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This event occurred on
March 27, 2020
4:00pm - 5:30pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Oslo, Oslo

Where are we now and what awaits us on the on the 'other side' of this crisis?

A TEDx conference devoted to the corona crisis, and we have gathered experts from a wide range of fields in order to shed light on various topics related to the corona pandemic, including perspectives that have perhaps been neglected in the day-to-day media coverage.

Don´t miss the opportunity to learn more about the following topics:

Politics in a post-pandemic world - will corona change the political world order as we know it?
Why going through this crisis will change the way we view childhood
Love in the time of corona – impact on our sexual behavior and why masturbation is important
Health sector and future outbreaks – lessons learned so far
The danger of social inequality to businesses, authorities and society
Music - artists finding new ways to reach out to their audience
Can AI and robots help us through the corona crisis?
Preparedness - why both businesses and private citizens need to plan for different scenarios
How social distancing is impacting our relationships and how we communicate
Happiness and emotional grit – stay strong and creative through challenging times

Oslo, Oslo, 0010
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Christer Mjåset

Neurosurgeon and the Vice President of the Norwegian Medical Association
Christer Mjåset is a neurosurgeon and the Vice President of the Norwegian Medical Association. He is also a published author of five books and an experienced lecturer on different medical topics.

Einar Øverenget

Ph.D in Philosophy, and is partner Academy of Humanities, asst. professor at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
His aim is to make philosophy accessible and relevant for people of different training and careers, and also for people in their private lives – and the objective is to stimulate thinking.

Jim Tørresen

Professor at the University of Oslo where he leads the Robotics and Intelligent Systems research group
He has been involved in artificial intelligence research for more than 25 years and has published more than 150 scientific papers in international journals, books and conference proceedings. Ten tutorials and a number of invited talks have been given at international conferences and universities. He has also been involved in popular science dissemination through talks and writing a general public book in Norwegian about artificial intelligence.

Kjerstin Owren

Anti-bullying ombudsman
Kjerstin Owren is the anti-bullying ombudsman for more than 100,000 children in Oslo municipality. Her academic background and experience includes Teaching, Counselling, Special Education and Educational Leadership. In her presentation, Kjerstin urges us to start applying a more systematic approach to fight bullying and school violence, and to stop individualizing problems in children.

Maria Røsok

Heading of the organization Sex og samfunn, Norways largest clinic for sexual and reproductive health
Maria Røsok is heading the organization Sex og samfunn, Norways largest clinic for sexual and reproductive health. Sex and samfunn treats, councils and teaches about 50 000 youth, nurses and medical doctors every year.

Silvija Seres

Professional and personal nomad with multi-cultural passion for social and cultural changes caused by technology
Silvija is a professional and personal nomad with multi-cultural passion for social and cultural changes caused by technology. She has worked in Oxford on some of the deepest theory of computer science, in Silicon Valley on some of the most practical applications of algorithms, in Oslo and Boston on some of the most profitable software products in the age of information, and now in Stockholm on some of the most regulated institutions of the new finance. She tries to connect the dots, showing how it was exactly her most frustrating minority experiences and her most challenging positive friction that make her, as all other curious and friendly cultural nomads, effective agents of change.

Sven Mollekleiv

Sven Mollekleiv is considered as one of Norway’s most experienced humanitarian voices. The current and longstanding President of the Norwegian Red Cross, Mollekleiv aims to cement the country's’ commitment to providing aid and support to struggling communities both home and abroad as well as ensuring that society’s eyes and ears are kept firmly open so people in need do not go unnoticed.

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Oslo, Norway
  • Petter Nilsen