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Theme: Szabadság? Másképp.

This event occurred on
November 14, 2020
11:00am - 8:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Budapest, Budapest

Pillanatok alatt húzták ki alólunk a talajt. Eddigi életünktől teljesen elkülönítve találtuk magunkat. Ami addig természetesen volt szabad és egyértelmű, elérhetetlenné vált. Közben kitárult az online tér minden generációnak, és lett benne szabadság mindenkinek. Majd pedig visszakaptuk a fizikai szabadságunk egy részét.
Szabad volt az életünk a világjárvány előtt? Másképp látjuk, másképp éljük, másképp mondjuk és másképp hisszük.
2020-ban az egyik legfontosabb értékünk a szabadság lett.
Idén is olyan előadókat mutatunk be a közösségünknek, akik példaként járnak előttünk, közöttünk. Szabad embereket, nőket és férfiakat, akik másképp gondolkodnak, másképp cselekednek, és ezzel bennünket is változásra, tettekre inspirálnak.
Hogyan élhetsz szabadon a saját életedben? Erre adnak válaszokat, mind-mind másképp.
Szabadon rád, mindenkire bízva azt, hogy te, ő, mi együtt mit viszünk magunkkal mindabból, ami ebben a történelmi korszakban volt és van – ami 2020. november 14-én megtörténik a TEDxLibertyBridgeWomen színpadán.
Csatlakozz hozzánk személyesen vagy online, és alkossuk együtt a jövőt!
Szabadon? Másképp.
Velünk tartasz?

Katona Józse Szinház
Petőfi Sándor u. 6.
Budapest, Budapest, 1052
Event type:
TEDxWomen (What is this?)
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Alexa Zsófia Vas

engineering student, company founder
Alexa is a 21-year-old, mechanical engineering student at István Széchenyi University. In addition to studying, she works as an intern at Audi Hungária Zrt in the framework of dual training. In the course of her work, she performs simulations related to tool factory robots. "My passion for robots is also reflected in my startup: my team and I are developing robot arm prostheses for children with limb deficiencies, and we are also working on a DIY robot hand kit that can be a joy not only for children with limb deficiencies." In her spare time, she leads specialties related to 3D printing and design at Mobility Győr, and has been doing Aikidoss for almost 15 years, having acquired her black belt 4 years ago.

Anikó Baji

health media communication specialist
Anikó Baji, an emergency and triage nurse, worked in patient care for 24 years when she graduated in communication and media. This career choice was guided by the lack of communication and the consumable quality of information in health care. The ACUTE Section communication community has become one of the best-known health communication forums on Facebook over the past five years, quickly developing non-policy, understandable information based on partnership and dialogue. Launched two years ago, the C-Track blog writes short articles on acute patient care. The curved mirror and the “live with me” style can be consumed by lay readers as it leads them into a world unknown to them with proper sensitization and dissemination.

Anna Szabó T.

poet, writer
I am a poet, the poem is my life. I believe that it is not a luxury product, but a help to life, as basic as comfortable shoes or good glasses. The three most important functions of the poem are to teach you to watch, to stop time, and to give you strength: you can save our lives in our difficult moments — as happened with a corner scientist named Mawson when he hung in death in an iceberg, or with me when I was in crisis as a teenager. He who carries poems in his head and heart: a free man.

Áron Molnár

actor, activist
I was born in Serbia. By the time I was four, I wanted to be an actor. I graduated from the University of Theater and Film in 2010, I was a member of the Comedy Society for six years, I have been a freelancer for 4 years. Even as an actor, I was always busy solving problems of public affairs, and in 2018 I felt that these problems had outgrown the walls of the theater and I didn’t want to talk about public affairs through a role, but in E / 1. This is how I founded noÁr, which was initially a musical formation, but has now grown into a movement. We believe that, regardless of party politics, we can fight together with a thinking and acting society for a freer and more open country.

Dávid Szél

psychologist, dadblogger
Dávid Szél never wanted to be a psychologist, now he is a counseling psychologist and a lecturer at Semmelweis University. He never thought he could write, yet he is now writing his blog, Apapara, for the ninth year in a row, which in 2015 gave birth to a book called “Apapara” and in 2018, “Beyond the fear”. In his 2019 book, “On the Road - A Skype Therapy for a Mid-Life Crisis,” he wrote about how he works as a psychologist. As a committed believer in emancipation, he writes and talks a lot about gender equality, open thinking, and the importance of acceptance. He is very preoccupied with how to question, overturn social myths.

Dóra Lohonyai

autism activist, writer
My life has changed radically thanks to my children. The first two out of three are autistic. My son is mildly mentally handicapped and has Tourette's syndrome. They are both confused. My third child is traditionally developed, but by no means average. I raise them alone. ” Dora considers it primarily a human, then a mother, an autism activist, a writer, a businesswoman, an economist-humanist. She aims to make as many people as possible aware of and accept autism, which now affects every 100th person. In her book, “A Change of Karma, Half a Year in India with Three Children and Autism Alone,” Dora reported on her courageous commitment and experiences in India.

Eleni Korani

art expert, gallery owner
Eleni Korani, who is known to the public as an ambassador of Hungarian culture, is an unavoidable player in the Hungarian art trade. Her aim is to place Hungarian art in an international context. Exhibitions that fill gaps are attached to her name, with the aim of presenting and rediscovering fine and applied artists that have been forgotten for historical reasons. Eleni is an expert in 20th century Hungarian art, a consultant to museums and cultural institutions, and the founder and maintainer of several domestic and international collections. Her name is associated with the history of some iconic pieces of Hungarian painting: the repatriation of a Rippl-Rónai painting, and the the sale of Marching French Soldiers to the Musee d’Orsay. Numerous auction records are associated with her name, in 2017 the acquisition of Lajos Tihanyi's painting Pont St Michel 1908 resulted in a paradigm shift in the Hungarian art treasure market.

Éva Duda

choreographer, director
Éva Duda started her creative career at the age of 22 by creating independent contemporary dance performances and as a choreographer of large-scale musicals and operas. She is the choreographer, director and creator of several dance performances, dance theater works and musical theater productions. As a private individual, she stands for public activist, especially for climate protection, non-violence, and artistic freedom. She graduated from the Hungarian University of Dance Arts with a degree in choreography, and later continued his studies at the University of Târgu Mureş with a degree in directing.

Franciska Farkas

actor, drama teacher
“I’ve wanted to be an actor since I was a kid, yet I graduated from university with a degree in social work. My first film, Victoria - The Zurich Express, brought the kick-off of my acting career. That was my entry into the profession. I immediately started my career with a title role, international presentations and awards. After one role came another, and in parallel I teach disadvantaged children and young people all over the country. As a founding and permanent member of the Knowledge Power All-Arts Society, I organically contribute to the integration and positive perception of Roma Hungarians. I am a green activist, animal defender and a flag bearer of nonviolence. I am known as an advocate of acceptance and openness. I believe that we live with the consequences of our decisions. It is a question of how free we are and how free we can be in making our decisions. ”

Kata Gyenes

lawyer, mother, photographer
Gyenes Kata is a lawyer, mother and photographer living in Kecskemét. With her pictures, she wants to show a real world, the small details and connections of which we often do not want to notice. She testifies about photography: “Photography has chosen light as its basis, confronting what is seen, constantly reminding of the point, going beyond itself. The photo itself is free will, because it mediates between heaven and earth, it requires a whole person, it stops time for a moment. The photo is about life, leaving it free within the limits set by ourselves, creating order and, from it, order of values. The photo goes beyond hypocrisy, sometimes making sense later. The photo is life itself… ”- somewhere in Gyenes Kata's own world, the most valuable part of which is her son, Andris.

Kata Kozma

songwriter, producer
Kata graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a degree in jazz piano performing arts. Despite her young age, she has worked with world-renowned musicians, DJs, producers and performers. Her latest song, “You & I,” with one of EDM / Dubstep’s best-known figures in the genre, Flux Pavilion, was released in September 2020, received highly positive reviews in the U.S. and across Europe, and became an instant favorite among EDM fans. Kata is mentioned in the international press as one of the “most exciting lyricists, voices and songwriters of her time”. She writes music with emerging talents such as Finn Askew, Dylan Fraser, Sara Barta, MVRT, Virgoboi, Tribbs, Laura White, Monika Lewczuk, Hien, Lanberry or 4Dreamers. In addition to her music work, the Emmy Award-winning American 'A House Divided' series title (Live Good), the FINA Floating World Cup (We Are The Water) and the X - A Deleted Movie title (Evergreen) are also noteworthy.

Kata Szegedi

fashion designer
Kata founded the Kata Szegedi brand in 2009, which has now grown into a defining brand in the Hungarian fashion world. It provides architectural, modern lines for cosmopolitans who strive for uniqueness in everyday life as well. Kata Szegedi graduated from the KREA School of Contemporary Art in Budapest in 2009 and has been a permanent teacher at the school since 2011. In the same year, she won the Young Fashion Designer of the Year award at the Fashion Awards Hungary. In 2014, she received the Best Fashion Designer Award at the Glamor Women of the Year Gala.

Krisztina Hadas

editor-reporter, director
I am Krisztina Hadas, television editor-reporter, director, university lecturer, mother of two children, wife. I have been working in my profession for 28 years: I was a news reporter, a small boss, a big boss. I have been a freelancer since 2012. As the only child of an intellectual family, the importance of motivation, diligence, perseverance, and the joy of the work done have been ingrained in me since I was a child. When I was ten, I decided to become a reporter. For seven years, I have also been filming my own production, my great professional love: the documentary series “The Baby is Coming with Kriszta Hadas”. We follow the lives of interesting civilians who empower others, from expecting a baby to giving birth to a period of childcare. So far, I have published two books: The Diary of an Imperfect Mother and Mother Fate. I have only one professional desire to be able to shoot a lot, movies and shows that I enjoy. ”

Orsolya dr. Temesvári

lawyer, blogger
I'm Orsi. In 2018, an accident set boundaries that seemed invincible to me. At first I seemed easier to give up, but in the end I decided: I chose survival. Because of the immobility caused by the injury, I found true freedom in the innermost corner of my personality. The burdens I carry with me often obscure my image of myself, so in order to put it down, I want to talk about the most serious. About how I keep the woman in me in the most vulnerable.

Sára Forgács-Fábián

CEO, nonprofit management expert
Sára is the founder of the Amigos for Children Foundation, a Hungarian pioneer of social startups, and one of the young talents on the Forbes 30/30 list. She created Amigos with 10 members, which has now grown into a nationwide organization of more than 150 people. In recent years, the lives of more than 1,000 sick children have been made easier, they have been cheered up through language learning, play and friendship. Under the leadership of Amigos, she researches nonprofit organizational growth during her PhD studies and teaches Social Startup Management at Corvinus University in Budapest.

Szilárd Balanyi

Piano player, song writer
Music has played a key role in his life since he was a child. At the age of six, he began his musical studies on the violin he received from his father, and then discovered the piano for himself. He joined the Quimby band at the age of twenty. He has been actively contributing to the creative activity of the band ever since: his instrumental ideas are as essential a part of the Quimby big picture as his other added value to the band, his managerial activity, his knowledge of studio technique, music editing, precision, goodwill and optimism. He graduated from the University of Szeged with a degree in communication and became an active member of the Hungarian music scene. He played guest music and vocals in many formations.

Tom Kürti

second generation entrepreneur, business strategist
Second generation entrepreneur, head of the KÜRT Academy, owner. Leads senior management and strategic programs with a focus on agility and digitization. His focus is on the collaboration between human nature and technological efficiency. He previously headed the research and development business of KÜRT Information Security and Data Management Ltd., before that he worked as the strategic manager of Part of his social responsibility was the renewal of the management of the KÜRT Foundation Grammar School and the establishment of the Association for Responsible Family Enterprises in Hungary in 2009, of which he has been a member of the board. In recognition of his achievements, he was elected to lead the Family Business Network International Next Generation in 2010 and then to the presidency of the European Family Businesses Association in 2011. He has been running owner-manager exchange programs in all three organizations ever since.

Vera Mérő

advocate, communication specialist, media designer
I'm Vera Metera, a lawyer, communication specialist, media designer, Founder of the You can't do it, you can do it against it foundation. I’ve tried myself in a relatively large number of things, but my main driving force, in fashionable words today, my drive has always been the same: the search for some sort of external and internal truth. It keeps you moving. Because, if love is not counted, there is no ultimate truth for the mortal, but all of it is there, it is the lego whose elements never run out. "

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Budapest, Hungary
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