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Theme: Hidden Corners

This event occurred on
August 14, 2020
Muscat, Masqaţ

An undisputed fact is that the more we learn, the more we become aware of how little we know. Novel ideas, concepts, and creations pop up from all corners of the globe at a rapid pace– but what about the hidden corners that we have yet to shed light upon? As humans, we must humble ourselves and accept our never-ending role as students with so much to learn – possibly more than we can achieve in this lifetime. This year, with the theme of hidden corners, we hope to delve deep into the bottomless oceans of knowledge and soar as high as human ambition will allow.

“You don’t blame God for placing you in a dark corner. You thank him for giving you the light to make it brighter.” ― Israelmore Ayivor

Muscat, Masqaţ
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Anas Al Dheeb

Anas is a graduate in marketing as well as a photographer and avid traveler. He has been awarded over 55 local and international awards for his photography and has been invited to multiple international conference for his outstanding visual content. His speech will speak about the lives and people he has met behind the photos.

Bushra Khalfan Al Wahaibi

Bushra Khalfan is a Omani writer and author, a household name known for her short stories, poetry, and novel. Her short stories include: ، رفرفة، غبار صائد الفراشات الحزين، حبيب رمان . And her novel الباغ has been reprinted 4 times due to its immense popularity and ability to capture the Omani identity and life in a beautiful and expressive manner. She has also published two poetry books. She was also a main columnist for the national newspaper “AlRoya” until the year 2011 as well as one of the main founding members for the Omani society for books and literature and many other notable positions in the Omani literary society.

Dr. Bashayer Al Majed

Assistant Professor of Law at Kuwait University
Kuwaiti Assistant Professor of Law at Kuwait University. She is committed to the importance of law and justice, particularly in the Middle East, as well as holding a strong belief that it is her responsibility to empower and inspire others; to use her position as an educator, as a Advisor , lawyer and as a young, female voice to represent an authentic Kuwaiti female experience. She works hard to promote a modern, enlightened standpoint on major legal and humanitarian issues.

Dr. Lujain Daghistani

Lujain is a doctor, public and motivational speaker, life coach, and interested in empowering people and self improvement.

Dr. Muna Al Shekeili

Child and Adolescent Consultant
Dr. Muna is a Child and Adolescent consultant at Almassarra Hospital (AMH) with a special interest in Children’s rights. She is a weekly guest on Oman TV every Monday morning with فقرة احتواء . Dr. Muna is well known across Omani social media platforms for her extremely educational and informative content when it comes to child development, health, and rights.

Hashim Sharaf

Director and Cinematographer
Award winning director from Bahrain specialized in filmmaking & cinema studies. Through his love of cinema and its potential to inspire change, Hashim has worked in the film industry for over 10 years after graduating from RMIT University in Australia with Media (Filmmaking and cinema studies) degree. He is also a founder of More Media, a creative agency in Bahrain providing services in a variety of complementary media.

Mohammad Redha Al Lawati

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Mr. Mohammad is a clinical psychology from the University of Swansea, Wales, with a further specialization in cognitive behavioral therapy. He has over 8 years experience in public speaking and holds many workshops related to his field on mental well being and is a strong advocate in his field. His speech will include his personal journey and difficulties he faced with regards to mental health and all the positive steps he took to help himself.

Rayan Samman

Rayan is an industrial engineer, licensed life coach, interested in the investment and improvement of perspective and business.

Salim Bashir Al Riyami

Omani pioneer in audible content creation
An Omani pioneer in audible content creation, co-founder of the renowned podcast “Qafeer” and the founder of Qaf network. Mr Salim is one of the Omanis to pave the way for content creation within our region and he will be speaking on his experiences as well as debunking 5 myths to help other aspiring content creators.

Organizing team

Al Ghafry

Muscat, Oman