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Theme: Shu-Ha-Ri

This event occurred on
December 17, 2011
5:30pm - 9:30pm JST
(UTC +9hrs)
Tokyo, Tôkyô

The theme is ""Shu-Ha-Ri" three stages of Japanese learning mastery: the fundamentals, breaking with tradition, parting with traditional wisdom.

We invited team members, new members who attended last TEDxKids@Tokyo,
and new TEDx organizers who will have their own TEDx event in other region.
We will think what next TEDxKids@Tokyo will be. This is also to engage TEDxKids community and to build team.

The venue is a temple where Japanese priest family continuing for 500
years have. We will have Japanese food style blind restaurant workshop
"Kurayami Gohan". Participants will be taken away visual sense, and
have a dinner with remaining a sense of smell, taste, haptic and

We will listen to the head of the temple(AOE KAKU) 's talk.
He is one of member of TEDxKids@Tokyo and is a innovator in Buddhism in Japan.
He runs a internet temple ( with other sectarian
young prists, they are crossing sectarian line,
and developed Zen sitting meditation iPhone application "undo".
He is often shown on Japanese media.
He employ a new method such as internet and social media even he is
living in very traditional family continuing for 500 years. He will share his channel your thoughts, values, ideas.

We want participants to realize how much our normal life depends on
visual sense and to understand nature essence by disconnecting visual sense.
From his talk, we want them to learn that we can do a new thing even
from traditional and puritanical culture.

Finally, we will dialog from their own spiritual awakening and point
of view about directional prototype design for next TEDxKids.

1-8-5 Nishi-Asakusa Taitou-ku
Tokyo, Tôkyô
Event type:
Salon (What is this?)
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Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo, Japan