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Theme: (En)Vision

This event occurred on
July 19, 2020
Shinjuku-ku, Tôkyô

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Waseda University is witnessing immense changes to the city not only structurally but societally as well. One can only imagine what kind of possibilities the future will hold, be it technological, educational, or design oriented. We have decided on “(En)Vision” as a means to celebrate the future possibilities, but also in a way to commemorate the increasing diversity of this city. Notorious for being one of the most monoethnic and monocultural countries, Japan is slowly opening its doors to the world. In considering our Japanese audience, we figured the “En” in “(En)Vision” can be replaced with a Japanese Kanji character. Because there are many characters with the same reading, it therefore becomes subjective to the audience reading or hearing about our theme, and what comes to their mind in hearing the reading, “en.” Our speakers are consequently invited to our event and bring with it their own interpretation of the theme, and have the opportunity to share this with a vast audience.


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1-104 Totsukamachi
Shinjuku-ku, Tôkyô, 169-8050
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Aki Inomata

Artist, Photographer
1983年生まれ。2008年東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科先端芸術表現専攻修士課程修了。東京都在住。2017年アジアン・カルチュアル・カウンシルのグランティとして渡米。生きものとの関わりから生まれるもの、あるいはその関係性を提示している。 ナント美術館、十和田市現代美術館(青森)、北九州市立美術館(福岡)での個展のほか、2018年「タイビエンナーレ」(クラビ)、2019年「第22回ミラノ・トリエンナーレ」トリエンナーレデザイン美術館(ミラノ)など国内外で展示。2020年「AKI INOMATA: Significant Otherness 生きものと私が出会うとき」(美術出版社)を刊行。 She graduated with an MFA in Inter-media Art from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2008. In 2017, she traveled to the US as an Individual Fellowship Grantee from the Asian Cultural Council. She presents what is born out of her interactions with living creatures as well as the relationship between humans and animals. She recently had exhibitions at Musee de Nantes, Towada Art Center (Aomori), and Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art (Fukuoka). She also took part in group exhibitions such as "Thailand Biennale Krabi 2018" at Krabi (Thailand) and "The XXII Triennale di Milano" at La Triennale di Milano. In 2020, her book “AKI INOMATA: Significant Otherness 生きものとわたしが出会うとき” was published.

Grant Mikasa

General Practioner, American Clinic Tokyo
Grant Mikasa is a Japanese-American physician who is the director of American Clinic Tokyo, a private clinic founded in 1954 for English speakers. His parents were from California and Hawaii. He was educated at international schools and studied General Medicine at Chiba University. His group practice takes a biopsychosocial approach in diagnosing medical problems. He is the founder of the 2020 study group and teaches healthcare professionals how to drastically improve communication with international patients by speaking less. His interest is in having common sense, where he believes we have lost it somewhere along the way. (96 words) 日系アメリカ人の内科医。英語話者のために1954年に創立された私立医院であるアメリカンクリニック東京の院長を務める。両親はアメリカ・カリフォルニア州とハワイ州出身。インターナショナルスクールを卒業後、千葉大学で総合診療を学んだ。所属するグループでは生物心理社会的な手法で診断を行ってきた。2020年には研究グループを立ち上げ、話す内容を 減らすことによる非日本語話者の患者とのコミュニケーションの抜本的な改革を医療関係者に提案している。現在は、失われた常識を取り戻すことに興味を持っている。

Kodo Nishimura

Buddhist monk, Make-Up Artist
Kodo Nishimura is a global makeup artist and a certified Buddhist monk. He was born in Tokyo, later he moved to New York City and graduated from Parsons The School of Design. As a makeup artist, he has worked with numerous celebrities, singers, and at the backstage of Miss Universe His message for LGBTQ equality was featured on countless media including CNN, BBC, NHK, Vogue, The Times, and Buzzfeed. In 2019, he was invited to talk at UNFPA and Yale University, and also he was featured in "QUEER EYE” on NETFLIX. 国際的に活躍するメイクアップアーティスト。僧籍を持つ僧侶でもある。東京に生まれ、アメリカ・ニューヨークのParsons The School of Designを卒業した。メイクアップアーティストとして多数の著名人、歌手のメイクを手掛けたほか、ミス・ユニバースでは代表者のメイクを担当した。LGBTQの平等を求めるメッセージはCNN、BBC、NHK、Vogue、The Times、Buzzfeedなどの多くの世界的メディアに取り上げられた。2019年には国連人口基金やイエール大学での講義を行い、Netflixの人気番組”Queer Eye"に出演した。

Masahiko Abe

Professor, The University of Tokyo
阿部公彦(まさひこ) 1966年生。横浜出身。東京大学文学部卒。ケンブリッジ大学PhD。東京大学文学部教授。英米文学研究。文芸評論。著書は『英詩のわかり方』、『幼さという戦略』、『名作をいじる』、『史上最悪の英語政策』など啓蒙書と、専門書は『文学を〈凝視する〉』(サントリー学芸賞受賞)、『善意と悪意の英文学史』など。マラマッド『魔法の樽 他十二編』(岩波文庫)等の翻訳も。 Masahiko ABE(1966-) is a professor in English at the University of Tokyo. He obtained his BA and MA there and PhD at Cambridge University. His primary research area is modern poetry, but his criticism covers many other genres. His publications include How English Works(2010), Politeness and English Literature (2015), Talking Like Children Helps: Strategy of Infantilism in Japanese Literature (2015), and English Education in Chaos (2017). Currently, he is working on issues such as “politeness,” “stomach problems,” "Preparation"...etc. He is also a translator of Frank O'Connor's short stories and Bernard Malamud's The Magic Barrel. He won Waseda Literary Award for “Going to the Wilderness” in 1998 and Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities for Staring and Literature in 2013.

Saori Shinoda

小学校2年生で白血病になり、食事制限を受けた経験から、食の重要性を身をもって実感。そこから人生を「食」に捧げると決意。新卒で大手グルメサイトに入社後、飲食店営業並びにwebディレクターを経験。ビジネス側とプロダクト側の両面からサービスの運営を経験する。その後、TABETEにジョイン、その後取締役COOに就任。現在は「TABETE」の心臓として、営業企画からマーケティングまで幅広く活躍している。 Saori Shinoda is the COO of TABETE, a food sharing service. After being diagnosed with leukemia in her second grade of elementary school and being on a restricted diet during the hospitalization, she fully realized the importance of food. From this experience, she decided to devote her life to food. She joined a major gourmet website company after graduating university, and worked as a salesperson and website director. Having experienced being on both the business and product sides of the management of services, she then joined TABETE, and is currently responsible for a varied area of the business, ranging from sales planning to marketing as the heart of TABETE.

Sayo Saruta

Ms. Sayo Saruta, Director, New Diplomacy Initiative (ND), Attorney at Law in Japan and the State of New York Ms. Saruta is one of the founding members of New Diplomacy Initiative (ND), the Tokyo-based think tank for issues around diplomacy. She focuses on bringing voices of Japan into debate between Japan, the U.S. and other East Asian countries. The area of her interest is diplomacy by specifically focusing on the system of U.S.-Japan relationship and decision making process. Before working with US-Japan diplomacy, as a lawyer specializing in human rights, she was a chair of the general assembly of Amnesty International Japan and worked for Human Rights Watch. 新外交イニシアティブ代表。日本とアメリカ・ニューヨーク州の弁護士。 外交問題に関し東京が拠点のシンクタンクである、新外交イニシアティブの創立者のひとり。日米で多くの政治問題に関わってきた。特に、日米間及び東アジアの政治や外交に対する日本国内からの幅広い意見の反映に寄与。日米外交のシステムや意思決定過程に焦点を当てている。 日米外交に取り組む前は、人権を専門とする弁護士としてアムネスティ・インターナショナル・ジャパンの事務局長を務め、ヒューマン・ライツ・ウォッチでの活動経験も持つ。

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