in the world, where she has trained over 3,000 education professionals in leadership and culture. As a certified master life coach, Desiree is frequently called by her clients, “The ‘Get Your Life’ Coach”! In her book, ‘Get Your Life Today’ Desiree delivers practical tools to stay true to your personal definition of success with 7 success hacks for life, leadership, and business. She is a proud alum from Hampton University with her BA and MBA in management.

Donzaleigh Powell

Donzaleigh Powell is a Nashville native that loves life! She is the President and CEO of D- ConneX, LLC, which is a Business and Workforce Development Consulting firm assisting small to Prime contractors build meaningful relationships, special employment projects, and training. She is a graduate of Cumberland University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Master’s degree in Public Service Management. In addition, she successfully completed the Metro Management through Metro Government and Middle Tennessee State University. She is a Global Career Development Facilitator with over 14 years of experience in Workforce Development. Her experience as the former Director of Business Diversity Development for the Metropolitan Airport Authority has bolstered her ability to effectively work on multiple projects simultaneously, train and develop small businesses and provide outreach activities for the community. Donzaleigh has also recognized a need to mitigate silos between community-based organizations, businesses, and the community. To assist with “bridging the gap” she has begun her own talk show D-ConneXion TV currently on Channel 19. In the community, Donzaleigh does her best to give back to many meaningful causes all around the city as much as possible. She received the Community Star Award for Outstanding Services and Devotion to the community 2016, Black 40 Under 40 Award 2016, 100 Leading African Americans in Nashville Nominee 2017, Outstanding Achiever Nominee 2019, and Woman of the Year Nominee 2019. In her free time, she likes to eat out, enjoy friends, travel, and go to church. She is a half marathoner, participates in triathlons, and Obstacle Course Races.

Dr. Alka Patel

General Practitioner, Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Coach, Speaker, Author & Podcaster.
Dr. Alka Patel is the Founder of Lifestyle First® and the Creator of The L.I.F.E.S.T.Y.L.E. First Method®. She is changing the way we define health in an unprecedented way. She amplifies health as a skill and an asset so that inspired individuals and bold businesses can create compassionate lifestyle changes for happy, healthy living and connected workplace wellness. One of her greatest passions is to empower and equip individuals and organisations to connect to their DNA – Discover, Notice and Activate who they are, what they want and where they are going. Her mission is: to sow the seeds of lifestyle medicine into everyday conversations, to embed the roots of health into daily living, to create a canopy of self-care across communities, and to flourish on the fruits of connectivity. Her approach to health is centered on the knowledge that much disease is preventable, reversible and reducible and that health lies in self-care and self-compassion and in valuing lifestyle first.

Dr. Angela Scruggs

Dr. Angela Scruggs, Ph.D., LPC-MHSP, NIC, QMHI, has a Doctorate in Psychology & Counseling, a Master's in Marriage and Family Counseling, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Mental Health Service Provider designation (LPC-MHSP) in Tennessee. Also, Dr. Scruggs is a bilingual therapist providing services in English and American Sign Language and works with clients of varying ages and life stages with a range of clinical challenges. Her passion is to cultivate hope and healing for children, adolescents, individuals, and families.

Dr. Katariina Rosenblatt, BA, LLM

Author, Consultant, Trainer, and Public Speaker. Board Member- There Is HOPE For Me, Inc. (2011). She created a nonprofit from survivors to survivors of human trafficking providing peer mentoring, rescue, and restoration, operating in Florida and California. She has over ten years of experience with survivors of sex & labor trafficking and domestic violence. She is an international trainer and speaker. She has developed a human trafficking wheel and assessment tool identifying trafficking within schools. She has created a survivor leadership life coaching program. Working alongside law enforcement, she has created a successful model for survivor rescues leading to effective prosecutions.

Dr. Katariina Rosenblatt, BA, LLM, PhD, JD

Author, Consultant, Trainer, and Public Speaker. Board Member- There Is HOPE For Me, Inc. (2011). She created a nonprofit from survivors to survivors of human trafficking providing peer mentoring, rescue, and restoration, operating in Florida and California. She has over ten years of experience with survivors of sex & labor trafficking and domestic violence. She is an international trainer and speaker. She has developed a human trafficking wheel and assessment tool identifying trafficking within schools. She has created a survivor leadership life coaching program. Working alongside law enforcement, she has created a successful model for survivor rescues leading to effective prosecutions. Previously: Dr. Kat testified before the Florida legislature on survivor leadership and mentoring. Appointed to the Ad Hoc Committee on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (2010). Former professor, Trinity International University (2009-2014), human trafficking advocate, Miami-Dade County (2015-2016). Consultant for HHS, Train the Trainer, SOAR (2015-2017). Consultant for HSI on Blue Campaign and FLETC training (2016-2018). Consultant for OVC (2016-2020) Attended Annual Survivor Forum, DOJ (2016). She has testified on Capitol Hill, DC (2016). Former DOJ Survivor Fellow (2018). She aided in international legislation to the European Parliament on the effects of pornography and human trafficking (2019). Peer reviewer for OJJP (2017-2019). Trainings: She has trained public schools and universities, speaking to at-risk youth and survivors. Training on anti-trafficking startups and safe houses, survivor leadership, and mentoring. National speaker to the travel and tourism industry. She has trained seasoned law enforcement on investigative techniques, crimes against children, gangs, and advanced sex crimes. Awards: The Medal of Honor for Bravery by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Miami Div. (2019) Honorary Doctorate degree awarded Florida Atlantic University- Division of Women’s Studies, WPB (2017) Published her first book entitled Trafficking in America: The Most Undetected Human Rights Violation of Our Time, Lambert Academic Publishing (2014) Published her Memoirs, Stolen: The True Story of a Sex Trafficking Survivor, Baker Publishing (2014) Recognized for her character and achievements for her work by the US Attorney’s Office, SE Miami Div. (2014) Inducted in the National Museum for Civil & Human Rights in Atlanta, Ga., the only US survivor of trafficking (2013) Education: Certified Training in International Human Rights Law, Humanitarian Law, and International Criminal Law through the Rene Cassin Foundation (2019), Strasburg, France Ph.D. earned in Conflict Analysis & Resolution from Nova Southeastern University (2014), Davie, FL LL.M earned in Intercultural Human Rights from St. Thomas Law School (as a non-JD) (2007), Miami, FL B.A. in Human Resources Management from Trinity International University (1996), Miami, FL Katariina has a personal testimony of overcoming human trafficking and abuse from the time she was just 13 years of age to 17. Throughout her early life, she experienced several trafficking experiences, each one leaving her with more wounds, abuses, and addictions; recruited first at a hotel in Miami Beach to meet the demands of sex tourists, then through a friend in her middle school to a more organized crime trafficking ring in Miami run by notorious drug lords. After escaping her initial trafficking experiences and drug addiction, she found herself pregnant by a Colombian Cartel family member which soon led her to marry into a domestic violence relationship. This ended in a twenty-year abusive marriage where Kat says that ‘Leaving was harder than staying in that relationship and family’. With so many triumphs over unbeatable obstacles, Dr. Kat is now a much sought-after speaker and trainer in the areas of human trafficking and domestic violence as well as an inspirational leader to women everywhere.

Fabiana Dorea

Corporate lawyer turned into self-love expert, published writer, public speaker, and life coach, Fabiana found her purpose in teaching, motivating, and empowering humans to find their place in the world and embrace their wholeness.

Flávia Rodrigues

My name is Flávia Rodrigues from Brazil. I'm an English teacher and I've been teaching for almost 30 years. I'm married, and the mother of two handsome boys. I run my own company called Business Talk English and Immersion. Apart from teaching in a classroom, I take people to hotels for a whole English-speaking weekend. I'm a postgraduate in psychopedagogy and also neuroscience and behavior. Teaching is my life and I love learning about people's behavior. My recent studies are about anxiety in learning a second language and how it can stop people from learning it. Also how meditation can be the best weapon to control this anxiety and then people can learn a second language with no barriers. I really hope I can contribute to TEDx with my discoveries and experiences!

Ginger Duncan

Ginger Duncan, Leadership Coach & Development Advisor, specializes in the development of leaders and teams to gain a competitive advantage and deliver sustainable business results. With over 20 years experience in leadership development, coaching, facilitation, and training, plus 11 years leading the talent development function in a corporate setting, Ginger has extensive experience partnering throughout organizations to guide strategic business alignment. Experience working with startups, existing & merging leadership teams, and Fortune 500 companies to integrate their values and behaviors with those that lead to organizational success. Highly experienced and focused on working across all divisions and levels of an enterprise to re-align leaders & teams to remain relevant, build momentum, and perform at higher levels. As a certified Executive Coach, Ginger protects your talent investment by focusing on the healthy integration of leaders and their teams as she walks side by side with them during high-level transitions into either a new organization, expanded role, or a newly formed team. She guides the re-alignment or shift of new success strategies needed, whether the shift is around managing new teams, multiple teams, multiple business functions, or navigating a new organizational culture. She integrates individual executives and their teams to help them unify their behaviors and priorities as they lead a high-performing organization. She also works with top talent individuals as their scope of responsibility increases and the criteria for success evolves. Her work in leadership advising consists of partnering with Sunstone Partners, Nexa, Progeny Health, MedTech Solutions, NetSPI, Avertium, TOA, Cook Medical, Biltmore Estates, Duke Health, Envision, Tractor Supply, naviHealth, Rent-A-Center, Toyota, Ingram Industries, Hunt Brothers Pizza, Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee, Retrieving Independence, Healing Hands International, Hopkinsville, KY, Board of Education and others. Prior to working as an independent consultant, Ginger was Head of Talent for a privately owned multi-billion-dollar logistics organization where she developed and drove talent strategy and initiatives across the enterprise. Ginger holds a B.S. degree in both Psychology and Education from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and an M.S. degree in both Guidance & Counseling and Human Services from Murray State University in Kentucky. She serves on the executive board of Impact100 Nashville, a non-profit women’s giving circle that empowers women to collectively invest in and develop non-profits that serve the community so that together they can create a greater Nashville.

Glory St. Germain

Glory is the Founder/CEO of Ultimate Music Theory. She is an International Bestselling Author and has authored The Power of WHY Musicians Series (an anthology with globally acclaimed musicians), and 50+ Books in music theory education. Glory is the Host of the Global Music Teachers Summits featuring experts from around the world. She brings remarkably successful teaching experience to the development of the Ultimate Music Theory Program including her Signature Course the UMTC Elite Educator Program and Certification Course for Teachers. Glory is a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) which she incorporates into her teacher training. From humble beginnings to the global stage, Glory’s desire is to educate, empower and explore the vision of a brighter tomorrow through sharing professional development opportunities in music education. Glory's passion for teaching excellence sets a new standard of achievement in enriching lives through music education.

Hamaria Crockett, Ph.D.

Dr. Hamaria Crockett became instantly known as an “out of the box”, exciting, charismatic and informative thought leader using positive psychology principles to help individuals focus on their strengths and characteristics that allow them to succeed and prosper within their everyday lives. She has expertise as a humanist psychologist and is a frequent speaker on topics such as organizational culture, diversity and inclusion, change management, and “being true to yourself.” Dr. Crockett received her doctorate degree from Capella University in human services with a concentration in industrial organizational psychology. She holds a master’s degree and bachelor’s degree from Eastern Illinois University in family and consumer science and psychology.

Juliet Landau-Pope, MA (Oxon), PG Cert AP (Open), CPCC, FRSA

Productivity Coach & Study Skills Consultant
Juliet Landau-Pope (she/her) is a certified coach, professional organiser, and study skills consultant based in London. An Oxford graduate, Juliet taught social sciences and study skills at universities for more than 14 years. Juliet has developed a portfolio of services: coaching, organising, and training. As head of training for APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers for 6 years, she devised and led the 1st UK courses for almost 500 organisers. In 2020 as lockdown loomed, Juliet launched the Academy of Virtual Organising and single-handedly organised and hosted two half-day virtual summits. An expert on procrastination, she regularly leads training in educational and corporate settings and has spoken at several conferences in the UK, Netherlands, and Canada. Juliet has written 2 books: Being More Productive (2017) and Clearing Your Clutter (2018).

Karen McFarlane Holman, Ph.D.

Karen McFarlane Holman, Ph.D. is a chemistry professor at Willamette University and is the Founder and Director of Science Rockstar Kids, a unique online program that offers interactive online science explorations for elementary school-aged children. As a recipient of the Carnegie Foundation Professor of the Year award, Karen has been inspiring and empowering tens of thousands of budding scientists for 30 years through her classroom and online teaching, science camps for girls in Saudi Arabia, laboratory research mentorship, a scientific TEDx talk, and 26 book chapters and articles. As Founder and CEO of Punk Rock Professor, LLC, her current mission is to use creativity and connection in a variety of accessible platforms to inspire kids and adults to follow their curiosity of the world around us. Karen’s dedication to empowering unheard voices extends into music as a punk rocker, having performed on hundreds of stages for over three decades. She still plays in two actively performing bands, City of Pieces and Hot Sheets. She is a podcaster, longtime radio programmer, and is the Founder of KMUZ-FM, the first community radio station in Salem, Oregon.

Lavina Dsouza

Award-winning Analyst, multi-nominated digital content creator and photographer Lavina Dsouza's words capture stories about culture and tradition mainly through its food and people. She has written and contributed to publications such as The Washington Post, Lonely Planet and Matador Network, to name a few. She is the editor of UntraditionalHumans.com, a non-profit created to share inspiring stories from women of colour who break free from traditions and choose happiness. She's also a speaker passionate about DEI and champions solo travel. She has collaborated with numerous renowned brands such as Intrepid Travel, TripAdvisor, Travel and Leisure and Adobe, to name a few.

Lois Wagner

Speaker, Author, Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant
I am Lois Wagner – your friend for forgiveness - and I help you move from victim to survivor to thriver and beyond to freedom after facing a life or business challenge or adversity. I do this by building your resilience and grit, developing a growth mindset, energizing your mojo, and learning to forgive. I do this via one-on-one coaching, group masterminds, and keynote presentations. I teach boys and men to be BRAVE to fight toxic masculinity and to eradicate sexual and gender-based violence. My work is based on my personal major adversities, challenges, and life experiences and I focus on helping you forgive yourself and others. I have published my book – Walking Without Skin: A journey of Healing – From Fear to Forgiveness to Freedom. I am a South African businesswoman with extensive local and international speaking, human resource, training, business management, project management, marketing, consulting, and leadership coaching experience.

Lydia Kimmerling

Lydia Kimmerling has proudly been switching people back on and making their lives better since 2010. She is the Founder and CEO of “The Happiness Explorer” group of brands. One of only 40 UK Master Certified Coaches (MCC) accredited with The International Coaching Federation (ICF) and with more than 3,500 hours of coaching experience, Lydia has been named ‘Guru To Watch’ by The Times, and shortlisted as Hay House and Psychologies Magazine’s 'new voice’. Her 12-month accredited Become A Coach training and business mentorship training is changing the world one coach at a time as she continues to be a leader in making coaching accessible for all ages, at any stage of life.

Magriet Potgieter

Magriet is the founder of Write and Shine PR and Media Coaching. As a certified MLP Life Coach as well as a Public Relations specialist, she has 20 years of experience in her field. Being an international bestselling author herself, she featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, hosted a radio talk show, featured as a guest on TV shows, and is a public speaker herself. She ran a non-profit organization and helped uplift communities through the training she gave which included play therapy in creating moments within people to empower them. She now helps coaches and business owners through her coaching and consulting, to not only get confidently noticed in the media and social media world, but to stand out in their industries as leaders in their field, and to shine.

Mubasher Fazal, MD

Dr. Mobi. Board-certified sleep specialist, Medical Director. I served in Dod and VA and the private sectors. He is an author of the well-known book Keep it Simple Diet, Sleep and Exercise available on Amazon in 3 languages. He is a TV show host and Podcaster recognized as Top 60 host on the Planet as per Hollywood news for 2020. Hollywood digest recognized lifestyle with Dr. Mobi as best lifestyle shows 2020. Motivational Speaker appeared Top docs show on CNN, MSNBC, and other networks. Songwriter Unsung Heroes released 2021 Acted movie short film Patent-pending for Ventilator Pilot twin Instrument CEO lifestyle TV USA aired in 130 countries.

Naomi Nakashima

Also referred to as a writing Jedi, Naomi Nakashima is a freelance B2B ghostwriter and the founder of the Freelance Writing Success Summit. Naomi has worked with some of the top social media marketing experts in the world, helping them craft their expertise into words ready for publication. She started freelance writing in 2003 and has grown with the industry.

Pallavi Kashyap

Pallavi Kashyap is a Speaker, Teacher/ Trainer, Digital Assets Creator, Pranic Healer, Arhatic Yoga Practitioner, Investor, and a Business Futurist. She is an Entrepreneur with a core passion to help people upgrade and better their lifestyles. She believes in living a holistic life keeping Mind, Body, and Spirit fit. She is on the journey of becoming a vegan and is an avid Cross Fitter. She is Spiritual and well-grounded. She idolises the legendary Tony Robbins and her gurus are Shridhi Sai Baba, GMCKS, and Paramahansa Yogananda. Her past includes working in a prestigious Indian multinational conglomerate in a Mid Senior Management Role for more than a decade. She has worked closely with CXOs and contributes this exposure in understanding Business Dynamics well. With an array of experience in various verticals, she is also Black Belt certified and Master Black Belt Trained in Six Sigma. She is also a certified ISO Lead Auditor.

Poonum Desai

Poonum Desai is a former economics professor now turned video journalist and author. She has written for multiple outlets such as NextAdvisor, Scary Mommy, and MoneyGeek. She is the author of Sincerely, Life: A Conversation to Find Yourself and the host of multiple Instagram Live series. Before she was an economics professor, she was a personal financial literacy coach at The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas). During her time at UT Dallas, she was an Archer Fellow, a Graduate seminar instructor, and worked on Capitol Hill for Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson's office. In her free time, Poonum loves to work out, go to concerts (when it is safe again to do so), and spending time with family.

Regina Wallmark

Business Mentor & Motivational Coach Record Label Director
My name is Regina Wallmark. I am a Business Mentor & Motivational Coach from Stockholm. I have +20 years of experience from many perspectives, the corporate world, a few years at the swedish tax agency as a tax fraud investigator, and a family business & my own business for 7 years. I decided to inspire and motivate others to really live their Dreams and to make it into a Business, and I have the tools for it business wise and the passion for it too. I have a Master's Degree in Business with a major in both Leadership and Finance from 2003. Studied a Diploma degree in 2014 as a Music Marketing Manager and learned everything about the Music Industry and started my company during this education. Also graduated as a Certified CFO in September 2020 to brush up my skills even more within Finance and Leadership. I live in Stockholm and dream about working more with music and being a part of reaching other people's dreams as well.

Rijul Arora

Rijul is a technology enthusiast working on building a better working world through technology. Professionally, he works with Ernst and Young and is helping clients in end-to-end technology transformation. But, he’s a millennial who’s been on both sides of the table-completely addicted to technology, left it, and now uses it in a healthy way. This transition has completely transformed his life personally, professionally, and mentally. Thus, he tries to spread this message of a “healthy relationship with technology” through NGOs like LookUp.Live, global, and local speaking platforms like TEDx, Character day, schools, colleges, and writing platforms like Thrive Global, Medium, and Samvada.

Tanya Heasley, MBPsP, FRSA

As a Positive Anger Coach, Tanya Heasley guides her clients to activate their authentic self, cultivate assertive communication, and develop self-confidence so that they can flourish and thrive in all areas of their life. What makes her distinctive and different in this work is her ability to identify and liberate the hidden blockages within her client’s psyche. Her intuitive, empathetic, and direct approach empowers her clients to become the best version of themselves. An award-winning serial entrepreneur, Tanya is also the Director of Tristone Coaching Ltd., a social enterprise with the mission to improve the lives of young people affected by adult anger. Tanya also has Asperger’s Syndrome, which she recognises as a gift and her super-power to helping others. With many successes under her belt, Tanya believes that her greatest achievement is her 27-year marriage to John and being a mum to their four children.

Tiffany Paul

Tiffany Paul is a trailblazer and innovator in the consumer goods industry. After a decade long career at Procter & Gamble, the largest consumer goods company in the world, she took the leap to full time entrepreneur. She is the inventor of the Sleeper Scarf, a patented 2n1 scarf and neck pillow for travel, founder of The Slept Life, a curated sleep marketplace and currently serves as the founder and CEO of Break the Matrix agency, a product development agency for influencers and celebrities. Her products and inventions can be found on the shelves of retailers nationwide and have been featured in outlets such as Good Morning America, Vogue and Allure. She is the host of the popular podcast, Break the Matrix, a mom of 2 and resides in Southern California with her husband.

Vanah Blankenship

Vanah Blankenship is a 21-year-old aspiring singer-songwriter, producer, actor, and writer from Fairview, TN. She currently works for herself, picking up gigs that align with her passions to grow her experience in every field. So far, she’s written, recorded, and self-released a 5-track EP titled Underwater and has recently put out her very first full-length album titled Calendar. Her acting credits so far include extra work on CBS’s Tell Me A Story, ABC’s & The Bachelor’s: Listen to Your Heart, USA Network’s Chrisley Knows Best, and most recently, Heroes Immortal, a WWII inspired film. As for writing, she’s currently 75,000 words deep in a passion project she calls The Thirteenth Parallel, a fantasy novel series she began penning in 2020 with hopes to publish in the near future.

Viloshni Moodley

Certified Intimacy Coach | Founder of Ultimacy Online | Executive Contributor - Brainz Magazine | The TOP Person Ambassador
Viloshni Moodley is an accredited Sexpert practicing as an Online Intimacy Coach. She is the founder and owner of Ultimacy Online, since leaving her over 25 years of management experience within Corporate. Her passion for empowering individuals with positive sex education and breaking the cycle of negative conditioning has influenced her change in career path. She believes relationships are the most important factor to overall well-being and thus passionate about making a change to ensure people have more fulfilling relationships. Having a happy, healthy relationship provides balance in individuals and couples. Her work specialises in coaching individuals or couples who wish to achieve certain goals in the bedroom and short courses in different areas of sexuality.

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