x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Launch

This event occurred on
February 13, 2021
Erbil, Arbīl

A TEDx event is a local gathering where live TED-like talks and performances are shared with the community. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis.

Saad Abdullah Conference Hall
Gulan Street, Next to Divan Erbil Hotel.
Erbil, Arbīl, 44001
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Standard (What is this?)
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Abdulsalam Medeni

Civic activist
Medeni is a civic activist with experience in civil society program management and training, he have good understanding of the evolution and development og civil society in post-conflict environments. He has more than 700 articles in local Iraqi and international newspapers and magazines about developing democracy, civil society and developing leadership skills. He also served as a lecturer at multiple universities in Iraq and had his own Tv and radio shows. He has written five books, (youth problems); (modernity, its origin and associations); (whats Terrorism); (Ten Pulses, Dialogue between Babel and Erbil) it is on coexistence; (How to design and deliver training with impact, co-author); (A training manual on “leadership and management” for NGOs); ( A main reviewer of training manual on “Citizenship and coexistence” for Iraqi youth). Also Salam has done and still does consultancy work with international NGOs to conduct training and facilitate events inside & outside Iraq since 2004.

Andam Omer

Andam Omar Anwar was born on May, 1990 in Erbil. He obtained his bachelor’s degree by 2013. After getting lots of experience in his field he started studying M.A. in computer engineering at Altinbas University/Istanbul. he is the founder of TECheye company, organization, and academy. He also has worked in media for 8 years and is quite qualified in the field. He has been recognized and invited to many media talks both locally and internationally to shed light on obstacles in technology and its issues. He has worked as head of many media organizations.

Bahar Jaff

Life Coach
Bahar Jaff was born in 1978 in Kurdistan region of Iraq. She moved to the Netherlands in 1995. She got her bachelor’s degree in Business in 2002. She is an entrepreneur, an investor, a life coach, and a single mom. She creates balance in life with the most natural and simplest ingredients. Many have inspired her through her journey in life and now she wants to inspire many more. She believes that each individual has untapped powers and talents within them and with some guidance they can unlock their true potentials. Jaff she have done so many activity to the young people in Erbil and other cities in Iraq to teach about how to create balance in life.

Bakhtiar Talabany

Life coach
Bakhtiar Kamal Muhammad known as Dr. Bakhtiar Kamal Talabani He was born on 1979 and finished primary and high school in Chamchamal town. Then he finished high school in Sulaymaniyah High School in Sulaymaniyah. In 1997, he was taken from the College of General Medicine at the University of Sulaymaniyah. He graduated from medical college in 2003 and received a bachelor's degree in bist and general surgery. From 2005 to 2007 he was the hospital manager in Koya, Erbil city. From 2009 to 2013 he studied abroad and received a Doctorate degree in board. Since 2014, he has been a teacher in higher education, a teacher at Sulaimaniyah Technical Class University, a university teacher at Bakhtiari Technical Institute, an institute teacher at the Kurdistan region Institute of Qaiwan University. He was the founding group of the first human abilities development canter in the region called (Kurdonia) Centre.

Brusk Awat

Information Technology
Brusk has studied Information Technology as a major, Business Administration and International Studies as minors at the AUIS. He graduated in 2017. By the time he graduated, Brusk had already started a local software startup company in Slemani by name of “Meta Solutions”, which primarily worked on the automation of processes for other businesses in the region. In January 2020, he joined the Department of Information Technology of Kurdistan Regional Government as the Head of the Digital Development Team. He’s currently leading one of the teams that is heavily involved in the implementation of the digitization process in the KRG.

Brwa Abdullah

Entrepreneur and tranier
Brwa Abdulla is a well-known Kurdish entrepreneur and an international certified leadership public speaker, coach, and trainer at the John Maxwell Team. He has more than 7 years of field experience in Supply chain, management, and Marketing. Currently, he is a business administration senior student at The American University of Iraq, and works as a Procurement Manager at Bahar Group Companies. In 2018, he launched his own startup - A fitness club, and then in 2020, he launched his second startup (FITEEY)- A healthy food court. Abdullah, he trained more than 1000 young people to start their own business in the region.

Lara Khabat

Lara Khabat is a 20 year old social media influencer. She was born in Kurdistan region of iraq. She studies filmmaking-second stage and also does creative makeup. She loves spreading positivity and mental health awareness. She uses her social media platform to spread laughter and positivity and always gets positive feedback. She uses digital media platforms to listen to people and help them feel better and show her art! She has been on tv shows and interviews as well. She tries to show society’s issues through comedy acts and videos. She loves making videos that can spread laughter and awareness as well. On the other hand, She works in the film industry and has been a part of really great Kurdish films. And She is the founder of a newborn region mental health application to help people with their mental issues.

Nour Ahmed

Diplomatic Etiquette.
Nour Ahmed Bakr Has a bachelor's degree in diplomacy and international relations Specializes in international protocol and Diplomatic Etiquette. Born in Iraq in 1997 and studied at BMU Lebanese French University where she got her bachelor's degree has many studies about Integrated strategies, Economic politics and modern Etiquette. Owns multiple pages on social media that she uses to spread knowledge about history, diplomacy, and analysis of political events that helps people understand why Diplomatic people do certain things so they can improve how they communicate with others better Currently working on a book of her own called 'Modern Diplomatic ceremonial and Etiquette.

Rezhna Husen

Rezhna Hussein Qadir - born on October 19, 1997 in Galala village_ Sharbazher district, Iraq. She’s a computer science graduate at the University of Sulaimaniyah. She currently works with her family in their village as a gardener and beekeeper. She makes a blog out of her life and the villager’s life to publish it on Youtube. She has created the Rezhna news hashtag #ڕێژنە_نیوز now on Instagram, she writes her memories as a blog under the title of “The diary of a country girl”. Her aim for the work she does is to introduce the villages and their way of life to show clothes, languages, food, and village work. To serve more, she started building a different brand for the local natural products of Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Sirwan Idris

Social Activist
Also known as Sirwan Gardi, Born on October 1985 in Erbil, Iraq. He has a bachelor's degree in law and international relations. He works for CNO organization as a collaboration network supervisor and as an consultant and human development coach. He has been working as a civil society activist in the field of youth for fifteen years. In addition, he has many local and international certificates in the field of leadership art in Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Malaysia. He has presented over 100 seminars about youth development topics at universities, institutes, cities, and towns in Erbil.

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Erbil, Iraq