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Theme: The Domino Effect

This event occurred on
June 12, 2021
10:30am - 1:30pm IST
(UTC +5.5hrs)
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Domino Effect is but a chain reaction or the cumulative effect that has been produced in order to set off the beginning of similar events. And isn’t this what our life is all about?

Air Force School Coimbatore Virtual Google Workspace
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641018
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Youth (What is this?)
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Dhyan Geeth VP

Smile Conservator
Master Dhyan Geeth VP aspires to be an Indian Air Force Officer. His favourite SDGs include Quality Education as well as Good Health and Well being. He believes that we may be born into this world crying but our smiles make our exit smoother. According to him, smiling is an art because it has the power to bring people closer, reduce distances and can even brighten dull days. Questioning the fact whether we really smile enough, he is working towards making smile a powerful experience for people he meets. His talk is about "A Smile Can Change Your Life".

Ishaan Mishra

Visual Artist
Master Ishaan Mishra aspires to become a successful visual artist. His hobbies include Origami, spending his time developing games or playing the piano. His favourite SDGs include Zero Hunger, Reduced Inequalities as well as Responsible Consumption and Production. He strongly believes that Art exists all around us; in everything we come across. There are many mediums for expression. According to him, art also ends up becoming a teacher of sorts just like life. And to create a masterpiece, the inspiration is within us. If we believe in our abilities, we will always succeed. His visual art performance is on "The Domino Effect Of Your Life".

Joann Johnson

Life Analyst
Miss Joann Johnson aspires to be a singer. Her favourite SDGs include Reduced Inequalities, Gender Equality, Good Health and Well-being as well as Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. She strongly believes that it is good to have an opinion as long as it does not hurt or harm anybody. Voices matter but only for the right things. Everybody has a story that is not shared with others. Hence, it is important to appreciate more and criticise less. She speaks on "What I Learnt About Judgement".

Pratiyush Kumar P

Truth Seeker
Master Pratiyush Kumar P aspires to join the civil services. His hobbies include reading and playing with his friends. His favourite SDGs include Reducing Inequalities, Decent Work and Economic Growth as well as Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. He strongly believes that there should be no specific classes for value education in school. Values are supposed to be learnt from the moment we step into this world. When it comes to integrity, honesty, responsibility, kindness and loyalty, there is no middle path. Either we have them or we don't. His talk is on "How My Mother Taught Me To Be Honest".

Sai Mukesh S

Change Maker
Master S Sai Mukesh aspires to be an Aircraft Engineer. His hobbies include loving his computer and friends equally. His favourite SDGs include Quality Education as well as Good Health and Well-Being. He strongly believes that education and medical services are the key to make this world a better place. Effective healthcare services and impactful training for healthcare personnel will ensure a world worth living in. He speaks about "Living Heaven".

Sathwika Harishkumar

Miss Sathwika Harishkumar aspires to learn about neuroscience and become an officer in the Indian Air Force. She loves to dance, play cricket, read books, sing, do embroidery, skip, and cycle. Her favourite SDGs include Climate Action, Life on Land as well as Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. She strongly believes that in our quest for becoming modern and successful we are slowly but surely moving away from our roots. This includes Nature. If we do not learn to remain grateful to the environment, our lives will stop being fruitful. Its time to take lockdown seriously. Her talk is about "Peace Of Mind Is A Peaceful Mind".

Sharanya Manoj Nair

Author, Poet, Realist
Miss Sharanya Manoj Nair is a published author, orator, poet, artist and story writer, she also loves outdoor sports such as volleyball, basketball and football. Given a choice, she would rather play with cats, dogs and even cows rather than sitting and studying for exams. Her favourite SDGs include zero Hunger, Quality Education, Good Health and Well-Being as well as Climate Action. She strongly believes that there is no need to think out-of-the-box or inside a box. According to her, what if there is no box to begin with? She believes that we need to add more question marks and exclamations to our life writings rather than using a comma or a full stop. Life doesn't happen, we make it happen. After all, the choice is ours. Her talk is on "Tryst With Education".

Snendar MS

Spoken Word Poet
Master MS Snendar aspires to become a Rapper. His favourite SDGs include Reducing Inequalities, Decent Work and Economic Growth as well as Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. He strongly believes that words have the power to express or suppress, exhibit or inhibit, set free or limit, convince or confuse, love or hate. According to him, words can communicate turmoil, pain, hope, happiness, passion, helplessness. It is how we choose our words to communicate make all the difference. He performs a spoken word poem "Pulling Myself" with music by Arthur Channel as background.

Srinithi R

Human Rights Activist
Miss Srinithi R aims to be a Doctor. Her hobbies include reading books, watching documentaries, public speaking, singing, politics, sketching and cycling. Her favourite SDGs include Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Reduced Inequalities as well as Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. She strongly believes that it is not who we are that alone decides what becomes of us: It is also how we are treated that leads to it. We will create a better world only if we treat each other better, as equals. She speaks about "Equal Opportunities Always".

Thilak S

Master Thilak S aims to become a successful entrepreneur and contribute towards defence technology development of our motherland. He loves to read books and play basketball. His favourite SDGs include Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. He strongly believes that Innovation, creativity, grit and hardwork go a long way in achieving sustainable development goals. In a world of opportunities it is always good to remain a realist who works towards progress. Small but constructive contributions can lead to effective national growth. He speaks on "Stepping Towards Development Brick By Brick".

Umhareeta S

Closet Poet
Miss Umhareeta S is a closet poet and budding story writer. She aspires to embrace the most impactful profession of all times – teaching. Her favourite SDGs include Reduced Inequalities, Quality Education, Good Health and Well-being and Gender Equality. She strongly believes that life teaches us a lot every single day. In fact, according to her, if we look around and observe, we will realise that we can learn from every single event that happens. Even small moments can end up bringing out important lessons. She speaks on "What My Visit To The Hospital Taught Me".

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