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Theme: Air. Fire. Water. Earth.

This event occurred on
October 24, 2020
Washington, District of Columbia
United States

In response to an increasingly urgent need for new ways to preserve and prioritize the environment and acknowledge impacts on various ecosystems, our non-profit, ReImagine Science, is taking this timely opportunity to host TEDxReImagineScience on 10.24.2020!

TEDxReImagineScience is bringing four high impact speakers to the TEDx platform. Our speakers are individuals whose work has caught our attention over the years in this space, as scientists ourselves. We wish to share their work with you.

We will feature Danielle Wright of NASRC on how we can affect the #1 high impact action according to Drawdown, Joanna Nelson, fire ecologist on wildfires and forest management, Michele Weber, evolutionary biologist on the magic, diversity and deep-time of our ocean life, and Clean Coalition founder Craig Lewis to share energy grid designs that are attainable NOW - in a way that creates resilient energy sources in times of natural disasters, and halts a deeper carbon footprint.

These topics of wildfire mitigation, the #1 greenhouse gas (refrigerants), ocean health and clean energy grids are timely, and will benefit from the widespread attention of the scientific community.

Air. Fire. Water. Earth.

You will hear music from Will Ackerman's 'The Gatherings' and the mountain dulcimer community under Neal Hellman's 'Gourd Music' label. Young poets will share their work from the Pseads program, using science, story, design and poetry to explore what it means to be a human being.

This event will be interactive, and immersive. Prepare to be involved.

Lead by master facilitator Anamaria Aristizabal, you will have the opportunity to place yourself on the map of change processes. Where are your talents and energies contributing, and why is that so important? You'll see how that intersects with, and maps to the other parts of the system - what you need from them, and what they need from you.

1100 H Street NW
Washington, District of Columbia, 20005
United States
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Craig Lewis

Executive Director
Craig Lewis, with an MBA and MSEE from the University of Southern California and a BSEE from the University of California, Berkeley,.has over 30 years of experience in the renewables, wireless, semiconductor, and banking industries. Principal founder of Clean Coalition, Craig has spearheaded the drive to create resilient, reliable, redundant and sustainable energy grid solutions that are available NOW. As Vice President of Government Relations at GreenVolts, he brought solar energy solutions into practice by successfully following California’s Renewable Portfolio Standards. Craig was energy policy lead on Steve Westly’s 2006 California gubernatorial campaign. He has worked at leading wireless, semiconductor, and banking companies such as Qualcomm, Ericsson, and Barclays Bank.

Danielle Wright

Executive Director
Danielle Wright, as Executive Director of the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Councel is tackling the #1 source of greenhouse gas warming for the planet according to the Drawdown list of climate mitigation solutions. Working from the grocery and food retail sector to optimize and reduce overall energy consumption, Danielle, and NASRC, have currently available, tested, and reliable technologies to replace the top emission source of green house gasses – grocery sector refrigeration units. Prior to her role at NASRC, Danielle oversaw the EnergySmart Grocer program, serving the grocery sector in the Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) territory. Under her management, the program saved over 100 million kWh from energy efficiency retrofits primarily in refrigeration.

Joanna Nelson

Fire Ecologist
Joanna L. Nelson is a science-to-action ecologist, working to support a living planet and equitable human well-being. She works with people in watersheds from headwaters to the sea, from farms to oceans; and on coastal resilience at the land-sea margin, in the midst of human impacts. She is passionate about working with local knowledge holders for improved stewardship following Indigenous leadership, traditional knowledge and wisdom, exploring current understanding, practices, and the unknowns of forest management and fire. She is the 2008 Ecological Society of America Sustainability Science award recipient. As founder of LandSea Science, she conducts research on coastal communities to find suitable conservation action, studying fire ecology, sea-level rise and nitrogen loads at the land-sea margin, and responses to rapid environmental change. She broke new ground as a NatureNet Science Fellow at Stanford, crossing conservationist, ecologist and philanthropic divides.

Michele Weber

Evolutionary Biologist
Michele Weber is an evolutionary biologist, applying her knowledge to research, conservation and philanthropy, with a PhD in Integrative Biology and a BS in Molecular and Cell Biology. She has conducted research on coral reefs around the world, focusing on symbiosis, biodiversity and coral reef ecology and was a primary mover in developing the strategic foundation and focus for the Symbiosis in Aquatic Systems Initiative at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. In 2020, Michele joined Revive & Restore, where she develops collaboration opportunities for conservationists, scientists, government agencies and funders to bring biotechnology solutions to some of the most pressing conservation challenges facing our oceans today.

Pseads Poets

Dr. Matthew Davis and Dr. Elizabeth Miller founded the non-profit Pseads (“seeds”) out of a desire to inspire positive visions, enliven spaces of learning, and create the conditions that cultivate and enable an inextinguishable spirit for exploration, innovation, and collaboration. These students were invited to participate in the TEDCountdown event hosted by TEDxReImagineScience, recording their original poetry about the environment, the planet, and science. Students: Xander Santucci Grade 5 male "Water Cycle" - Wade Green Grade 5 male "Looking Down at the Earth" - Zara Prime Grade 7 female "Blue Skies Poetry Project" - Leila Colbert Grade 5 female "Blue Skies Poetry Project" - Gray Galicz Grade 7 male "Blue Skies Poetry Project"

Organizing team


Washington , DC, United States
  • Alicia Harmia
  • Kennan Salinero