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This event occurred on
May 15, 2022
Jazan City, Jīzān
Saudi Arabia

Every field of the country (Saudi Arabia) is very important in the development of any progress. There are numerous ways to expand its economy, we can focus on developing Public service sectors such, education. We want to educate our university students on how to derive and gain the values of traveling abroad. Jazan University students need a guideline and distinct steps to discover the real world around them since there are a limited number of students who have been asking for clarification about traveling for a specific purpose. Indeed, if people travel more, this world will have fewer conflicts and wars. The reason why we fight is that we don't understand each other.
Therefore, the event will have speakers who will help the university students as well as other people who are interested in traveling. For example, overseas volunteering, travel on a budget, and travel as education.

1_How volunteering abroad can change your life? The answer appears obvious, but that is the only beginning. The speaker will talk about the medical volunteer. He is a doctor from our community, and he travels each year to provide free treatment for countries that suffer from poverty, such as Syria! “In his speech, he will encourage medical college students at Jazan university to take action and start volunteering by showing and explaining his adventure. He will include some safe organizations to apply.” Jazan University wants to encourage the students to participate in the volunteer units to gain some skills as well as learn to improve their skills, especially in their majors. Many works have done by the volunteer unit at Jazan University such as https://www.jazanu.edu.sa/stu/2020/01/04/even2/

2_Currently, many students at Jazan University have been asking, “Why is having a degree not enough to find a job?” since they noticed most of the jobs that they applied to required skills-based degrees. Students need to know how to supplement their degrees with the right skills. Of course, each job requires different skills, but there are some skills that are common in the jobs. “The speaker will provide many ways in which millennials can develop their opportunity of getting a job because some students are doing great in their studies,however, their skills are limited. he will answer them how to achieve it in some ways, such as being a volunteer, learning a new language, writing and publishing articles, and improving their communication skills''. Students need to understand the importance of filling their CVs with strong skills, not just their degrees. Such as some of the courses via Zoom for only Jazan University students. https://mobile.twitter.com/JazanCourses/status/1278710925269311488/photo/1

3_Why does our society always underestimate the importance of art, music, movies, and others? These fields are considered a major gain for the state, but it is how to change the point of view and give the impression of the state, for example, South Korea twenty years ago who could know about it, but they show themselves to the world via music, films, and series. Fortunately, Saudi Arabia started focusing on the importance of art to improve the country. The speaker will form our community. He is an artist, and he will explain how the artists can lead some of the key discussions about the condition of the world as well as raising tourism.
4_How to travel on a budget. Numerous individuals daydream about traveling the world, but all of them have the same excuse that they do not have money. Our region does not know how to manage their budget when they travel overseas. Jazan University students need to know about managing their budget first. Therefore, the speaker will explain the way of traveling without breaking the bank account. Providing some steps and strategies to help them to travel around the world. That helps students to discover the world with no fear. “The speaker will be a Jazan University student who succeeds in managing his budget. After that students need to understand the main purposes of traveling which are going to be the next topic.”

4_ Why do we need to travel? It is a familiar question and you have been asking a lot about it, but do you know the main target of traveling? Many people in our country love to travel because they want a change from the weather. Have you ever thought about traveling to change your life? The speaker will explain how traveling helps us to discover ourselves in many details.such as, discovering the history of the countries because history is related to the cultures. Knowing the cultures through history, or knowing about religions, or even their customs and traditions, some people may see this as difficult, and this requires effort and research to understand, and many people may consider recognizing the history as an academic task, and need specialists. As a result, that will help students to understand the purpose of the 2030 vision of Saudi Arabia which is to open our country to the world. “The presenter will be a person from Saudi Arabia who has been traveling since he was a student at university, and after he is getting great knowledge, he opens his own business. Now, many resorts and hotels want to sign contracts with him.”

Ash Shati, Jazan 82911
Jazan City, Jīzān, 82911
Saudi Arabia
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Al Awam

Jazan, Saudi Arabia