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Theme: LightBulb Moments

This event occurred on
March 6, 2021
Ottawa, Ontario

TEDxCarletonUniversity is back and proud to bring to the [virtual] stage our annual conference summit. The theme for the 2020/2021 year is Lightbulb Moments, a theme that encompasses innovation, vision, and entrepreneurial mindsets. This abstract theme does not have a set description, because its meaning and significance is intended to be determined by speakers as they present their interests and passions in a new light. Featuring 13 multidisciplinary talks ranging from topics from technology, civic responsibility, architecture and ecology, to substance use - this conference intends to not just educate, but inspire

Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, K1S5B6
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Amina Mire

Associate Professor and Researcher
Amina Mire is an Associate Professor at Carleton University. Her areas of research interests involve an interdisciplinary analysis of subject areas such as: women and health; racialization and biomedicalization of women's bodies and skin; anti-ageing; women, science, and technology; political thought; sociology of gender; sociology of knowledge; gender and the cinema; and anti-racist/anti-colonial research.

Assem Kroma

PhD Student
Assem is a multi-platform storyteller, filmmaker, actor, researcher and educator. His interdisciplinary research spans across human-computer-interaction (HCI), digital media and cinema. He belongs to a new generation of filmmakers and is passionate about all of its forms, starting from photochemical films and ending with VR and 360 films. In his PhD, Assem is focusing on attention guidance techniques in extended reality (virtual, augmented and mixed reality) and their interplay with cybersickness, presence and user performance. While his research benefits both the creative and utilitarian design of extended reality (XR) experiences, he believes that the filmmaking scene is about to take a new creative turn, that requires technically equipped filmmakers who can take on the challenge and keep sharing their art with the public.

Charlotte Smith

Graduate Student
Charlotte is a Master’s of Sociology student who has worked as a peer researcher since undergrad. Youth homelessness is her field of study and peer research has allowed her to transform her past lived experiences of homelessness into a tool for good youth engagement and community building. Her thesis research was conducted by interviewing homeless youth about their school-based experiences to see how the education system might work to prevent students from becoming homeless.

Dale Spencer

Associate Professor and Researcher
Dale Spencer is Associate Professor in the Department of Law and Legal Studies. Formerly a Banting Fellow and an Ontario Early Research Award recipient, his main research interests are violence, sport, victimization, policing, youth, and conceptions of homelessness, domicile, and the law. Since arriving at Carleton in 2014, he has won the FPA research excellence award and the Outstanding Faculty Graduate Mentor award. Dale is the principal investigator for the CrossFit, COVID-19, and Serious Leisure Project.

Dalia Arkadan

Undergraduate Student

Dan Hawes

PhD Student
Dan is one of Canada’s leading digital media producers having produced over $75M of animated TV, movies, games, and mobile apps. He is Co-creator of Chilly Beach and creator and/or producer of nine TV series and 300+ episodes of TV sold in over 100 countries. He holds a Master of Digital Experience Innovation from the University of Waterloo and is presently completing his P.h.D at Carleton University focused on applying cognitive science insights to the design of Virtual Reality learning experiences. Dan's company, based out of Waterloo Ontario creates animation and games with a focus on immersive VR experiences. Dan also teaches “The Art and Business of Gaming” and “Managing Creative Enterprises” at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

Joey Doherty

M.Arch Graduate
Joey completed a Master's of Architecture at Carleton University, and holds a deep interest for architecture. Through his love of being outdoors and its physical nature, his research interests are focused on the relationship of architecture within the ecosystem, how it has affected ecosystems and how can architecture help rehabilitate damaged ecosystems.

Julie Ivanoff

Graduate Student
Julie holds an expertise in Architecture. She is currently finishing her thesis in the Master of Architectural Studies program at Carleton University, where she is studying the UK's national digital twin initiative. She is also working at the Carleton Immersive Media Studio (CIMS) as a Research Team Lead on Imagining Canada's Digital Twin.

Maximilian Lee

Undergraduate Student
Max is a 4th-year Global and International Studies Student specializing in Global Law and Social Justice at Carleton University. He is passionate about human rights, legal philosophy, and public policy.

Molly Zhang

Undergraduate Student
Molly is a 3rd-year undergraduate student majoring in Neuroscience and Mental Health, with minors in psychology and biology. She does research in the Aguilar-Valles lab on both mental health and developmental disorders, and is involved in various mentorship and mental health/wellness initiatives.

Robbie Venis

PhD Student
Robbie is a PhD student working with local partners in Tanzania to optimize the design of a ceramic water filter to improve access to safe drinking water in the rural community of Longido. His research interests are centred around low-cost water treatment, specifically in terms of treating biological contaminants. His research is very connected with his societal interests of reducing the barriers to accessing clean water among economically disadvantaged and marginalized communities.

Zeinab Majed

Undergraduate Student
Zeinab is an undergraduate student in her fourth year, completing a degree in Applied Linguistics, with a minor in Russian at Carleton University. She enjoys teaching and helping others reach their goals. She hopes to pursue studies in the effectiveness of teaching and learning in ESL classrooms, as well as research related to education in bilingualism and the process of second language acquisition, including educational psychology.

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