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Theme: Think now, use it immediately

This event occurred on
September 18, 2020
5:00pm - 9:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Nagykanizsa, Zala

A magyar nyelvű információért látogasd meg hivatalos honlapunkat

Start thinking! NOW! Begin to give yourself and the world around you future what it deserves. Think now, use it immediately; This is the title of the first ever TEDxNagykanizsa event in 2020. It is no coincidence because TEDxTalks and videos and live streams raise such themes. Themes that are thought-provoking affect many people on our planet. Come in, listen and meet people like you. They will leave TEDxNagykanizsa event with many thoughts and not remain without action

Medgyaszay Ház
Sugár u.5.
Nagykanizsa, Zala, 8800
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Standard (What is this?)
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Csapai Gyopár

University professor
Eropébet Gyopár Csapai, an economist and coach, has come a long and broad path in economic life, starting as an accountant and then as a business consultant, rowing between the business and public sectors, from the 'hard' financial-accounting side to the 'soft' human-emotional intelligence side. saddled, embedding his experience from practice in education, spiced with research.

Dr. Lakner Gábor

Dr. Gábor Lakner, environmental engineer, agricultural agricultural engineer, water treatment specialist, who has been involved in the design and construction of many waterworks in Hungary

Kósa Ruben

Artistic director, dancer, choreographer
Dancer, choreographer, artistic director of the Zala Dance Ensemble. Ruben met first with Hungarian folk dance at the age of 9, when his life changed forever. From the youth group of the Zala Dance Ensemble, he became the ensemble's soloist, then artistic assistant. Since 2019 Ruben is responsible for artistic management in this group. During his career, he was also in show with Experidance and with Dezső Fitos (also from Zala county) Ruben studied at ELTE, where he was a member of the Eötvös Collegium. He works tirelessly to stage the Hungarian folk dance treasure that best suits today's spirituality, yet is an authentic folklorist.

Lendvai Kristóf

Film director, student
Kristóf Lendvai a student from Nagykanizsa. Despite his age, he has appeared in numerous domestic and international film festivals with his short films, which he has made with the help of professional staff and actors (adults and young people).

Mándó Milán

Bloger, journalist, entrepreneur
Every month, 130,000 company executives and entrepreneurs read This portal has been operated for 6 years by Mándó MIlan, who contains more than 3000 articles.

Turbuly Lilla

As an adult, I set off after my childhood dreams at the age of 40 and I encourage others not to be afraid to ask themselves: I am at home in my own life.

Varga Vencel

Journalist, slammer, hobby teacher
Vencel is a political science student at ELTE ÁJK. He started to deal with everything what make in action people at a surprisingly young age. As slammer became inevitable in Zala county, He also had a full-fledged self-contained event. In 2020, he started a new project to bring young people together with literature. It is not only a fun lesson, it is a productivity boost for students. The main question is: is the latest generation really not interested in anything or we handle this poorly?

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Nagykanizsa, Hungary