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Theme: Climate Countdown

This event occurred on
November 10, 2020
London, London, City of
United Kingdom

TEDxTheLegacyProject will build on the TED Climate Countdown event. We have speakers talking about innovative and solution driven ideas based on the 5 topics of Food, Nature, Transport, Energy and Materials. Everyone joining the event will leave inspired to make a pledge in one or all of those areas about what they will personally do to make a change in the world no matter how big or small. So join us, be inspired, find solutions and make a change. Register your interest using the 'ATTEND THIS EVENT' button.

Established in 2010, The Legacy Project which is a UK registered charity engages with and supports leaders, influencers and activists, from three generations passionate about making change happen in the world and committed to delivering our Three Global Goals. We celebrate the amazing things young people are doing to make a change in the world.

London Virtual Zoom
London, London, City of, GU33 6AW
United Kingdom
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Ishaan Shah

Intersectional and Human Rights Activist
Ishaan Shah is a 17-year-old award winning human rights activist from the UK. In 2016, he founded Stolen Dreams, an anti-slavery organisation that acts as a bridge between young people and some of the greatest human rights issues of our time. As an intersectional activist, Ishaan also addresses a number of other global issues including gender inequality, climate change, LGBTQI+ rights, poverty, access to education; all based around the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Ishaan has spread his message widely through social media, television, articles, blogs, podcasts, public speaking and teaching lessons at schools. By working with young people, politicians and business professionals, Ishaan is taking action to ensure that every human being has access to basic human rights.

Jacqui Hamlin

Global Sourcing Director
Born in Liverpool, Jacqui studied Fashion at Loughborough College of Art and Design, followed by 20 years of living and working in London in the fashion, music, cosmetic and graphic repro industries. Moving to live in India in early 2000, she embraced her interest in sustainable living and education. she was the co-founder of a school, where ecology, environment, yoga, health, happiness and harmony with the planet was a fundamental part of the curriculum. Financially supported by donations and fund raising, she was also a co-founder of an Animal Rescue Centre in South Goa. Jacqui is now living in Portugal heading up Beyond Bamboo Global, A a community for like minded people and organisations passionate about becoming beyond sustainable, creating an intention to work together to restore and rejuvenate the global eco-system.

Rebecca Craske

Sustainability Inspiration Manager
Rebecca is an environmental professional who is passionate about the natural connections we have, and have lost, between each other, our natural environment, and the myriad of systems in between. Rebecca's focus is science based, systemic, emotionally intelligent, reflective learning and engagement practices. Providing individuals and organisations the information, space and experiences needed to explore sustainability and natural connection in a way that leads to forward focused, practical action with a view to systemic/holistic change.

Shalina Patel

Shalina Patel is a winner of the Pearson Silver Teaching Award 2018 for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School. Her current role is Head of Teaching and Learning in a large comprehensive school in London She has written articles for Sec Ed and Teach Secondary on the importance of embedding diversity in the curriculum and was featured on a BBC One News report July 2020 re: my teaching of black history all year round and not just for Black History Month. Shalina was invited to speak at the 2020 Cheltenham Literature Festival to discuss the British empire and the teaching of this and has been on various BBC radio shows nationwide to discuss decolonising the curriculum and the teaching of empire and is currently on the new BBC Radio 4 show 'Three pounds in my pocket' (by Kavita Puri) which covers the history of the British Asian diaspora. More recently she was on the new BBC Podcast hosted by Radio 1's Greg James called Teach Me a Lesson and runs the History Corridor on Instagram which has over 16,000 followers and showcases the diverse history that she teaches. Shalina has delivered diversity / decolonising the curriculum training to over 200 school leaders since July 2020 and in 2021 started writing a fortnightly column for Eastern Eye newspaper which showcases historical figures from the South Asian diaspora She was most recently interviewed by The Guardian about teaching diverse histories. Shalina is a real pioneer on how education can be different and interesting and relevant for today's youth.

Tanith Harding

Tanith is leading change management through commitment to the RoundTable Global Three Global Goals of: Educational Reform, Environmental Rejuvenation & Empowerment for All. She delivers innovative and transformational leadership and development programmes in over 30 different countries and is also lead on the international development of philanthropic programmes and projects. This includes working with a growing team of extraordinary Global Change Ambassadors and putting together the Global Youth Awards which celebrate the amazing things our young people are doing to change the world.

Tiffany Kelly

Co-founder of Phoenix Rising
Tiffany is a Founding Partner of Phoenix Rising Global. A movement towards improving the world by liberating and illuminating femininity in society. She is an inspirational speaker leading women's empowerment workshops, leadership summits and innovation think tanks towards social change. Tiffany has worked with the First Lady of Japan to create empowerment for women in Tokyo, has created and run summits at the House of Commons in London and delivered Ted Talks in Delhi and Tokyo. Tiffany was also the moderator and speaker for BOLDtalks Woman in Dubai and joined the panel of speakers at Accenture's International Women's Day in Abu Dhabi. She has spoken at female empowerment events and facilitated partnership collaborations for Unilever and DFiD global Transform initiative. Tiffany has spent the last 20 years working and living around the world with senior leaders, influencers and policy makers to support sustainable world change.

Ulpa Chauhan

Ulpa has been in Learning and Development for over 20 years. As a Global Facilitator she runs programmes around the world across three generations. The core philosophies she teaches empower people all over the world to lead an effortless life and push the boundaries of what is possible. Learning through imagination, creativity and play, using innovative methodologies and solutions. She is passionate about education and making a change in the world, encouraging and supporting young people with their projects for change.

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