x = independently organized TED event

Theme: "Our Voices Matter"

This event occurred on
November 20, 2020
2:30pm - 4:30pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Erlangen, Bayern

UPDATE: Due to COVID restrictions, a live audience is not possible, however, the event will be streamed live.

TEDxYouth@TFIS is an independent TEDx event, under license from TED. A student-organized event at the Franconian International School in Erlangen, Germany. Students from the Elementary and Middle School will be shedding light on a range of topics they view as important and are passionate about. All speakers will open your mind to new thoughts and ideas as they share their concerns, accomplishments, and perspectives. In the spirit of "Ideas worth spreading," we invite you to mark your calendar and come spend the evening with TEDxYouth@TFIS.

Franconian International School Theatre
Marie-Curie-Straße 2
Erlangen, Bayern, 91052
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Abhiramm Iyer

Abhiraam is an 8th grade students who enjoys technology, politics and more. Nowadays, it can be noticed that there is a lack of young people in politics. It results in a less inclusive environment and leads to less efficient and effective policies. To change this, youth should actively participate in politics. This way of politics would allow the youth to take their future into their own hands.

Abrar Ojair

My name is Abrar Ojair. I’m in Grade 6 and I love science. Why? Science explains almost everything, from, how are atoms made and the why and how of how they work to why the universe might be sextillion time bigger than we think. My hobbies include making paper airplanes, write short stories or investigate in detail aspects of biology and astronomy as they are for me creative bubbles of imagination

Aksh Joshi

Aksh is a student in seventh grade who is passionate about preventing deforestation. His goal is to get everyone to help the environment.

Anushka Rao

Anushka's ambitions for the future are to be a zoologist, a singer/songwriter and an actor. She loves to read, rollerblade and play guitar and she loves animals.

Carmen Aremndariz Murphy

Carmen is a 5th Grade student whose parents are from Spain and Ireland. She currently resides in Germany. She has chosen to speak about fear of the unknown because of her experience having a male teacher for the first time and not knowing what it would be like.

Darcy Angus


Gabriella Haug

Gabriella's TED talk will focus on gender stereotypes and the importance of being true to who you are. She will share her experience of being a 10 year old female who does not always follow gender stereotypes.

Priyankha Kamalakannan

Priyankha is passionate about writing, reading and baking. She has a YouTube Channel called Splash in which she shares her thoughts, ideas, creativity and knowledge. She is excited to be presenting her TED talk about the power of writing.

Trayii Iyer

Trayii is an 11 year old student living in Germany, although she was born in India. She enjoys a healthy dose of rebellion, like messing with her mom's stuff!

Zara Siddiqui

Zara is an 11 year old student currently living in Geramny. She loves to sketch and draw and aspires to be an Author and Illustrator one day. She is currently working on her own children's book.

Organizing team


Erlangen, Germany


Erlangen, Germany
  • Julie Ann Chiodo