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Theme: Gray Matter

This event occurred on
August 15, 2020
5:00pm - 7:30pm IST
(UTC +5.5hrs)
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Gray Matter is brain tissue that plays a key role in information processing and influences sensory perception like memory, speech, and decision making, providing us with the capabilities we require to go forth into the world and seek real knowledge of life amidst all it's perils. Gray also represents the border between the known and the unexplored, right and wrong, and black and white.
Often, progress as a society can occur due to our innate desire to explore the frontiers of knowledge and understanding.
'Gray Matter' is the theme of TEDxSFIT this year, stimulating our brains with informed discourse through talks from a diverse array of topics, we aim this year to think better and understand more.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400103
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Aanchal Narang

Counseling Psychologist and Founder, Another Light Counseling
Aanchal Narang is a counseling psychologist and founder of Another light Counselling which specializes with trauma, addiction, gender, and sexuality. She has also been a trainer at Queer affirmative counseling practices. She also works with multiple NGOs for intervention planning & raising funds. Aanchal will speak on the topic of restorative justice system and mental health and how people who are the most affected by the "crime"are able to participate in the repair attempts and participate in a resolution.

Aman Johri

Entrepreneur in the field of Aerospace and Defense
Aman Johri is a 26 year-old Entrepreneur in the field of Aerospace & Defense. His organization is into developing next generation weapons technology & artificial intelligence for the Indian Armed Forces. Aman has undertaken several indigenization and technology upgradation projects for the aviation wings of the Indian defense forces.As the youngest lifetime member of the prestigious Rotary Wing Society of India, Aman today works with the highest levels of Government to impact nation-building processes in the country and serve its interests abroad. Each one of us wants to strip the unknown of its surprises; we seek, quite understandably, to know the future. Aman Johri will take us on one such journey, giving us glimpses into the current and subsequent state of defence and war in our nation.

Jinal Shah

Content Strategist, Unilever
Jinal Shah is an On-Demand Marketer and Serial Ideator. She had an extensive and enjoyable stint at the Godrej Group and the privilege of working on interesting brands like ICICI Bank, Kotak Bank, Rustomjee, among others. She is currently consulting with the master marketer Unilever. Her obsession with new ideas and new ways of marketing has resulted in 400 unusual marketing ideas across 20 industries on her website ifiweremarketing.com. Most of us have greeted the news of Covid-19 with deep despair. The future after the pandemic looks dark and grey to us. But what if we were told that, it's infact, quite positive and filled with possibilities? This is counter- intuitive, but a real possibility, brought to you by Jinal in her talk about 'The New Normal'. She will market 'hope for the future.

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Mumbai, India
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