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Theme: Expanding Horizons Enriching Minds

This event occurred on
March 6, 2021
11:00am - 2:00pm WIB
(UTC +7hrs)
Jakarta, Jakarta Raya

TEDxYouth@GMIS is a school based youth event where all speakers are students. The selection process of speakers takes around 4 months. The basic aim of organising this event is developing various skills among young students. There are a variety of talks that will be delivered during the event. The main theme of the event is "Expanding Horizons Enriching Minds".

Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental School
Jl. HBR Motik Blok D6 No.Kav 1, Pademangan Tim., Pademangan, Kota Jakarta Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, 10630
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Anusha Singha

"Each and every one of us here has our own specific personality that was shaped by all our social interactions and experiences. Your current personality could stay the same for ten or twenty years into the future, but certain behavioral characteristics are bound to change as you face challenges in life. Every situation affects your personality, whether it's attending an important meeting or catching up with an old friend. Greetings! My name is Anusha Singha and I'm a student, currently studying in the 10th grade, at GMIS, Jakarta. My hobbies include reading, writing, and sketching. Being introverted, this talk challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and share my views on how the current pandemic changed the personality of people around me. Since these personality traits were built around social interactions, what would happen if they were put under almost an entire year of solitude?"

Benedicta Shafira

My name is Benedicta Shafira, a high-school student from Jakarta. I am just a regular student who really likes to express myself through the arts especially music. I enjoy playing the piano, sing and even write a song or two. Music has always been my sanctuary as well as a medium for self-expression. Through music, I had the opportunity to perform in many places and to work alongside many other talented people. In my free-time, I also enjoy cooking, drawing, reading and watching stand-up comedy. One of my goals in life is to be able to connect and help other people. Despite being a full-time introvert, I really like to talk to people and hear their stories. I enjoy talking and discussing with other people about a lot of topics such as music, personal experiences and social issues. Exposing myself to various experiences and perspectives helps to broaden my horizon, and I hope that in the future, I am able to create a change to make the world a better place than it is now.

Bhavesh Lalwani

"My name is Bhavesh Nico Lalwani and Im currently a student undergoing my IB Diploma course in Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental School Jakarta. One of my many favourite hobbies is that I love to play sports, to be specific I'm referring to football. My other hobby is public speaking, ever since I was young I've always enjoyed stepping on stage to prove my worth and get others to acknowledge me. I find it really challenging to speak in front of many people yet I love to share my opinions and ideas on a certain topic. What motivated me to reach this far in life is to learn new things and also learn how to apply them in my daily life. One of the many achievements I received is a team award for the entire school soccer team I was part of. I also won a few awards and certificates in acting for charity events. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have been given to broaden my knowledge and will not take the opportunities I receive for granted. "

Biancy Alayna W

"Hello there! I'm Biancy, a student from Jakarta that aspires to inspire the world. Raised in a supportive and loving environment that cherishes good morals and right conduct, I value the importance of gratitude, equality, dreaming with no limits and never giving up. Since a young age, I have always loved Performing Arts: theatre, music, dance, or anything else that requires you to stand on a stage. Since then, it has always been a media and form of how I express my feelings, perspective and emotions. My ambitions and dreams have led me to always strive, take on opportunities, learn and, grow as an individual that will create a perennial impact as the next generation of leaders. Through this talk, I would like to highlight and bring forward the point that our differences do not separate, but instead, unify us as a whole. I believe that though we are all different, we need to treat everyone with respect and kindness, looking beyond the bars that society cages us in."

Divyansh Agrawal

Student -Speaker
I am Divyansh Agrawal, a seventeen-year-old student at the Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental School. I play the guitar and the keyboard. I enjoy music and whenever I feel down or unhappy, I always turn to music. Music helps me ease my mind and relax myself. I also enjoy photography and the company of nature. I like watching anime as it keeps me engrossed and the stories are truly enjoyable. The animations are out of the world and anime is a clear depiction of the capabilities of the imagination of humans. I am blessed with amazing parents and an awesome older brother. My parents have always told me that one’s aim in life should be to be happy and to give something to society. I believe that all we do, we do for our happiness, and if that is lost in the way, then the purpose of life is left unfulfilled. As the future generation, I believe that international cooperation should be our aim and we should try to get rid of the disparities in the world.

Krisha Mahbubani

"As an individual that has a newfound interest in concepts that explore psychological theories, notably thrillers and true crime, the notion of understanding the derivative or motive to maneuver this extent of action, somehow, seemed fascinating to me. Hi! I am Krisha Mahbubani, this is my fairy-tale. I am 14 years old, with an everlasting love toward life. Couple things about me that I cherish; my ability to love and laugh to get over bad days, my loving family that has instilled the importance of spirituality and yoga in me from a young age—and a few of my hobbies, I love art; sketching, and painting, I feel as though you understand how you feel based on what you see in an art piece-- that’s how I figure out what I’m feeling; I look at art. I’ve always been in touch with visuals and musicality, so it’s only fitting that I’d find a profound interest in music as well! I love singing, it’s one of my comforts; from classical to pop, harmonies keep me busy for hours.

Kristiana Reign Cruz

I am a 15-year-old student from Jakarta who hopes to shed light on the issue of colorism and how damaging it can be to other’s and one’s self-image. My hobbies include playing the piano and I occasionally enjoy baking some decent tasting pastries such as banana bread and chocolate chip cookies. I have a passion for helping others and I strive to be a veterinarian or a pediatrician in the future. I find my motivation in the people around me who always support and take care of me. They continue to push and inspire me to be a better person and to achieve great things. I believe and I hope that one day we can look past our differences and be more understanding of each other regardless of our skin tones, backgrounds and beliefs. There is so much more to a person than what can be seen by the human and I think it is important to take what we see as an outsider as a grain of salt. We can do our part by looking past one’s appearance and accepting one another even if we have our differences.

Linh Nguyen

In this modern day and age, the chance to be heard— the ability to share our worldview and experiences has become more accessible and I believe that its how we are going to become a more united world. I enjoy the arts, writing, drawing, music— any creative forms of expression because it is truly unique and our own— our perception of the world is completely unique to us and sharing it helps us become more educated and connected, even to people we will never meet. I believe that this connection we form through communication is the most powerful thing in the world and to be able to help unify people is one of the most important jobs in the world. Understanding the power of human connections explains the very crux of the society we live in, and I believe that by doing my own part and sharing my own views is my little way to contribute to the world.

Malika Minhas

"My name is Malika. As a child, I have always enjoyed words - reading and writing. I love how stories transport me into different worlds without any plane ticket. And growing up, I have always wanted to inspire someone with my words, that was one of the reasons why I stared to write. At first, I wanted to be a princess, hopefully a lost princess but unfortunately, I have no royal blood. When I got into writing, I aspired to be a writer. I dreamt of my name on the cover of my books, fans coming up to me to tell me how much I changed their lives. I was the main character of my story, ready to change the world. Mediocrity is my biggest motivation. In all my years, I remember fighting to get away from it. It is why I work so hard for my future, to make my dream life come true. Since I’m a big fan of words, I don’t like to define myself with words for they remove all possibility of change. I’m limitless which makes me free. "

Mehak Dayal Mathur

I am a person who is built on what I do in my life and the people I surround myself with. I think that it is extremely important that all of us surround ourselves with people who are a good influence for us and people who we can look up to. I try to indulge myself in various different hobbies, I play the violin, I am a debater, I like to read but I also enjoy watching shows and movies on Netflix. I believe it's important to always give ourselves a break and treat ourselves with kindness, after all, you are the one who's going to stick with you the longest. I also believe in equality. We are human beings and we should treat others with kindness as well. It does not matter if they are different, I believe we should be accepting of people who are different than us, only then will our society progress. I enjoy my studies as well, specifically maths and I definitely want to pursue a career in that area of study.

Meher VC

An ambitious high school student, an aspiring bio- chemist and a passionate ukulele player are just a few of the ways I describe myself. As a proud Indian, based in Jakarta, I enjoy , socializing with friends and dabbling in artistic pursuits such as drawing and painting. Outside of leisure and academics, I enjoy swimming and participating in speaking platforms. I believe hard work and I set challenging goals for myself, which I can achieve by striving towards them with consistency, patience and determination. Once I have established my objectives, I take the necessary steps to achieve those milestones. I always look for improvement in myself and my skills – something which is a valuable part of growing up. . We have all been blessed to make conscious choices in life and I have chosen to create my own definition of beauty and happiness. I hope to inspire everyone to have faith that they can seize their miracles as they exist, if they only trust and believe it.

Mihir V

My name is Mihir Vijay. I am a 14-year-old student from Jakarta, Indonesia. As an aspiring computer scientist, I believe that taking a logical, rational approach to life, which involves searching for patterns, can provide solutions to many of life's conundrums. I see this as intertwined with philosophical thinking about the meaning and purpose of life. I'm passionate about striving to improve the society we live in by contributing to it in whatever way we can. We have been nurtured by this society and it is our moral obligation and responsibility to give back to it. In my spare time, I love to read, play instruments, watch movies and I enjoy cycling and chess. We all face our own battles and encounter periods of stalemate, often against ourselves, but with the right planning and strategy, we can certainly checkmate our internal enemies in this game of life.

Pranay Tiwari

Student + Occasional writer
My name is Pranay Tiwari and I am a 16 year-old student from Jakarta, Indonesia. Born and brought up in India, and shifted to Indonesia at the age of 13, I had many opportunities and experiences of interacting with new people. Human interaction is an aspect of human life that has always fascinated me because the deeper you go into it, the more the strings of relationship become intricate. There are many other aspects of the world that always attract my attention in a discussion, such as mental pressure, the human and natural environment, human rights, the global development, to name a few. My hobbies include reading, writing, dancing and scrolling thought YouTube. I really like acting and I am showing great interest towards Performing Arts. I have also taken part in the World Scholars' Cup, where my team had been selected to compete in the last round: the Tournament of Champions.

Sia Pachauri

Who am I? When I think of an answer to this question, my mind breaks into a million little fragments of memories of all I have done in life so far and the little things that have shaped who I am today. I like to think of my child self as a piece of clay that has been moulded by society, my experiences and my overall journey. So, who am I now? I am a normal teenager trying to figure out my way into life, trying to make sure I stay focused in this maze so I can reach where I truly want to be. So far, I am just trying to be happy and trying to work hard to get into a well reputed university. My passions are communicating, helping others, dancing, and to some extent even learning. Acting is something I really enjoy and my school allowed me to showcase those skills multiple times. I like to say that my strongest suit is communication. I like to put forward my ideas and I am not scared to speak up if I feel like things are not sitting right with me.

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