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Theme: Agency, Resilience, and Persistence

This event occurred on
April 30, 2021
La Jolla, California
United States

In November 2019, our school held its annual event, "Citizenship Week." During this week, we had a workshop called the Human Library; if you were free and wanted to learn more about the people in our community, you could stop by several booths to learn more. This event inspired me to create a platform for students, teachers, faculty, and staff to share their ideas and experiences, this how TEDxLaJollaCountryDaySchool was born. Our events theme, "Agency, Resilience, and Persistence" mimics the theme of the 2020 Citizenship Week.

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La Jolla Country Day School
9490 Genesee Ave
La Jolla, California, 92037
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Carson Walker

Sports... Games... Competitions... Contests... Pastimes... Whatever you want to call them, they all describe the same thing; sport. There are so many different sports in the world that it would be impossible to name them all one-by-one. One cannot deny that they love to watch a sport... But, what’s not looked at on the surface is the effect that sport has on the world. From being an outlet from poverty to just being a pastime, sports will have different effects on different communities.

Daniel Pons

The talk outlines how modern architecture negatively impacts its users both psychologically and physically, from the poor circulation that results from typical design choices to the literal fear it gives its inhabitants. The talk will go over the origins of modern architecture, then exploring how it has affected users today, and finally solutions will be proposed by exhibiting those who have broken out of the modern architecture mold.

Deborah Shaul

In this talk I will address the limits of textbooks in a student-centered environment and the benefits/consequences of our decision to get rid of the US History textbook in our Humanities department.

Maya Krishnan

The Ted Talk is about how unpredictable our life is and how adversities can strike us at any time. Thinking positively through the crisis and working our way to take control of the situation and regain the pre-crisis status is psychological resilience and the power of psychological resilience is my topic for the Ted Talk. I will present a brief story of my personal experience and the coping strategies which worked well for me.

Quoc Vo

I wanted to share my experience of surviving a traumatic cycling accident last year. I was struck by a truck while riding my bicycle and I wanted to share my journey to recovery. My injuries were quite severe, 14 broken ribs, broken sternum, broken arm and 4 broken vertebrae. I think that my approach to the whole ordeal is worth sharing as it is an example of 'Agency, Resilience and Persistence' .

Renna Wolfe

There has been a rapidly growing interest among the scientific community and the general public in the field of mind-body medicine. A large body of research has revealed the neural substrates and physiological connections between stress, emotions, and health (both physical and mental). Scientists have uncovered in fascinating detail the neurophysiology that safeguards us against stress by boosting resilience. Unfortunately, there is a major gap between what scientists have discovered in this area and how much of that information reaches the public. Most of us are confronted with unprecedented levels of stress in our daily lives, particularly since March of 2020. With a clearer understanding of how we can enhance our resilience using our own neurophysiology, we can generate a significant positive impact on our health and wellbeing.

Scott Sanders

In this talk I will discuss how running and other physical activities both display and promote agency, resilience, and persistence. I will discuss some of the lessons of running I have learned over the years and those that I try to impart as a cross country coach. Lastly, I will discuss the benefits of running during a pandemic.

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