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Theme: What The Future?!

This event occurred on
October 10, 2020
4:00pm - 6:30pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
World Wide Web, Vlaams-Brabant (nl)

Welcome to your Future... What, the Future?!

Join TEDxVilvoorde that concludes with highlights from TED's COUNTDOWN with your family, friends and/or colleagues from the safety and comfort of your home or anywhere you want to watch on Saturday, 10.10.2020. One ticket will provide access to the online event for your whole family or group of friends.

This will be a whole new experience. You'll be able to watch TEDxVilvoorde, the musical performance Crazy Nails and highlights from TEDxCountdown all from the comfort of your home or anywhere (see below) you want to watch. With the online web stream link that you’ll receive, you’ll be able to watch TEDxVilvoorde unfold minute-by-minute including the talks that are exclusively presented and may not go online elsewhere and watch the highlights from TEDxCountdown that includes talks by speakers like President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. All for three for the price of one ticket and you'll be able to replay all the talks and presentations for up to one year after the event.

During the event you’ll also be able to connect with other participants, the speakers and the partners, download a digital gift bag (full access plus ticket only), dance to music and much more.

The TEDxVilvoorde Team

World Wide Web, Vlaams-Brabant (nl), 1800
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Alex Brouard

Magician and Mentalist
Former IT engineer, Alex Bouard also know as Alex Si is now magician-mentalist, corporate speaker, emcee of professional events, and ambassador for the McBride Magic & Mystery School (Las Vegas.) With a pure blend of art and science, he uses his magic to make events more memorable (even when online,) and his knowledge in neuroscience and psychology to help you make better decisions by avoiding the traps laid by your brain.

Anna Sircova

Psychologist and Researcher
Anna is a psychologist, a researcher, visual artist, creative thinker and doer. Denmark is the sixth country that became my home (with 11 cities and over 20 addresses along the way). For over 20 years now I’m curious about the concept of time, which I do research and creative projects about. Her research focuses on how people perceive time of their life, what are their attitudes towards their own past, present and future, how they make decisions based on that and how it impacts their well-being among other things.

Anna Sitnikova

Designer and Art Curator
Anna Sitnikova is an artist, designer, speaker and curator based in Amsterdam. Space inspires her designs as the ultimate architectural space, where gravity doesn’t limit structural possibilities and axes infinitely expand. She is specialised in tech textiles, smart materials, three-dimensional, expandable and interactive structures. In collaboration with the International Lunar Exploration Working Group at the European Space Agency, she is developing concepts for the future MoonMars habitats. Anna is also the curator, manager and a deputy chair of the Moon Gallery Foundation, a speaker, artist and researcher at the ArtMoonMars collective, an elected expert at Technical Committee on Cultural Utilisation of Space of the International Astronautical Federation, a tutor at the Interior Architecture & Furniture Design Department at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, a designer & researcher at Studio Anna Sitnikova, Amsterdam and a project leader at Studio Samira Boon, Amsterdam.

Bernard Moerman

Change Consultant
Bernard combines his almost 40 years of international competitive sports experience in his work as a storyteller, career & executive coach, lecturer on leadership at Antwerp Management School and consultant in the fields of leadership & organisational transformation. His newfound purpose in life today to aid people that are unsure about their "tomorrow" in life and work. To help them develop the agility to surf the waves of change with confidence. He does this, by exploring and focusing on their "Future Map" based on a deeper understanding of their values, passions and talents - and how they can act upon them.

Elizaveta Glukhova

Designer and Art Curator
Elizaveta Glukhova is a graphic designer, researcher and media artist. After her graduation from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2018, she started her own independent graphic design practice and later that year became a curator at the Moon Gallery Foundation. In her autonomous work, Elizaveta focuses on relations between science and culture and draws inspiration from interdisciplinary collaborations. Her research is mainly driven by curiosity and a sense of social relevance and she uses a journalistic approach to investigate the subject. Elizaveta is also a speaker, artist and researcher at the ArtMoonMars collective, an elected expert at Technical Committee on Cultural Utilisation of Space of the International Astronautical Federation, a tutor at the Interior Architecture & Furniture Design Department at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, the founder of the independent artistic practice LizaLand and the co-founder of the Brand Identity & Design Studio SEED Team.

Erin Meyer Charneux

Hostorian, Author and Artist
Erin weaves together degrees in WWII history and cultural anthropology with visual and spoken arts, she uses the past as a portal to address today’s challenges in innovation, leadership and human rights. She has appeared on TV programs and stages around the world, and shared the stage with former US Secretary of State, Dr. Henry Kissinger, to speak on how we create our future history through our actions today. She helps companies and individuals prepare for an unknown future by studying how those in the past navigated the unforeseeable and unpredictable.

Marie Nilsson

Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor
Traumatic brain injury survivor Marie was a brilliant personal trainer and nutritionist in Brussels when on a walk in the Polish mountains she fell 450m down and survived. Left in coma, with more fractured bones than you can count on two hands, dislocated joints, internal failures, cerebral bleeding and other brain injuries she is considered a medical mystery.

Maya Van Leemput

Futures Researcher
Maya Van Leemput is a futures researcher and consultant with a multi-media practice. Her critical forward-looking work on media, culture, arts, (cross-cultural) communication, development, science and technology in society and urban environments, uses experimental, creative and participatory approaches. She partners with photographer Bram Goots on Agence Future (AF), a long-term independent project for futures exploration. This interdisciplinary collaboration combines conversation based approaches and visual ethnography with the co-creation of images of the future. Maya is a fellow of the World Futures Studies Federation and the Centre of Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies, a member the Association of Professional Futurists and the interdisciplinary visual arts collective OST. As the senior researcher of the centre of expertise Open Time | Applied Futures Research she also teaches Strategic Futures Orientation to final year Bachelor students in Idea & Innovation Management students.

Walter Vandervelde

Creativity and Innovation Professional - Project Lead EhB Continuing Education
Creativity is a mindset. And undoubtedly, together with a handful of other competencies, one of the last differentiators to give us an unfair advantage on digitally driven intelligence. Walter Vandervelde is a professor, speaker and author in Creative Thinking and a strong believer in the human capacity to grow and change things for the better. Therefore, he encourages people to combine lifelong learning with adopting sustainable growth skills. A future-oriented vision that he puts into practice as Project Lead Continuing Education at the Erasmus University College Brussels.

Younis Hijazi

Exponential Transformation Specialist
Younis has always been passionate about technology. He has a PhD in computer science (2007) and, 10 years later, went to Singularity University for an executive program. Today, Younis is helping EU deeptech scale-ups access grant & equity from the European Commission. At the same time, he is helping organizations transform by leveraging exponential technologies. Younis' MTP-Massive Transformative Purpose is to make governments exponential.

Organizing team


Brussels, Belgium
  • John K. Bates