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Theme: MIX融汇无间

November 8, 2020
1:00pm - 5:00pm CST
(UTC +8hrs)
Shanghai, Shanghai
This event is open to the public.
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The topic of TEDxWukangRd 2020 conference is MIX.


We understand MIX in two ways.

Firstly, it means two or more substance combine in a way that cannot be seperated easily.
Secondly, if two or more things, people, or activities do not mix, they are likely to cause problems or dangers.

In this TEDx conference, we use MIX to try to explain the MIX of China and the world, the MIX of fashion and history, the MIX of modernity and future, as well as that of conservation and innovation in different perspectives.

为什么要选择融-MIX 这个主题?

Why we choose the theme of MIX?


The Global Financial Centres Index 28, launched by London think tank Z/Yen Group in partnership with the China Development Institute (CDI), shows, Shanghai has moved up one place to third as the global financial center.

MIX in shanghai has unique spirit, it represents the fruit of exchange and integration of various civilizations. It also shows openness and inclusiveness of all rivers into a sea, the self-confidence of all-embracing and absorbing.


On the stage of TEDx, we welcome speakers from different countries, colors and fields to share your wisdom, showing the world the charm and connotation of 'MIX'.


About TEDxWukangRd:


Wukang Road is known as the 'Celebrity Road' that 'condenses the recent century history of Shanghai'.
There are 14 excellent historical buildings along the road, and 37 historical buildings are preserved.


On June 11, 2011, Wukang Road in Xuhui District, Shanghai was selected as the third 'Chinese Historical and Cultural Street'approved by the Ministry of Culture and the State Administration of Cultural Relics.


Wukang Road is a fusion of fashion and history. Strolling on this road, you can see the collision between history and new tide, and the interweaving of culture and change.


This year, TedxWukangRd makes a voice on Wukang Road, committed to integrating 'culture, history, art, and humanities'together, with the power of a crowd and our voice, to bring Chinese wisdom to the world.


Lcation: Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, 288 Anfu Road, Shanghai, China

Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre
288 Anfu Road
5th Floor
Shanghai, Shanghai, 200031
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Shanghai, China


Shanghai, China