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Theme: Rebuild to Thrive

This event occurred on
April 28, 2021
Lausanne, Vaud (fr)

Pandemic, Climate change, the loss of loved ones, or a career that is no longer satisfying; at some point in our live, we all need to take a step back to reconsider our purposes, our activities, and our goals. From starting a new venture to discussing the future of space exploration, our speakers will embark you on a journey to how we can all rebuild to thrive, as a personal quest for happiness or as a collective endeavour for greatness.

Forum Rolex
Route Cantonale
Lausanne, Vaud (fr), 1015
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Anton Zeller

Student entrepreneur
Founder of AZNA, Anton is an entrepreneur who decided to embrace the Swiss mindset as his way to success

Claude Nicollier

Professor of Space Innovation and Former Astronaut
Claude is the first Swiss ever to set foot at more than 600 kilometers above sea-level: on two missions to service the Hubble Telescope.

Corentin Fivet

Professor of Architecture at EPFL
Corentin is an architecture passionate, his research at the Structural Exploration Lab aims at re-imagining building construction in a sustainable way.

Gregor Hasler

Psychiatry Professor
Gregor is a professor of psychiatry at the University of Fribourg, where he specializes in depression, an ever rising subject in this pandemic-hit world.

Jane Royston

Entrepreneur, board member of various large companies and business coach
Firmly believing in "doing well by doing good", Jane has followed her moral compass in the business world, she has been elected Veuve Clicquot's Business Woman of the Year in 1994

Marcel Hug

Paralympian athlete
Marcel Hug, nicknamed "The silver bullet", is a Swiss paralympian athlete who has in more than one occasion proved his skills by picking up the gold medal at the Paralympic Games.

Paul Habert

EPFL student
Paul is a student at EPFL who was inspired by the book "1984" by George Orwell. He shares with us this inspiration for a new economic structure that promotes sustainability.

Simon Prêcheur-Llarena

EPFL student
Simon is an EPFL student who loves music, and he shares with us a unique piece of music he composed with the Kepler scales: creative notes inspired by the movement of the Planets in our solar system.

Suzanne De Treville

Professor of Operations Management
Suzanne is a professor at the University of Lausanne, where she teaches supply chain optimization and innovation, an area that has been heavily disturbed by the covid-19 pandemic.

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