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Theme: The Perpetual Pivot: Adversity, Passion, Growth

This event occurred on
June 12, 2021
9:00am - 3:00pm WIB
(UTC +7hrs)
BSD City, Banten

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Sinarmas World Academy
JI TM Pahlawan Seribu, CBD Lot XV
BSD City, Banten, 15322
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Budi Komala

Headshot and Portrait Specialist
Budi is a headshot and portrait photographer based in Serpong, Tangerang who started his career in this field in 2020. With his motto, "Helping people find their true persona", he does not only want a "headshot" that only shows someone's face there, but also explain their true persona. Apart from photography, he is also active in writing and sharing content on LinkedIn about personal branding, self development, and also about photography tips.

Catherine Putri

F&B Entrepreneur
Working in the communication industry does not stop Catherine from pursuing her dream as a F&B entrepreneur. It all started from a humble dream to open a local neighbourhood restaurant and café to hang out with friends and family. With a tireless dedication to these dreams, she finally started her first business in 2019. Despite the pandemic strikes in early 2020, the dream continues and has made the establishment that is today, and she successfully managed to open 5 restaurants in Jakarta; namely Project Atlas Jakarta, Galangal, Six Ounce Coffee Panglima Polim, Bakmi Biduan, and Emilia. "The key is never be afraid of challenges, do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again. Just do it anyway".

Crystalia Evelyn Liaw

Grade 9 IBMYP student at Sinarmas World Academy
Oblivious to the impact of our food, we humans became the catalyst to Earth’s destruction. Though the problem may seem trivial compared with other world-problems, overfishing causes a rippling effect on our daily lives yet it’s not talked about enough in today’s era of activism. As a student who just started exploring the ocean, I worry about my future. Will I have a future? In the past few months, I’ve watched several documentaries to learn more about the ocean, and although I did find great wonders, it was inevitable that I was hit by the hard truth of: our ocean is dying, we are dying. I, Evelyn, hope to inform and bring awareness to others about this detrimental issue that’s deeply integrated in our society and start the first step towards a more empathetic society which cares for the well-being of the organisms around us.

George Ananda

Technology and Design Educator, Senior Mentor at Apple Developer Academy @ BINUS
An expert learner on a journey through design, technology, and education, George is fluent and passionate in design and software engineering with more than ten years of professional experience in each field. As an innovator, constantly breaking boundaries and building bridges between disciplines, George is recognized as an influencer in his field. He proclaims that learning is his main skill, a realization that came about over the course of his journey. His continued success in the fields of design and software engineering, have led him to a newfound passion — Education. George is currently a senior mentor at the Apple Developer Academy @ BINUS and a celebrated mentor for the first ever International Baccalaureate Student Innovator Program, working with Ashoka International to support young change makers in Indonesia and across the world.

Jaeyi Kim

Grade 8 IBMYP student at Sinarmas World Academy
Living a trendy, YOLO life is a social trend, opening a free, unconstrained society. However, mental health is also an arising issue oppressing teenagers and children. As technology exponentially develops and demands for new skills and techniques sharply increase, all are under great pressure to satiate the higher standards. Through music, I believe that any individual can find peace and serenity. Unraveling my experiences of developing maturity through music, I am ecstatic to spread the benefits of living a ‘music life’.

Keke Mangampa

Grade 11 IBDP student at Sinarmas World Academy
I saw a picture online of this little girl with a walkie talkie in her hand, her face beaming as she was getting ready for distance learning. That walkie talkie was her only mode of communication with her teacher, the only way she could get an education. She made me think about how privileged I was to have an education that allowed me to dream without limits. How cruel is it that where you live determines what opportunities? How cruel is it that we’re not doing anything to change that?

Kyra Husen

Grade 11 IBDP student at Sinarmas World Academy
Have you ever seen a beach liberated from trash? I am 16, and my answer is..."no!" Believe it or not, I have seen fishermen, people whose entire existence depends upon the sea, treat the ocean with complete disregard! It's such a shame, because he and many others rely on the only ocean we have. I rely on the ocean to fulfil my curiosity about sea creatures. Through sharing the unique stories of several sea creatures and my knowledge of them, I hope to inspire you to protect our only ocean.

Matthew Japati

Grade 9 IBMYP student at Sinarmas World Academy
I chose this talk “Teens Need To Be Aware of Their Physical Health” because of my observations on the rise of teens spending time playing games on their computers rather than exercise. I think that this is an important thing to discuss because obesity rates are rising in the world, primarily due to poor diet and the lack of exercise (physical health). I hope my talk would be an eye-opener to people that would get them to exercise and be healthy. I want society to be healthy. My most meaningful experiences in life would probably be starting to exercise an hour a day since last year, ditching my time spent on playing video games or watching YouTube videos.

Pak Yan (Ryan) Wong

Grade 7 IBMYP student at Sinarmas World Academy
As cities grow, so do the numbers of homelessness. Anything can happen, for example, a medical catastrophe. You used all your money to pay your medical bills, and the effect trickles down, all of a sudden, you lose your car, your job, your home, your everything. I am lucky enough to have a stable home, a stable family, and whatnot, but there are so many people out there that don’t.. So I want to raise awareness about these invisible people, because you can very well be one of them any day.

Rania Wanandi

Grade 11 IBDP student at Sinarmas World Academy
The disconnect between plastic trash and humans has been too prevalent for far too long. It’s funny how much we use it, and yet many know so little about it. It has reached the extent where we don’t even know where our trash goes, whether it’s sorted and recycled, or simply dumped into towering mounds in landfills. And as important as these innovations and solutions to our persistent waste are, it isn’t nearly enough to make one switch from one straw to another. What we need is a real change, a change in our mindsets and lifestyles as we see the ever-pressing urgency of our fight against single-use trash. We just need to start with changing the way we view plastic.

Stephanie Clarissa

Co-Founder Project Planet Indonesia
Stephanie is an environmental advocate whose passion for sustainability was sparked by an urge to protect the beauty and vibrant nature of Indonesia. She co-founded the non-profit organization Project Planet Indonesia, a platform and community made to increase awareness and individual action towards environmental issues. Through their work, they have inspired many to take small steps towards living a more sustainable lifestyle, while providing the tools necessary to initiate change. Project Planet works with students and schools to support service learning and community service and action related to sustainability.

Trevyn Tjandra

Grade 7 IBMYP student at Sinarmas World Academy
As people get richer, they tend to want more meat. This is very bad for the environment as raising animals like cows can produce a lot of greenhouse gases. It also takes a lot of area to raise these animals and grow the food for them. My name is Trevyn, and I will be talking about how we can fix this problem about meat consumption

Tushar Jha

Grade 11 IBDP student at Sinarmas World Academy
So many breaths being taken in, so many emotions people craved. What is meaningful in life? What, if anything, really matters? How do we ascribe meaning to what we value? Why do we value the things we do? Many people spend time staring at a dark ceiling trying to answer these questions that Tushar attempts to unmask and explore. In his talk he presents a framework for exploring the question of meaning in life and discusses ideas relating to how people perceive meaning and values over the course of their lives.

Winston Choo

Grade 7 IBMYP student at Sinarmas World Academy
Quality over quantity is a phrase that I have heard all my life, but when I learned the benefits of cloning I realised that that may not always be true. I was always interested in technologies that seem unreal or out-of-this-world. Cloning is one of those technologies and I hope to spread the knowledge I have acquired to others. One experience that convinced me to pursue this interest was learning about cultured meat in class. I am really excited for this Ted Talk.

Yu Ju Chao

Grade 8 IBMYP student at Sinarmas World Academy
There may be times when we just want to burst our emotions all out and the people around us will be a victim of it. Teens especially, are often a culprit of this act, feeling adolescent emotions - being aware that they feel all sorts of emotions simultaneously but not being able to identify and differentiate them. According to research, childrens and adults distinguish emotions better than people in their adolescence. Without knowing what emotions are felt, how would we, as teens, be able to control them? Why is controlling emotions important? How does it impact your teenage years and future life?

Yu Tung Lee

Grade 11 IBDP student at Sinarmas World Academy
It is difficult to say how long our energy source will last, in fact, how long will our ozone layer last as well? A safe and alternative way needs to be quickly adapted. As a student, I hope to spread the knowledge, and emphasise on the connection between bacteria and energy. The phrase “Little things makes a huge difference” is exactly what you will see here. Bacteria? Little, energy source? Big. Let’s just say that I am worried for the future of humanity, how will energy be extracted? Can our Earth adapt to the excessive greenhouse gases?

Organizing team

Christopher Joseph

BSD City, Indonesia


Serpong, Indonesia