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Theme: Painting Paths

This event occurred on
March 13, 2021
Gaza, Gaza

This year we invite dreamers, thinkers, and doers to join us in the conversation about Painting Paths. Painting Paths is a process or belief which aids us to explore where we are heading as individuals. We intend to provide a provocative setting that helps build new paths to lead to progress and take participants to the next level of thought and action. This is also to understand how many extraordinary people in the past have helped paint paths into different fields at different levels, creating our present. The ideas and talks will help us answer questions or form new ones that will lead us to new Paths on personal, social, academic, and several professional levels.

Gaza, Gaza, 00000
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Dalia Younis

Head of the Monitoring and Evaluation Department at MAAN
I am Dalia Ahmed Younes, and as part of my introduction, I like for my name to be written like this. I am thirty-three. I finished my Bachelor’s studies with a major in Applied Science and Educational Technology. After that, I earned my Diploma in Management of Civil Society Organizations, which was my gateway to self-realization. I also finished my Master's degree in Development Economics. I have been the head of the monitoring and evaluation department in MAAN development center since 2012. I have my own story with life; it started with a difficult childhood that lacked stability with shocking news that nearly destroyed me. However, one decision pulled me out of the chasm of lack of awareness. It helped me overcome the trauma and all the effects of childhood until I became a loving and successful person. This conscious decision is the focus of my speech on the TEDxRemal platform, as I believe in its importance.

Hazem Abdelal

Territory Manager at Sanad for Trading and Marketing, Gaza
I am 43 years old through which I lived my journey of struggle. I relied on my ideas that I strongly believed in until I was able to knock on the long-awaited door of success with fierce determination. As each path has its own pitfalls, life challenged me and made me a better person. Life experiences shaped me from an early age as I had to undertake the roles of a mother, a father and a mastermind. After delving into various careers and projects up to the position of a director at a construction company, my experiences in money, finances, management and planning were formed until highly enhanced. TEDxRemal serves as a platform to share some of these experiences.

Heba Al-Agha

Trainer in Creative Writing at A.M. Qattan Foundation.
In-between my 34 years, I always find myself stuck in the first moments and beginnings of anything, where every detail begins to take shape. Born one year before the "Intifada", I took the order of the 8th child among ten siblings. After high school, I earned a scholarship to pursue a degree at the University of Sharjah where I studied Arabic Language and Literature out of love and passion. My passion for storytelling started when I became a mother as I was used to reading stories to my children.This inspired me to work as a trainer in creative writing and children’s literature at A.M Qattan Foundation since 2011. I shaped an idea about the significance and the far-reaching impact of mindful conversation and positive narration. I stand here today to present this very concept through my own rich experiences.

Khaleel Al-Frangi

Operation Manager at Careem, Palestine.
I am 39 years old and a Political Science and Diplomatic studies graduate. From an employee in different fields to the founder of the first delivery company, I now work as an operation manager for Careem, Palestine. I experienced various paths and both sides of wins and losses. What helped me go through everything is what I perceive as an essential asset - the characteristics of the Mukhtar. So, what are these characteristics? And how can we apply them in our lives?

Mrim Khader

Motion Graphic Designer
I am 28 years old, a little wanderer with a strong faith in God, a restless heart and a curious mind. I try to live as a minimalist and light-heartedly. I paint because I want to believe in my inner worlds, fascinated by the world of cartoons and animation. Sound is my secret key to pass through things and hearts. I ask myself, If I wasn’t myself - Maryam - what else would I possibly be? I am Full of imperfections and I don’t strive for perfection, but I always repeat, “I love who I am.” Born in Mecca, I lived my life moving around different cities and places, so there was a first time, every time! As I moved to Gaza, I embarked on a new adventure where I discovered the narrative and the meaning of emotions. I acknowledged that I was carrying a heavy feeling I wasn’t aware of for a long time. Later, I realized that the journey within the self surpasses traveling to and from places. One question never changed, though: where do I truly belong?

Nael Qtati

Healthcare Data Scientist
I am 30 years old, a doctor and pursued my Master’s in Digital Marketing at the Loughborough University - London and another Master’s degree in Healthcare Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence at Imperial College London. My skills range from medicine, marketing, entrepreneurship, data analysis and artificial intelligence. I trained more than 300 graduates in the Gaza Strip on freelancing skills and digital marketing. I also have experiences specialized in improving and marketing for start-ups until they reach the end of the ladder of a total monthly sales of 1 Million USD. Reading this introduction, at first glance, you will feel that Nael is distracted and unaware of his future! And this is precisely what I'm going to talk about, my experience as a versatile person in the midst of career stereotyping, and the intersection of science and opportunities that exist within these intersections.

Shimaa Al-Rantisi

Translator at Gaza Center for Human Rights
I am an English Literature Graduate and I work for a human rights organization, believing that my work choice will serve as a platform to advocate for my cause. I spent six years of my 24 years living the story that I stand here for today. Every one of us must have a particular cause, and I chose human freedom to be my own cause. I chose liberation for a reason, and that reason was my brother Mohamed. His ambition and search for better opportunities was the cause of his forced disappearance where his dreams handcuffed his freedom. This sacred human right has become my life endeavor.

Waleed Agha

Freed Palestinian Prisoner - Lecturer at Isra University
I am 42 years of age, originally from Yafa, and born in Gaza. My academic journey also varied: Diploma in Social Work, Bachelor in History, Chemistry, Psychology, Political Science and International Relations, Master’s in Sustainable Development and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Management. I founded a project named “Our Vision for Creative Education,” of which 7,000 students have graduated. Prison had a fair share of my life experiences taking up exactly 13 years of my life. The system was built to hold my mind and psyche captive, yet I triumphed over these horrors as I viewed prison to be an illuminator of my own mind. I then seized this moment of awareness that came to being when I decided that my life goal should be fulfilled. Hence, I raise the question of what one’s purpose is and how far can our purposes reach?

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