x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Enkindle

This event occurred on
June 13, 2021
10:00am - 1:00pm IST
(UTC +5.5hrs)
Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu

By the youth, for the youth and of the youth! This would be the underlying motto of TEDx youth@RJM as a grand and imposing TEDx event. It’s planned with the intention of exposing the young and little organizers of the program to event management. Immeasurably beyond the performance on the stage is the might of the effort behind the screen and this TEDx event is to guarantee this learning to our students of RJ Mantra English School. To host the first ever TEDx event at Virudhunagar, the finest troopers have pulled up their sleeves. The event creeps over the theme, ENKINDLE and we are certain to proffer immaculate education in the fields of social services, science, technology, entertainment and the list never ends.

ENVISION the undone; ENABLE the unimaginable; ENDORSE the unbeatable

ENKINDLE yourself to be a part of the best talk show of the town.Walk into the first TEDx event to be hosted in Virudhunagar. The little masters are ready with their big smiles. Welcome!

Chinnavallikulam Road
Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu, 626001
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Youth (What is this?)
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Amritha B.P

Student of RJM
A voracious reader cultivates a lifelong self learning process .B.P.Amritha is such a girl who has the greatest gift in life-the passion for reading. She has found the nuances of exploring the recesses of the soul & loves to gain knowledge of the world & experiences of a wide range. She is a Grade 7 student in RJ Mantra English School, Virudhunagar. She has taken forth her reading skills to diverge into an exemplary genre. She has also tried her hand in writing short stories.She has also enthralled a many by her vibrant speeches. She has the insight to find the spark of life that darkness has hidden within it. When the whole world had gone topsy-turvy and when each of us was trying to strengthen the warrior in us during the pandemic, Amritha had learnt that painful moments can teach us lessons that we didn’t think we needed to know.

Dr. Buddhima Hansinie Subasinghe

Head Student Life & Engagement at NIBM
Dr. Buddhima Hansinie Subasinghe is an academic, researcher, a journalist and a scholar. The youngest PhD holder of South Asia who graduated at 24 yrs of age from the University of Peradeniya in the field of Cyber Security, Computer Science. She holds 10 years of experience in her academic career & also a decade in media as a presenter of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Cooperation. She is the former Head Computer Science at the School of Computing of ( NIBM) & currently serves as Head Student Life & Engagement at the National Institute of Business Management. She was the Toastmasters International (USA) Leadership and Training Institute Chair, District 82, Sri Lanka (2017-2018). Currently she serves as the Area Director of Area G5, Toastmasters International, District 82. She was Internationally recognized at the Top 50 Women Awards 2018 for her Leadership Excellence in Information Technology. She was also awarded the Youngest Chartered Professional Fellow Manager at CIPM Awards Ceremony 2019.

Natarajan P

Accepting that we are the cause and the solution for things happening around us, is the most matured version of a human being.” Mixed waste disposal behaviour” is a common problem for this entire planet. Not just the planet, but the outer space is also clueless to dispose the space junks. When people around him took excuses, blamed the government, he was the only person to find solution for that problem. When Chennai City’s per day garbage guttered up to 5000 tons Mr. Natarajan formulated a foundation called NAMMA OORU with like-minded people who wished to offer support to citizens about segregation and composting. The Social Entrepreneur from US who flew down to Chennai with a mission of transforming communities have got the formula “Earth Ethics - Role of Youth "which is worth listening to.

Shyamraj A

Founder and Trainer Head of Beehive Communication Club
“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” is what we are often fuelled with right from our childhood. What happens when we are subject to such lessons is, our psychology pushes us to underperform experiencing anxiety. It also stops the human brain from unleashing the fullest potential says Mr.Shyamraj-the training head of Beehive Communication Club. His research with contestants, interviewees and students simply says words have a lot of power in moulding the psychology.So,the quotations like “Failure is the stepping stone to success” “Fall down 7 times. Stand up 8” “Never give up” Have encouraging effect rather than the quote like” the first impression is the best impression”. This idea to increase the winning ratio and to subtle away the fear and anxiety, have lots of reasons to be featured in the TEDx show.

Viswa S

Alumnus of RJM
If we surrender to the Nature’s intelligence, preserve & cherish her , we can come out of the tangles that we ourselves have woven around us. We have to untangle the entangled notions and get the key to our aesthetic, intellectual and cognitive satisfaction. S.Viswa, an alumnus of RJ Mantra English School, Virudhunagar has the thirst to have a good rapport with Nature. His areas of interests are Conservation of Nature, Biology, Philosophy & Pyshcology. He aspires to become one of the proudest Indians by achieving something substantial in Bio Technology. When living for others is the rule of Nature, then why does man try to exploit her? Only the person who finds rapture in every aspect of Nature will be able to find a solution to this problem. Never doubt a thoughtful & committed youngster. Viswa’s ideas will surely open the doors to man’s harmonious relationship with Mother Nature. We have to lend our ears to these powerful ideas which will ease the process of our rejuvenation.

Organizing team


Virudhunagar, India