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Theme: TEDxYouth@GrandviewHeights

This event occurred on
January 16, 2021
Surrey, British Columbia


Centre Stage at Surrey City Hall
13450 104 Ave
Surrey, British Columbia, V3T 1V8
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Audrey Turcotte-Miao

Audrey is an eighth grader who is passionate about playing the violin. She also loves to dance, go horseback riding and play the piano. In her spare time, she likes to watch movies and documentaries, read books, and connect with her friends.

Cadence Chan

Cadence Chan is an adventurous and curious 12 year old who loves to dance, travel and explore. At grade 6, she already knows that her dream is to become a plastic surgeon so she can help burn survivors, just like herself.

Cindy Aisingioro

Cindy is a kindness ambassador at her school. At just 7 years of age, she is well known at her school for being the most caring, helpful, and kind student - an accolade she cherishes. She speaks English, French, Mandarin and Spanish. She also loves to sing; and recently won a gold prize at the KPU International Music Festival.

Cyrus Janssen

China Business Consultant - United States and China Relations Ambassador
Cyrus Janssen is a keynote speaker, international business consultant, and social media influencer. You can connect with him on his website: and follow his YouTube channel for weekly insights into China:

Eva Zhou

Eva is a 7th-grade student who loves performing arts, coding & robotics. She speaks Shanghainese and performs the Hu Opera, both of which face the risk of becoming extinct. Eva hopes that in sharing her story, she may inspire the youth to preserve their culture and perpetuate their traditions.

Hanakiyomi Ando

Hanakiyomi is a 7th grade student at Collingwood School who aspires to be a prima ballerina. Her goal is to promote artistic extracurricular activities to students around the world because it is through these activities that kids learn about not just enjoyable pursuits, but important attributes such as creativity, self-expression and perseverance.

Jack Guan

Jack is a grade 9 student at St. George’s School who enjoys playing cricket. When he isn’t tinkering with his computer, Jack builds Gundam models in his spare time. He is keen on pursuing engineering or computer science in the future.

Jonathan Zu

Jonathan Zu is a 7th-grade student who aspires to be a lawyer. He also loves to travel, ski, cook, and hang out with his friends. He enjoys creative writing which serves as an outlet for his imaginary ideas and fictitious characters.

Michelle Hao

Michelle is a warm and considerate 7-year old. Her favorite subject is English, and she speaks Mandarin and French as well. When she isn’t busy with practicing the piano, she loves to ski and go horseback riding. She likes to draw cute animals, and absolutely loves chocolate.

Quinton Guo

Quinton Guo is a 6th grader who enjoys reading about history and conspiracy theories. In his spare time he likes to cycle and cook. He also enjoys traveling, watching shows and listening to podcasts.

Ray Wu

Ray is a 4th grader who enjoys reading and playing with the Rubik’s cube. In his spare time, he likes to draw and research things on the internet. Ray was very inspired by the selfless dedication of frontline health workers during the pandemic and would like to give back by being an epidemiologist in the future.

Yijia Zhou

Yijia is an 8th grader who likes to draw, chat with her friends, and listen to music. Spurred by the inequalities and discrimination against the queer community, she has made it her mission to battle the bias against the community and to advocate for equality and acceptance.

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