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Theme: The World Around Us

This event occurred on
June 15, 2021
London, Barnet
United Kingdom

14 students and 3 teachers will deliver talks on a range of local and global issues that affect our world.

Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet
Queen's Road, Barnet Hertfordshire EN5 4DQ United Kingdom
London, Barnet, EN5 4DQ
United Kingdom
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Aadam Aslam

Aadam Aslam is in Year 8 and since a young age he has always wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. He also has a deep passion for sports such as rugby and cricket.

Advay Bhat

Advay Bhat is one of the youngest students at QE TedX. From an early age, Advay was taught about the human race's impact on the world - since then, he has remained very curious about this. Other than this, Advay pursued his interest in public speaking by getting involved in multiple different opportunities at the school.

Ashrith Kothapalle

Ashrith Kothapalle is about to enter his first year of sixth form in order to study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics. His interest in human behaviour was first sparked when he realised that no two people are alike and that the first step to achieving personal goals is in understanding one's mental capability.

Ayush Patel

Ayush Patel is an A-level student at Queen Elizabeth’s School. Through building an autonomous vehicle, he has developed interests in the topics of computer science, AI and technology’s interactions with society.

Ben Rock

Ben Rock is a year 11 student at Queen Elizabeth’s School. Ben has been passionate about sport since he started playing waterpolo aged nine and, from then on, has strived to influence people to get involved in all types of sports. He is interested in STEM subjects, especially engineering, while also having wider interests such as playing the piano and learning languages.

Chanakya Seetharam

Chanakya is in Year 9 at Queen Elizabeth's School. Fascinated by the ground-breaking progress humanity has made, in his talk, he illuminates his audience on some of these developments.

Eleanor Pickering

Eleanor is an English teacher at Queen Elizabeth’s School. She graduated from the University of Oxford in 2013. Before becoming a teacher, Eleanor worked for BAFTA in press and public relations. She is passionate about the power of storytelling – be this through literature, film or television.

Jeevan Thiyagarajan

Jeevan Kathick Thiyagarajan is in Year 7 at Queen Elizabeth's. He has shown interest in public speaking from the age of 4 and has given multiple speeches in his school. He also enjoys playing his guitar, drums and flute and is part of the school's ensemble. His favourite sport is water polo where he represents his school.

Navjeet Swatch

Navjeet Swatch is a Teacher of Mathematics in his second year at Queen Elizabeth’s School. Navjeet’s interests include astronomy and general science related topics as well as playing tuba in a local amateur orchestra.

Prabav Santhosh Kumar

Prabav Santhosh Kumar is a Lower Sixth Form student looking towards a career in medicine. He has also developed an interest in psychology and neuroscience and competes in badminton at a county level.

Sayon Choudhuri

Sayon Choudhuri is in his first year of A-level studies here at Queen Elizabeth’s. From a young age, he has been in awe of the complexity of the human body, and is fascinated by how much we have yet to discover about it.

Shuaib Adam

Shuaib Adam is a student in Year 10 at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. Academically, Shuaib is very fond of Maths, Biology, French and Public Speaking.

Sultan Khokhar

Sultan Khokhar is in his first year of A Level studies at Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet. Sultan is strongly interested in history, literature, and languages, and enjoys reading and learning languages.

Surya Bowyer

Surya Bowyer is Head of Library Services and Curator of Collections at Queen Elizabeth's. He has an interest in the history of science and has worked with the Science Museum, London.

Ved Nair

Ved Nair is a Year 8 student at QE boys. His interests range from cricket, of which he is a borough player, to science, a subject that he aspires to study in the future. He however endeavours to succeed in all aspects of the academic world.

Yaamir Khurana

Yaamir Khurana is in his final year of sixth form planning to study English and Philosophy at university.

Zain Ahmad

Zain Ahmad is a Year 11 student at Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet, hoping to study Maths, Chemistry, English Literature, and Biology at A-level. From a young age Zain has been captivated by the future and past of our planet.

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London, United Kingdom