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Theme: Learning to Interrupt

This event occurred on
March 5, 2021
Yerevan, Erevan

We’re delighted to announce the TEDxYerevanWomen event: a news as fabulous as this year’s theme - “Learning to Interrupt.” This year’s event is even more prominent in that it is not only the first TEDxYerevanWomen event, but also our very first virtual one!

As young girls, at home we’re taught to “hold back our opinions,” in the street - it’s “keep quiet not to get in trouble,” in school - “raise a hand to speak up.“

Be respectful. Be polite. Listen. Do not interfere.

We grow into young women, with interesting careers and multiple opportunities, but in our hearts we often continue to keep our opinions to ourselves and stay quiet when we are thinking of speaking out, letting others speak first.

So if you have ever felt like you could be shouting and still no one would hear you, if you ever wished you had grabbed the opportunity to speak out, learning to interrupt is for you.

Armenia does not lack women willing to take action when necessary. But as the events of 2020 have shown, the world as we know it is always changing and this makes it even more imperative that these voices are heard in these challenging times.

About “Learning to Interrupt”: The theme of the TEDxYerevanWomen event is inspired by NDI Chairwoman Secretary Madeleine K. Albright, who has spoken about her experience in the male-dominated world of politics and international affairs. She has explained that, as the only woman on the UN Security Council in 1993, she quickly realized that it was necessary to interrupt or else she would not be heard. Building on this idea, a number of talented women from across Armenia came together to spread the idea of "learning to interrupt" and doing so in a strong voice in whatever field they are in.

And now, TEDxYerevanWomen cordially invites you to meet some of them to hear about how women can and are paving the way to interrupt in Armenia on March 5, 2021.

Until then you can read about our amazing speakers below.

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Araksi Khoylunts

MP Assistant at the National Assembly of Armenia
Araksi Khoylunts has such a keen interest in politics that it is not surprising that after obtaining her bachelor's degree in International Relations and while still working towards her Master’s degree, she is now working at the National Assembly, as an MP assistant. As she hopes to further her career in politics, she welcomes ongoing self-development through informal learning opportunities such as the KATARINE Women's Political Leadership Program, School of Strategy for Young Political Leaders, and Bright Armenia’s Liberal Political School. Araksi wants to get more involved in politics, to motivate other women and show that they can break stereotypes and succeed in politics through patience and following their ideas and principles.

Arpine Poghosyan

Founding Director of Healthy Project Company
Arpine Poghosyan is the founding director of Healthy Project Company and the website. Arpine began her professional career at the age of 12, first as a correspondent for a children's newspaper, then a radio presenter. She has obtained a Masters degree in journalism and has authored and directed a number of health television programs, specializing in health promotion and anti-aging skin care. Since 2005 Arpine has also been actively involved in reproductive and maternal health, most notably in identifying conservation issues and raising public awareness on the topic. She has also authored the “100 Living Pillows” initiative dedicated to the 100th commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, which was recognized as one the 24 unique and extraordinary ways of commemorating the Armenian Genocide in the world. Arpine's goal is to create a culture of living healthy through her platform and help improve people's lifestyles and quality of life.

Irina Hovhannisyan

Head of the Forestry Department of Chambarak
An active public figure from Chambarak, Irina Hovhannisyan was recently appointed as the first woman head of the forestry department of her community, where she hopes to implement positive reforms. Previously, she initiated the Sustainable Development Initiative “Astghatsolk” NGO, advocating for the interests of children and women. Irina organizes and coordinates human rights campaigns, innovative community service models, community awareness raising and legislative reforms. She has also initiated and launched an innovative mobile kindergarten system in rural communities of Armenia, allowing for the personnel to move to another community after completing a round of the educational program in one community. Irina also founded the Clay House social enterprise, employing local women, and is known for her “I see” data visualization bureau, aimed at providing a clear and vivid presentation of key issues and data. Currently Irina is part of the Citizen’s Decisions political party.

Manush Hovnanyan

President and Founder of “Contribution to Women and Children” NGO and School Teacher
The president and founder of “Contribution to Women and Children” NGO (established in 2004), and a teacher in one of the schools of Dilijan, Manush Hovnanyan believes there are currently more opportunities in Armenia to enter politics, given that there are many women already in the field who are blazing a trail for others. In particular, Manush is interested in enabling the democratization process in Armenia, and as a politically experienced individual, who empowers young women in her region, she wants to be more engaged in political processes. Most events she organizes are dedicated to the empowerment of young women, their active involvement in politics, as well as to raising awareness about local environmental issues. Manush is also a proud member of the KATARINE Women’s Political Leadership program, where she actively participates and shares her concerns on various issues particularly related to women’s participation and eco-education.

Mari Tevosyan

Executive Director of “Eco Youth” NGO and Advisor to the Mayor of Tatev Community
An advisor to the Mayor of Tatev Community, and the Executive Director of Eco-Youth NGO, Mari Tevosyan volunteered at the Goris Press Club and worked as a group-leader in the Armat Engineering Laboratory of Shinuhayr Secondary School. She is passionate about women’s empowerment programs and is currently completing the KATARINE Women's Political Leadership Program in Armenia aimed at preparing women for future leadership positions. Mari wants to show that women are a force to be reckoned with, and should be equally involved in all political processes. As a young female leader, Mari has faced discrimination and is familiar with the challenges women from the regions face (both from society and their families). Being 23 years old and from a very conservative region, she is proud of her accomplishments and the challenges she has overcome in her career to date. Most importantly, Mari is determined to remain in and help her community of Tatev.

Mijerita Khachatryan

Co-founder and Chair at “LYUPIN” NGO
Having obtained her Bachelor’s degree in YSU Faculty of International Relations, Mijerita Khachatryan had completed her Master's degree at YSU Faculty of Law, Department of International and European Law. She combined education with community service by volunteering in her community. Having led the Aragatsotn Infotun program aimed at educating active citizens, promoting equality, and developing participatory management culture in the region and having worked at WorldVision previously, Mijerita co-founded “LYUPIN” NGO, which she currently chairs. Her previous work experience has revealed that many women in her region are not politically engaged. As a supporter of gender equality, who wants to develop not only her community but also her country, Mijerita is determined to share her experience, knowledge and skills to empower women, protect their rights and maximize their political participation in general.

Siranush Asatryan

Founder at Women and Children’s Advocacy Revolution NGO and YSU Student
As a student at the YSU Faculty of International Relations, and someone with an extensive volunteering experience (Pro Artsakh Forum, Aurora Prize Award and Seventeenth Francophonie Summit Volunteer, member of administrational board in Student Union (ARF), “Student's Voice” NGO, Student Council member, founder at Women and Children’s advocacy Revolution NGO) Siranush Asatryan says that women's empowerment is often underestimated in politics, leadership, and other areas of social and economic life. As such, Siranush wishes to contribute to the enhancement of the political role of women in Armenia by ensuring that women’s voices are heard and considered. She is determined to motivate other women to get involved in politics and believes that it is important that women become part of conflict-resolving situations, since women are reserved, make reasonable choices and are more likely to seek solutions through discussion and compromise.

Yana Mantasheva

Co-founder of Citizen’s Decision Social-Democratic Party
An employee at the “Focus” Art NGO, the winner of PCSC (Prague Civil Society Centre) grant, and an active fighter for educational reforms and women’s rights issues, Yana Mantasheva has been a political and civic activist in Armenia since 2010. As a co-founder and active member of Citizen’s Decision Social-Democratic Party, as well as a member of her party’s membership commission, Yana participated in the snap elections for the National Assembly, as well as in the elections of the local council. Yana is planning to stand as a candidate in future elections. To this end, she believes that in order to succeed, it is important to focus on early preparation, acquisition of political knowledge and new skills, and establishing links with other politicians.

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