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Theme: Ripples... It starts with a drop

This event occurred on
May 20, 2021
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Welcome to the first-ever TEDx Holy Trinity School event, taking place on May 20th at Richmond Hill, Canada. The theme will be centring around the concept of “Ripples”. As we currently undergo one of the most unprecedented times in human history, it is crucial for us to explore the significance of impact and changes happening around our current society today. We want to take this opportunity to provide our speakers with a platform for them to share their ideas and thoughts with the audience.

In this event, you will have the opportunity to hear from our 8 amazing speakers from all around the school, including club members, students, and teachers. From topics like racial justice, education, to ideas like perfectionism and public speaking, this event is truly an opportunity for everyone to learn as there will be a topic for everyone. We cannot wait to see everyone there!

Holy Trinity School
11300 Bayview Ave, Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1L4
Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4S 1L4
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Youth (What is this?)
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Daniel Kaichis

Hi, my name is Daniel and I am in grade 12 at HTS. As a diligent student, my interests include both computer science and business, however, I also love to play various sports. Having experience in both DECA and Model UN, I have been drawn to public speaking, and this motivated me to join the TEDed club. Working towards mastering this essential skill, I am excited to be participating in the April TEDed event.

Esha Dewan

Hey everyone, my name is Esha and I am one of the April event speakers here at TED ED! I am a ninth grade student here at Holy Trinity School. I enjoy public speaking which is why I ultimately joined this club. Some of my hobbies include: tennis, golf and volleyball.

Jody Butler

Hello, my name is Jody Butler and I’m an English and Drama teacher at Holy Trinity School. As we grapple with the grief that comes with living during a pandemic, my hope is to offer you a guide as to how we can reframe grief by replacing it with gratitude; a lesson I learned from my Mom. From a South African safari to the cancer ward of small town Ontario, please join me on this journey of self discovery, acceptance, and the chance to learn how we can grow through grief and come out stronger.

Joseph Spadafina

Hello everyone! My name is Joseph, and I have been at HTS since grade 9. Public speaking for me has been a complicated journey with many twists and turns. But all the experiences, good and bad have made me into the public speaker I am today, and have given me the skills to be able to teach members of the HTS TedED club. The topic I am going to speak about in this event is Teen perfectionism. I believe that this is such a prevalent topic in today’s world where the pressure on a teen is so heavy. I hope you all come out and listen to what I have to say. Who knows? Maybe it will change your life!

Max Hu

Hey guys, my name is Max and I'm a grade 11 HTS student! If you know me, you probably know that I love public speaking. However, my relationship with public speaking was not always sunshine and rainbows. When I was in grade 4, I had the worst stutter on the planet. “Mmmy N-Name I-Is Max and My P-p-product is the sundial.” My hands were sweating, and my legs were shaking. It was petrifying. I am certain that everyone has been in a situation where you also felt anxious on stage. In my talk, I bring a fresh take on tackling the common fear of public speaking.

Nikhil Trehan

Nikhil has been passionate about social justice from a young age. At 12, he began volunteering within his community, seeking out opportunities to make a meaningful impact. He volunteered at Nursing Homes, Canadian Citizenship Ceremonies, and various Conferences. At school, he leads the Feminism for Change Club and is one of the student representatives in the Mental Health Committee. His talk, which surrounds the dilemmas within the education system, encompasses his journey within it as well as his passion for social justice and equity. He is an avid speaker and is excited to share his thoughts with all of you!

Riyana Khanna

Hi! My name is Riyana and I am one of your May TedEd speakers. I have a passion for filmmaking (my DREAM job is to be a talk show host :) ). I also just love talking to people, so that is what I based my Ted Talk on. I will be having a conversation with you, about how to have a tough conversation. It could be about topics like school, relationships, or social justice. I am also learning how to drive, so I will be using a driving analogy to help! I hope you all can join me, and the rest of the May speakers at the event!

Ryan Kaichis

Hi everybody! My name is Ryan and I am a grade 12 student HTS. I have always been a very outgoing and talkative individual, but have never been completely comfortable with public speaking. When I heard about the new HTS TedEd club, I knew this was the perfect way for me to improve these skills while pushing myself out of my comfort zone. My Ted talk is about the power of positivity and how to use simple tricks to develop a more positive mindset. Having recovered from multiple concussions in the past, I understand how crucial your mindset can be and I am excited to share my advice with you!

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Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
  • Angela Jin
  • Celia Siriopoulos
  • Helen Pereira-Raso
  • Joseph Spadafina
  • Oscar Song
  • Safah Salyani
  • Scott Su
  • Summer Xu
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