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Theme: Climate Change

This event occurred on
December 23, 2020
7:00pm - 9:30pm JST
(UTC +9hrs)
Only for Tokyo International University community., Saitama

For this year's event, TEDxTIU takes on the new format of TEDx events called Countdown. We will have in total of 6 speakers from all around the globe and discuss what we can do to help resolve one of the pressing issues the world is facing right now, the climate crisis. The event will be held virtually on Zoom from 19:00 JST to 21:30 JST with a number of interactive activities and performances. Our objective is to raise awareness of the issue within and outside our community and share how we can make a change little by little.

Countdown Hosted by TEDxTIU will be held online.
Zoom link will be sent via email upon registration.
Only for Tokyo International University community., Saitama, 350-1102
Event type:
Countdown (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Akihiro Asami

[English translation is below]1969 年生まれ。鉄鋼メーカー勤務から転身して、1996 年に千葉県から福島県喜多方市の山間部に移 住して就農。稲、野菜、小麦を育て、豚、鶏を飼育する資源循環型の有機農業を実践中。2000 年から 地元の水路の保全活動に関わる。NPO 法人福島県有機農業ネットワーク理事長。福島県もりの案内人。 Born in 1969. After turning a new leave from a employee at a steel company, he moved from Chiba province to Fukushima province, Kitakata city's mountain region, working as a farmer. Growing rice, wheat and vegetables, raising pigs and chickens, he is working as an organic farmer, perpetuating the circular economy as a way to limit waste. From 2000, he has also been involved in preserving a local stream. He is also the chairperson of a NPO, roughly translated as, "Fukushima Organic Farmer Network". Additionally, he is a guide of Fukushima's forest.

Cecilia Grandi-Nagashiro

Sustainable Consumption Researcher
Cecilia Grandi-Nagashiro is a Ph.D. candidate at the Graduate Program in Sustainability Science Global Leadership Initiative, The University of Tokyo. She holds a double bachelor's in Natural sciences and Biology from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. She also holds a specialization in Environmental Impact Assessment from the same university. In Japan, she studied industrial forest policy analysis and obtained a master's degree in International Forestry at the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, UTokyo. She has conducted research on marine conservation, social forestry, indigenous communities, and environmental psychology. Currently, her research focuses on designing effective interventions for the adoption of sustainable lifestyles. She is the founder of Sustainable Living Tokyo, an initiative that runs workshops to communicate science-based methods for adopting sustainable lifestyles. She is a passionate, cook, gardener, and advocate of sustainable living.

Daisuke Sakai

気候活動家・Climate Activist
2001年埼玉県生まれ。2010~2012年にシンガーポールで移住し、多様な文化に触れる。2019年夏に勉強をしていたニュース時事検定から社会課題の深刻さに気付く。同年9月スウェーデンの環境活動家グレタトゥーンベリーのスピーチを聞き、気候変動を食い止めるために活動を始める。同年11月にFridays For Future(以下FFF) Saitamaを立ち上げる。FFFJapanでも活動し、国政や県の政策提言について力を入れて取り組んでいる。 大学では環境経済学について学び、経済と環境の両輪を踏まえた政策を考える。 Born in Saitama in 2001. After moving and living in Singapore from 2010 to 2012, he got in touch with various culture. Whilst studying for a news comprehension test during the summer of 2019, he realized the seriousness of social issues. In September of 2019, after listening to a speech from environment activist called Greta Thunberg in Sweden, he started his involvement in fighting against climate change. Same year, November, he founded Fridays For Future (FFF) Saitama. Working also in FFF Japan, he strives to tackle the issues, whilst closely listening to measures taken by government officials. At university, he studies about environmental economics, thinking about solutions deriving from both fields.

Joanna Arai

Speaker, Writer, Coach
【和訳あり】Joanna Arai is a speaker, writer, and founder of My Planet My Life, a platform for inspiration and empowered action to heal yourself and the planet. She's committed to guiding visionaries in designing sustainable lifestyles based on their unique blueprint so that they live fulfilled lives with joy, curiosity, and passion. Joanna also serves as a global organizer at a nonprofit called weMORI that focuses on the protection and restoration of forests as a means of addressing climate change and biodiversity loss. Joanna Arai はスピーカー、ライターであり、そして「My Planet My Life」というインスピレーションの溢れる行動が人を癒し、地球を回復することができるプラットフォームの創立者でもある。情熱的に、彼女は持続可能な生活を目指す人たちを手伝い、皆が楽しさの溢れ、悔いのない人生を送ることができるように、道を案内しています。さらに、「weMORI」という無益な組織にてグローバルの主催者側の一人として務めています。「weMORI」は気候変動と生物多様性の損失を取り組む目的として、森林の防衛と回復を中心に活動しています。

Kazumi Muraki

Representative Director of CRRA, Chemist and Inventor
Born in 2000. Chemist and Inventor. Representative Director of Carbon Recovering Research Agency (CRRA: "see-rah"). Student at the University of Tokyo. 11-year experience in Direct Air Capture (DAC) and Carbon dioxide Capture and Utilization (CCU) research, and invented the world’s smallest CO2-removing machine for home and office called "Hiyassy." Currently working on converting CO2 into fuel in order to realize zero-CO2 emissions in all transportation sector. Dreaming to save the entire world by halting climate change, and also to be the world’s first man who landed on the Mars and convert martian CO2-covered atmosphere into fuel for rocket to return to the Earth.

Kenzo Baskoro

Youth Climate Realist
Kenzo is the oldest of the three siblings. A language enthusiast, he has been studying across several countries in between his life as a student. He was in Malaysia for several years before finishing high school in Japan. This exposure through different environments of studies has pushed him to think critically and welcoming of different points of view in learning. He currently a student in International relations degree at the Tokyo International University. Following his studies in international relations, Kenzo is a keen follower of International affairs in news. He enjoys learning new languages and jogging. During his studies, Kenzo has been involved in several projects and internships with several institutions. Kenzo seeks to delve into finding a career opportunity in both international organizations and institutions alike that serves issues on justice and development.

Organizing team


Kawagoe, Japan


Kawagoe, Japan
  • Andri R. Putri
  • Munkhdelger Gerelkhuu
  • Naoki Moriyama