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Theme: The Unusual

This event occurred on
November 8, 2020
Hanoi, Ha Noi

There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed the world we live in today, but humanity has experienced many unprecedented challenges before.

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Wow, this is odd”? But why do we always feel like we are against the odds? We believe there is a way that’s not so common but can make significant changes.

So let’s have a seat, and indulge ourselves in an unconventional journey to explore the youth, science and this interconnected universe we all live in. Another series of pieces of talks and performances will allow us to unveil the future, reflect on the past and find the answers in a quest to find our true selves, and ultimately make a better world.

24 Trang Tien
Hanoi, Ha Noi, 10
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Youth (What is this?)
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Anh Ho Quoc

Quoc Anh, a student from British Vietnamese International School Hanoi, is an aspiring artist. As an artist, he believes in freedom of expression and highly regards his role as an artist is to inspire and provoke people’s thoughts through his artworks. His inspirations when it comes to art are street artists such as Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Jamie Reid. Their grittiness and provocations whether subtle or in your face has pushed his artistry further and made him the artist that he is today through his use of mixed media and other unconventional executions. His current project, the art exhibition titled ‘Being An Artist’ seeks to explore the idea that artists are here to reflect life through the lens of passionate student artists like him. Quoc Anh is an outspoken individual and he’s not going to be shy from anything. That’s why he’s very excited to speak at TEDxYouth@Hanoi to tell his own story.

Cameron Harrell & Sergii Molchanov

Sergi and Cameron is a group of musicians who perform an improvised duo composition using bass guitar and a native Aboriginal/Australian instrument called a didgeridoo. The music itself I would describe as neo-tribal and meditative.

Chau Nguyen Bao

Film maker
Nguyen Bao Chau is the founder and director of LumiQueer, a non-profit organization based in Hanoi with aims to develop of Queer cinema in Vietnam and to encourage personal stories told through filming, writing or painting or any other forms of art. Therefore, it will help to raise Queer awareness of people and contribute to building a free, equal and diversity-respectful country. LumiQueer, founded 3 years ago (in 2017), is initially known as Hanoi International Queer Film Week. It is the first and only Queer Film Festival to be held legally in Vietnam. As well, it is a member of the Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance (APQFFA). Chau has been working as an LGBT activist for the last 4 years, since 2016. His attempts and works focus mostly on community development, gender identities, and reducing gender-based/ sexual orientation discrimination and violence.

Elizabeth Keyton

English teacher
As a teacher and learner of languages, Eliza has spent many years working with different communities and learning from the various cultures she engaged with throughout her experiences. After meeting her husband from the south Indian state of Kerala, her attempt to learn Malayalam exposed a massive lack in resources and educational materials for not only Malayalam, but many of the hundreds of living languages across the subcontinent. When her efforts to create approachable teaching materials gained traction and appreciation, it led to the realization that the narrative of communities has the power to be rewritten through social media.

Kien Trinh Trung

Song writer
Beginning his music journey in 2015, Trinh Trung Kien is a young solo indie artist based in Hanoi. Although his name goes the most with the title “singer-songwriter”, he also crafts the graphic for his own videos and posters. Kien’s creation is inspired by every aspect of life, from the smallest movement to the most complex sentiment. He calls himself an observer, he observes to see, to hear, to feel and to find new stories to tell, which later on through his filter of simplicity and humour will be transformed to the melodies of positivity. His songs such as “Tập thể dục (Do exercise)”, “Quả tim màu lửa”, “Con giời” etc. are warmly received by Vietnamese audience, especially young people. He is also being known as the composer of V-Pop singer Chi Pu’s hot hit “Cung đàn vỡ đôi”.

Linh Luong Thuy

Miss Vietnam 2019
Luong Thuy Linh is a beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss World Vietnam 2019. She represented Vietnam at Miss world 2019 and was placed in Top 10 Beauty with a purpose, Top 10 Top model, and Top 12 finalist. She is currently a student at Foreign Trade University, majored in International Business. She is climbing the career ladder, becoming the Project development director of a real estate group.

Phuc Nguyen Hong

Tetris Player
Normal student by day, Tetris master by night, Phuc has defeated many strong opponents to become the reigning champion of the Esport 247 Vietnam Tetris Tournament 2020. After experiencing Tetris for some time, his brain began to recognize patterns better. It started out with Tetris, but soon, pattern recognition skill translated into his real life. Notably, he has utilized this skill to master the guitar and run the FTU Guitar Club as the 2018 vice president. Coming to TEDxHanoi, Phuc wants to share how a simple puzzle game can assist you in real-life problem-solving.

Quynh Trinh Diem

Diem Quynh Trinh (Miranda), a junior rising senior at The Olympia Schools of Hanoi, is a debater, adjudicator and public speaker. Having to work in the field of debate for the past 4 years, Diem Quynh started to explore the studies of different global affairs: human rights, culture preservation and gender inequality. In addition to her interests, Diem Quynh wants to share her knowledge and ideas with the world through the event TEDx Youth Hanoi 2020.

Thuan Sarzynski

Thuan is an enthusiastic and curious scientist who loves to share about his work. Since 2016, Thuan started a blog to talk about environmental issues and science. He is a storyteller who has had published 300 articles and has 1000 followers. Some of the most viewed articles include “Bring Back the Trees on Agricultural Fields!”, “Hot and Indigestible Carbon Dioxide” and “Ecosystem restoration, reviving hope.” Thuan has a master degree in ecology and is now pursuing is PhD in tropical agriculture in France and Vietnam. He can talk with coffee trees and know whether they are happy or not. In his research project, he studies the coffee trees in the northwest of Vietnam. Thuan is 24 year-old earthling who dreams of a world where human beings will live in harmony with nature and conserve it.

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