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Theme: REstart

This event occurred on
June 1, 2021
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

We restart a video game, if the five-star level is not yet achieved. We restart our computer, after some major software updates or installation. That means we could always restart, for a humble reason, or a noble cause.

Is there a REstart button in our life? Well…
If your life was paused in the past year, time to hit “REstart”. REstart in a better way. If you have never stopped, it’ll be cool to REstart too. Reorient yourself. Restrategize your life.

REstart, especially the “RE”, can also be how we introduce a subject, an eye-catching and useful one that can ensure your email will be read, or your concern can be addressed. The subject we are RElying on this year is: the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Continuing on with the good spirit of “Looking Forward” in our 2019 event, TEDxHSUHK is literally looking and even moving forward! We present this REstart button to not only you at HSUHK, but also anyone in Hong Kong or even all around the world! This year, TEDxHSUHK will be live-streamed! We will especially invite speakers advocating different SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in Hong Kong. Their ideas worth spreading will include, but not limited to, how their own sector can “REstart” Hong Kong, making our city a sustainable and adorable home.

Hang Seng University of Hong Kong
Hang Shin Link, Siu Lek Yuen
Shatin, N.T.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 852
Hong Kong
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University (What is this?)
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Cecilia Yeung Man-wai

Athlete + Model, Inspirational speaker +Hong Kong Women's High Jump record holder
Cecilia Yeung Man-wai, Hong Kong Women’s High Jump record holder, has been representing Hong Kong since 2016. In April 2017, she set Hong Kong’s women’s high jump record of 1.88 m and won a silver medal at the Asian Championships the same year. Under her belt is an even longer list of international awards, to name but a few: Asian Indoor Games 2017 Bronze Medalist, World Universiade 2017 finalist, All China Games 2017 the 5th Place, Asian Games 2018 the 5th Place, and Asian Athletics Championships 2019 the 5th Place. As a graduate with a double-major degree in Marketing and Business Design & Innovation at the University of Hong Kong, this young top star of track and field is also active in enlightening the public with her speeches. This year’s theme, REstart, strikes a chord with Cecilia as she will share with us how her sports injury transformed her into who she is today, a professional athlete, together with a model and an inspirational speaker.

Francis Ngai

Social enterprise founder + CEO
Francis Ngai is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SVhk. He is the Co-Founder of Green Monday, Playtao Education and RunOurCity. Francis believes that everyone can be a changemaker. Seeing ‘ME’ as the reflection of ‘WE’, he hopes to bring together more people to re-imagine our city and pursue big dreams to make a difference to the community we live in. Prior to establishing SVhk, Francis was the Head of Strategy in a listed technology conglomerate in Hong Kong. He graduated from the City University of Hong Kong and was conferred as an Honorary Fellow by the University in 2013. He was selected as one of the 100 Asia Pioneers by The Purpose Economy in 2014, a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2012 and one of Hong Kong’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons in 2011. As an ultra-running veteran, Francis completed The North Pole Marathon in 2013 and the 250-km Gobi March of the 4 Deserts race series in 2012.

Queenie Man

Founder and CEO of a Social Enterprise; Brand Builder
Queenie is the Founder & CEO of The Project Futurus, a social enterprise that is committed to promoting the future of aging. Queenie is also the Managing Director at Culture Homes and Forward Living overseeing elderly service and experience innovation. In addition, Queenie is an appointed Enterprise Advisor at CLAP@JC for the years of 2020-2022. Prior to joining the eldercare industry, Queenie had worked as a global brand strategist for almost a decade specializing on brand strategy, design and customer experience. Inspired by the many possibilities in delivering better aged care, Queenie joins the industry hoping to transform the way people perceive aged care, while making it relevant to the consumers of tomorrow through products, service and social innovation. Queenie is committed to channeling her passion, creativity and vision into three main areas: aging innovation, elders eating with dignity and positive brand building for the aged care industry.

Raymond Mak

Entrepreneur + Social Innovator
Raymond is the co-founder and CEO of Farmacy Hong Kong Limited, the 1st “Agri-Prop” (agriculture and properties) tech company in Asia that builds smart indoor mobile farms in highly urbanized cities, enabling supermarkets, restaurants, schools, offices, residential projects, and households to farm ultra-fresh, safe and nutrient rich green produces on-site with 100% transparent and fully automated indoor farming technologies. Currently sitting in Trade & Industry Advisory Board of HKSAR Government, Consumer Council, and BUD Fund Review Panel, he focuses on improving new tech & innovative product commercialisation, quality enhancement and identifying overseas market opportunities for SMEs through various regional economic and cultural development initiatives for Hong Kong.

Ryan Lau (柳俊江)

Influencer + Writer + CEO of RL Digital
From a TV news anchor, experienced reporter, producer to now a book author brave enough to have penned one of the most significant pieces of history of Hong Kong, Ryan Lau is always being upfront with the public about the truth, in all shapes and forms. Having capitalised well on his news journalism degree and been a TV news journalist for 8 years, Ryan ventured into new and exciting domains including being a MC, radio host, director and actor in television dramas and movies, and a columnist, to name but a few. This multi-talented influencer is now running his own e-commerce business and also his very first feature film, sharing words of wisdom with his marketing and communication skills. At the same time, he is literally running: Ryan is an active runner himself!

Sherman Kwok & Ansgar Chan

Co-founders of Wow Char Siu
Having studied in the UK and equipped himself with an extensive expertise in design, Sherman is always thinking out of the box. His career started out on the fields of design and branding. Soon Sherman moved higher up the career ladder, landing on the positions of Branding Director and General Manager. This allowed Sherman, together with his co-founder, Ansgar, much flexibility to land on even bolder creative endeavors. In 2020, Sherman and Ansgar created a brand-new business by spicing up a traditional Cantonese cuisine, Char Siu Rice (rice with barbecued pork). This new and hip takeaway-friendly eatery presents a classic touch with a modern twist. Sherman and Ansgar, thus, are here to shed light on how the theme REstart could define not only their career but also a fine balance between gimmicks and fulfilling practical needs of the public.

Vanessa, Cheuk-nam Cheung

Social Entrepreneur + HSUHK Student + Small Shops Lover
Vanessa is the Founder and CEO of a local social start-up, City's Treasure. It aims to preserve the uniqueness of local small shops and promote human warmness with a strong sense of neighbourhood in local communities via online storytelling and offline local tours and tour guide training activities. Vanessa treasures stories and believes everyone could be a tour guide of a journey and hopes to find out the local memories and stories in the districts and local small shops. Currently, she is a HSUHK Year 3 student majoring in Business Administration-Corporate Governance and the Tai Po Youth Representative for the Social Welfare Department Tai Po and North District Local Committee on Services for Young People.

傭仔 Yung Jai

Illustrator + Writer + Influencer
Maid graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a major in Advertising Design. Having joined the local airline industry as a flight attendant in 2015, Maid started to make comics and share on his Facebook page “The Flying Maid” to document what he saw in the sky. Maid made his first appearance in public at the Hong Kong Book Fair in 2016. Since then he has published 5 books. Maid earned “The Best Book” (Travel and Food Category) and “My Favourite Writer (Silver)” at the Hong Kong Golden Book Awards in 2018. In 2020, his career as a flight attendant came to a halt and he diverted the route to become a full-time illustrator and an influencer. In the hope of spreading happiness by his illustration to Hong Kong people, Maid went on collaborating with numerous local and interactional brands, ranging from multinational technology companies, to online travel agencies.

野人 (莫皓光)

Simple Life Practitioner; Nature Conservationist
Having obtained a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in reputable universities in Hong Kong, this “Wildman” (nicknamed by the media) in our modern city has broken almost all social norms. Mr Mok is leading his life, together with his family’s, in a primitive but satisfying way. As a dedicated nature conservationist, Wildman is practising a self-sustaining life by growing his own vegetables, using the least resources possible and fully utilising whatever both nature and society are giving the humankind to the fullest. As one of the founders of the social enterprise, Natural Network, Wildman actively promotes environmental protection through practical workshops and sharing. His philosophy in life, and in his environmental protection work, is to educate the public through a combination of acquiring knowledge about how our ecosystem works, and how we human beings are connected with nature emotionally.

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