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Theme: Learn to Unlearn (the event is postponed and will be rescheduled.)

This event occurred on
November 26, 2020
3:00pm - 6:00pm +04
(UTC +4hrs)
Sharjah, Ash Shāriqah
United Arab Emirates

The event is postponed and will be rescheduled after September as we are on lockdown.

Juwaiza’a Sharjah , United Arab Emirates
Sharjah, Ash Shāriqah, 150807
United Arab Emirates
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Aarna Saha

Aarna, from Kolkata, India, is a student of grade 10 in The Millennium School, Dubai. She has been learning classical dance for 7 years. She has completed the basic and advanced course for drawing. She wishes to pursue higher studies in Biology and explore various fields connected to it in the future.

Abhinava Bharadwaj Nookala

Abhinava is a Senior High School Student who wishes to pursue a career in Aerospace Engineering. His interests lie in martial arts, football and reading. This rational thinker and leadership enthusiast believes that society’s ideology is not entirely logical and that thinking is the most powerful activity.

Andria Vinod

Andria Vinod is an environmental campaigner at GEMS Millennium School, Sharjah. Being an introverted-extravert who abides by the motto “Hakuna Matata”, Andria chooses to inspire people around her to make a difference, by unlearning! Exploring a nuanced subject through the prism of the school community, Andria convinces us of the ability of an individual to make a difference, by making the right choices, just one at a time.

Aseem Kaur Sawhney

Aseem Kaur, a tech-savvy from GEMS Millennium School, Sharjah is all set to blow the minds of student and parent community, as she introduces her innovative ‘idea worth spreading’. Being an adventure junkie who doesn’t shy away from new experiences, Aseem inspires the youth of today to live by her motto ‘Live and let live’; experiencing the one-time adventure to the fullest, leaving no room for regrets. Aseem pioneers her drive for technology and innovation and wraps it in queer humor to sway the words of Bill Gates, “AI can be our friend.”

Diya Lakshmi

A city-girl of Sharjah, and a memory keeper of Kozhikode, Diya Lakshmi helps you see the connections you feel. As someone with a penchant for all things beautiful; books, rain, oceans, photographs and brownies, Diya lives in the spirit to light up lives and illuminate darkness, just as her name suggests. And as she narrates her story of finding the light within, looks out for the most important attribute that one must strive for. Sparklingly, she empowers the youth to find the magic in all the little things in life, to stargaze, to adore the sunsets and most importantly, to be be-you-tiful!

Ekamjot Singh

Ekamjot Singh is a Senior High School year student who wishes to pursue a career in Software Engineering. He is someone who does not follow the traditional way of thinking and often disagrees with the thought process of most people his age think. This bronze awardee of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, believes in a world of infinite perspectives.

Joel Jiji

Building upon an idea born out of a simple question, Joel Jiji has been involved in the research of plant growth. His inquisitive nature and diligent efforts have brought forth amazing results, which he believes, can lead to another Green Revolution.

Johan Geo

Johan Geo is a senior student at Our Own English High School who is concerned about the stress, negativity, and other problems faced by children of his age. His dedication and sense of commitment towards his society are what set him apart from everybody else. This neurological surgeon aspirant hopes to bring about a change in society by inducing positivity around.

Mayur Jhamnani

Mayur Jhamnani is a Senior School Science student and a Quantum Mechanics enthusiast. Apart from that, he is also a voracious percussionist who loves playing and listening to Indian classical music, especially, the Tabla. He is an ardent promoter of the power of music. He enjoys a fruitful conversation and takes part in numerous discussions concerning a wide range of topics with his peers.

Mineet Kaur Kaur

Work, eat, sleep, repeat - the average 21st-century routine is one of biggest 'nope’ for the girl who strives to become the best version of herself. Law aspirant Mineet Kaur sees each new day as an opportunity to grow as an individual. Her mission is to be a contented individual who values inner peace. As she shares her thoughts on ‘issues that matter’, be inspired to take the daring step to live for the moments that can’t be put into words.

Mohammed Ishan

Mohammed Ishan is an aspiring student who believes in academics beyond grades. He cannot stand the frequent comment, “the system is wrong”. An amateur debater and a skilled filmmaker, he has gone to multiple competitions and also taught filmmaking to many students in his school.

Mrudul Mamtani

Mrudul Mamtani is a young aspiring innovator with techno-functional experience in the field of ML, AI, Neural Nets, and IoT. He has won more than 17 competitions over the past 2 years. He is the youngest winner of Hackathon 2.0 and the youngest National winner of the Junior Programming Competition. He has also won the Global Innovation Challenge 2019. He has independently developed a Machine Learning APP for the visually impaired and plans to impact the lives of people around the world. His passion for computer science inspires those around him to strive harder.

Paloma Viegas

The school going kids of today are in stress and not feeling happy, and that is NOT OKAY to Paloma Viegas, a twelfth grader of GEMS Our Own, Dubai. As a student advocate of Mental Health, she speaks not only to lift the spirits of her listeners but also to encourage the needy to ask for help. Her efforts remind us of the words of Glenn Close, “What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor and, more unashamed conversation”.

Saatvik Agrawal

Saatvik Agrawal is a Senior School student who splits his time between school, poetry and Model United Nations. He loves taking part in competitions.

Shubhankar Ghosh

Venturing deep into the world of opportunities to serve the community, Shubhankar embarks on a journey to find a way to make a unique and positive impact on the people around him and across the world. Aspiring to become someone more than an average, ordinary high-school student, he looks forward to exceeding the boundaries of his neighborhoods.

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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates