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Theme: Inside Out

This event occurred on
January 16, 2021
UR, Altdorf, Uri (de)

Knowing something inside out. This may be something you are particularly good at and are happy to share your experience or knowledge.
Revolution of inside out. This can be a change you want to make to the world or modification and reformation of it.
Perspective of inside out. Standing at a point that is outside of the event itself and reach a higher level of exploration.
Explore something inside out. This can be an area that you are especially interested in and would like to explore further into its core.
Reflection of inside out. This can be your reflection on a past event and the enlightenment you get from it.

St. Josesweg 15
UR, Altdorf, Uri (de), 6460
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Youth (What is this?)
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Felix Jung

IB student
I am a proud Steiner guy with all the weird “Steiner students” characteristics: I am a true knight, sincere, responsible, caring of traditions, standing often out on what I say or I like to do. The others consider me having an interior strength, being extremely coherent with my values and my own statements, fighting to apply them while always looking at other’s perspectives. I fluently speak 3 languages and my hobbies are ping-pong, soccer and tracking field; I am a wonderful violin player and I tend to play it even in the most inappropriate moments, like during IB Zoom calls. At every free moment the ball is with me, and I like a lot teaching children games and fair play in sport.

Jinxin Zhang

IB student
I was born in China, Qingdao a beautiful coastal city. Now I am studying at Lemania International School Altdorf in Switzerland. I am a debater that debated for 3 years that won the Harvard Invitational Tournament double-octafinalist, four regional prices, and 3 outstanding speakers. I have danced for 13 years, and Practice for 13 years, and won many regional medals. Dancing is my favorite method to relax and express myself and I enjoyed the feeling of pushing limits.

Runbin Wu

IB student
Born in the vortex of modern liberal and traditional Teochew cultures, I grew up reconciling these conflicting Chinese cultures while enriching myself with a global identity. As part of my family cultures, I genuinely appreciate Teochew’s integrality and ethnic pride. Meanwhile, I was born and raised up in Shanghai, receiving a contemporary liberal education in China in my adolescent years. Later, I luckily had the opportunity to study abroad in Switzerland till now. Western liberal education and the unique Swiss culture clashed while developing my nascent identity. Deeming myself a thinker of the life, I am fond of sharing some of my personal insights and debating upon them. That is me, a sunshine boy who loves to embrace the world with his thinking.

Ziyue Zheng

IB student
I was born in Shanghai China, an international city as everyone called. I am glad that I have the opportunity to study abroad in Switzerland. Now I am a student of Lemania International School Altdorf. I used to play drama back when I was in Junior High school, I had been playing drama for 3 years, and once performed at the Art festival of our school. For me, communication is everything for me because I love to talk, to find out the story behind every one.

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Altdorf, Switzerland


Altdorf, Switzerland
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