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This event occurred on
December 10, 2021
salvador, Bahia

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

teatro castro alves
praca castro alves
salvador, Bahia, 40080-121
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Alvaro Machado Dias

Scientist, Entrepreneur
A Master, Doctor, Postdoctoral, associate professor at Unifesp, is one of the most respected names in neuroscience in Brazil. He is also a technology columnist at UOL, Member of the Global Technology Panel at MIT Tech Review, Director of the Center for Advanced Studies in Decision Making, partner at WeMind Office of Innovation, Locomotiva Institute for Research and Strategy ( ), among others. Author of more than 100 impactful international articles, he is chief scientist at Rhizom (, the first blockchain protocol built from scratch in Latin America.

Eduardo Victor

Activist, digital influencer
capacitance | LGTBQIA activism | free body Eduardo Victor is a digital content creator and medialogist. In his networks, he discusses, in a didactic but also relaxed way, his experience in the world as a LGBT person with a disability. Following the logic that it's okay to be who you are, he shares with his followers the issues, challenges and lessons learned about having a less visible, even physical, disability. It appeared in 2017 on the internet, through the annoyance of not seeing oneself anywhere. Who was the LGBT person with cerebral palsy who was talking about their own existence on the internet? At that moment, it didn't exist. And, from that restlessness, he became a content creator. Today it is the biggest twitter account of a person with cerebral palsy.

Ester Carro

Architect and Social Urbanist, professor and researcher at the Women and Territory Center of the Cities Laboratory Arq. Futuro and Insper. Since 2018 she has been President of Fazendinhando, an institute for territorial, cultural and social transformation. Master (2019) in Project Production and Management of Urban Space by FIAM - FAAM University Center, Postgraduate in Housing and City (Escola da Cidade, 2020) and Social Urbanism (Insper, 2020) graduated in Architecture and Urbanism by FIAM - FAAM University Center (2017). She works as a social entrepreneur, managing social projects in vulnerable territories, seeking the development of society through education and entrepreneurship and the transformation of physical spaces, from housing to urban areas.

Fred Tognin

Fred Tognin Father in solo flight, COMPLETELY in love with the children born in the heart! Gay and activist for LGBTQIAP+ causes, he shows how it is possible to raise his two kids, teaching and experiencing respect for diversity, gender equity, empathy with people and care for the environment. He is a biologist by training with a Master's in Ecology and has been working with sea turtle conservation for 20 years.

Gabriel Fernandes

Student, researcher
Gabriel Fernandes is a 17-year-old young man who developed the world's first microplastic filter for Water Treatment Plants, and with it he became the first Brazilian to win one of the categories of the Stockholm Youth Water Award. Gabriel has been giving lectures and making short videos on Instagram to spread the word about microplastic and the problems related to excessive use of plastic. He is starting his scientific career and dreams of studying Mechatronics Engineering abroad, and wants to use engineering to make the world more sustainable.

Gabriela Barbosa

Advertising, social Media strategist
A scholar of the influence market and a graduate in Advertising from PUC Minas, is a content creator, strategist, and social media. In 2020, she discovered the magic of interactive narratives to transform the internet experience with @gabidocontent, bringing the provocation to make consumption and production content more aware. She was one of the 30 mentors of the Future Makers project carried out by WGSN in 2020, one of the most significant trend companies in the world, and today she works with planning and strategy at Box1824, designing narratives for clients such as Disney, Google, and others.

Genize Ribeiro

Content creator
Social Media Content Creator aboutfat beaty and style, digital influencer. A Self-styled black, fat, and proletarian Barbie, Genize uses her experiences to show through her contents that it is possible to put these adjectives together and get to the result in beauty, style, reflections, and an excellent mood.

Ivani Oliveira

Psychologist with a Master degree in Social Psychology. A Psychologist with a master’s degree in social psychology from PUC-SP is part of the black woman Kilombagem. Her dissertation is “Black women’s version on capillary transition: a study on processes of aesthetic decolonization and classification.” She realized, in her clinic, the importance to highlight the psychological process that is involved in the capillary transition, producing and spreading knowledge to contribute to a more qualified listening of professionals in the field to women who decide to start this journey of transformation of internal realities and external, when disentangling the narratives in his research, he found that there is no capillary transition without an extensive database.

Jaciana Melquiades

Historian, Entrepreneur
Jaciana Melquiades believes in the transforming power of education. Historian, Founding Partner and Executive Director of Era Uma Vez o Mundo – a company that develops toys and educational activities, and which values the representation and aesthetics of the black population. In February 2019, she opened the first store specializing in black dolls in Brazil. Speaker who debates racial issues and their transversalities. He participated in Collaboramérica, Facebook Summit, Liv Mundi Festival, Rio2C, among others

Jorge koho Mello

Constructivist educator active in the Gaia Education Program, which focuses on sustainability and regenerative culture, is accredited by UNESCO and is present in over 50 countries. Artist and body and relational therapist with special training in Systemic Therapy for Families and Couples, he is a practitioner and instructor of Aikido and Yoga. An ordained monastic in Soto Zen Buddhism, he practices a socially engaged spirituality, participates in interfaith dialogue actions, and is a teacher and spiritual co-director of the Zen Peacemakers Order. He has experiences in community life and training in Findhorn – Scotland (Courses: Group and Workshop Leader, Gentle Warrior and Conflict Facilitator), Schumacher College – England (Courses: Simplicity and Social Change, The Power of Local – New Economy) and Krogerup Höjskole – Denmark (Climate Ambassador Course). He has lived in Switzerland for 12 years, where he coordinates the Zürich Zen Center.

Kamila Liberali

Physician, general practitioner, holds an MBA in management, entrepreneurship and marketing and another in management and innovation in medicine. She is also trained by MIT to create new products and services using the Design thinking methodology and is a specialist in the field of Health Data Science. Since 2019, she has been providing telemedicine care, focusing on patient-centered care, innovation and technology in the healthcare field.

Karine de Souza Santana

A Sanitarist, Ph.D. in Medicine and Health, Researcher on Race, Gender and Health - NEGRAS, Professor at the Bahia School of Medicine and Public Health. Her training and performance in collective health were constituted by a desire to understand the process of designing inequalities, their impact on health, and the development of a fairer social project. This professional trajectory was structured from a feminine and ancestral referential.

Kiko Kislansky

Writer, Mentor, and corporate coach
A Writer, Mentor, Speaker, and Corporate Coach specializing in Life Purpose and Business Purpose. He co-founded Euzaria and soon after Cazulo, a center for human and organizational evolution that has served over 150 companies and impacted over 80,000 lives in the last five years. His world vision is a society in which all human beings awaken to their talents and place them at the service of the common good, building a prosperous and meaningful life. Kiko has a degree in Business from Northwood University (United States) and is certified in several human transformation methodologies. He is an eternal seeker, dreamer, and entrepreneur who believes in the power of Purpose-Driven businesses as an instrument for human evolution.

Luciana Viegas

An Autistic, black woman and mother of a non-oralized autistic boy. Graduated in pedagogy, she has been teaching primary education and inclusive education since 2014. In 2020, she created Instagram @umaapretaeautistatalking to talk about her diagnosis of late autism, the life of a neuro-divergent black mother, and experiences with inclusive education. She is an activist in the anti-capacity and anti-racist struggle. She is in favor of the human rights of people with disabilities. She is the creator of #MovimentoVidasNegrasComDênciasImportam in Brazil.

Luciene Nascimento

Lawyer, writer and make up artist
A Writer, lawyer, and makeup artist. She writes about the identity, aesthetics, and self-esteem of black women. Author of the book “Everything in Her is to Se Amar,” her viral pedagopoetry videos have garnered four million views on the internet.

Luiz Gaziri

Thinker, author, professor
Luiz Gaziri Luiz Gaziri is one of the most provocative thinkers of the current generation, using the latest scientific discoveries to reshape the way we think about business and human behavior. His work was praised by dozens of scientists from institutions like Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Wharton, being also featured in vehicles like CNN, Exame, Veja, Estadão, Globo, Band and CBN. Gaziri is the author of three books and also serves as a consultant, speaker and postgraduate professor at FAE Business School, PUCPR and ISAE/FGV. His mission is to make science accessible for people and organizations to take better decisions and avoid costly mistakes

Manoel Pinto

Social Entrepreneur
Masculinity and Fatherhood researcher, creator of cabra macho collective, founder of yhe social institute of Culture and Masculinity ( @institutoscm).

Marcela Rodrigues

journalist and facilitator specialized in connecting well-being and sustainability and, in recent years, has been dedicated to studying practices of planetary regeneration and holistic care, having certifications as a Designer in Sustainability by Gaia Education Brasil and as an instructor of Hatha Yoga and Yogatherapy, among others. Expert in clean beauty, a topic that she has been researching independently for ten years, she is the creator of A Naturalíssima, a reference in the topic and also in conscious lifestyle; and the conscientious Beauty Journey mentorship. She was listed by Glamor as one of the top 6 names that talk about clean beauty in Brazil, in addition to being mentioned as a source in vehicles such as Exame, Elle, Vida Simples, CNN and UOL. She also lectures, provides consultancy and facilitates experiences.

Marcelo Zig

Philosopher, activist
A philosopher, writer, speaker, public servant, and activist for the rights of people with disabilities. Creator of the Cidadão Diving Project - preventive campaign against the risks of the third cause of spinal cord injury in Brazil, the accident caused by diving in shallow water, founder of the Commission of Professionals with Disabilities of the Water and Sanitation Company of the State of Bahia - Embasa, president of the collective Quilombo PcD who works on the intersectionality of race and disability in the fight against racism and training for black people with disabilities and columnist for Pre-storyca magazine.

Nicola Gryczka

Social entrepreneur
Food activist, co founder and orchestrator of Social Gastronomy movement. Social- and systems entrepreneur, food activist and change-maker, connecting ideas, people and networks to generate powerful solutions towards collective impact.

Noele Gomes

entrepreneur and digital entrepreneur for 20 years and my service is about sowing self(re)knowledge and ancient and ancient knowledge for women who want to change the world through their deeper and truer sharing. I am Noéle and this is my service, to help you reconnect with your greatness and human essence.

Paulo Yanko

Publicist and Teacher
Paulo Yanko is an administrator, publicist, communicator and teacher. He is also gay. In his talk, Paulo Yanko discusses the layers of prejudice that an LGBTQIA+ person must face, and how the challenges in the job market are so resistent. We live in the country that kills the most transgender people in the world, where 33% of companies say they don't hire LGBTQIA+s for high-level positions. How can you think of a promising career when your sexuality becomes an issue above your competence? And how can those who have already consolidated their careers pave the way so that others like them can walk it in the same way?

Taciana Fortunati

Therapist, menstrual activist
Taciana is an educator, therapist and menstrual activist. She develops learning journeys through dialogues between science, ancestry and enchantment linked to self-knowledge and coexistence based on cycles, helping self-listening and practices aligned with the authenticity of each being. She has been working with audiovisual for 20 years and since 2015 has been studying tools to support quality of life and access to originality. She is the founder of, a hub for cyclical studies and therapies.

Thais Bernardes

Founder of Noticia Preta. Graduated in journalism from the Institut français de Presse-Université Panthéon-Assas, in Paris and with a specialization in audiovisual from the Institut Pratique de Journalisme (IPJ), also in France, Thais Bernardes is a journalist, press officer and creator of the portal Notícia Preta, a anti-racist journalism website. Before completing his studies in Europe, Thais studied Public Relations at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), which he entered through the quota system. After working as a producer on TV channel France 2, in Paris, she was a reporter for Jornal Extra, for radio BandNewsFM and coordinator of Communication for the State Secretariat for Human Rights in Rio. In November 2018, the journalist decided to create the portal Notícia Preta como way of combating, through journalism, racism and social inequalities.

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Salvador, Brazil

B. B. Magalhães

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Beatriz Ribeiro Fragoso Carvalho
  • Felipe Janicsek
  • Simone Kauri dos Reis