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Theme: Resilience

This event occurred on
December 12, 2020
9:00am - 2:00pm IST
(UTC +5.5hrs)
Jaipur, Rajasthan

TEDxKids@NMS is an intricately woven web of changemakers yearning to create a difference and break the barriers of conformity. Its theme for 2020 is “Resilience”. The year 2020 is equivalent to a rope tied onto our hand, pulling us into an endless void. The everlasting setback is what we aim to avoid. It is in times like these, where resilience, persistence and strength are the crucial pillars of achieving the state of euphoria, fighting for that one day, far away from this societal dystopia. We bring forth the warriors of tomorrow, to be our ray of hope in these hours of sorrow. They inspire us to get up stronger than ever, because resilience is what’s our companion in this endeavor. There have been thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders who have faced this devastating obstacle. However their art of thriving has been nothing but mystical. So as we struggle to figure this year out, we’re offered a helping hand, by our speakers, who depict what resilience is all about.

Dome, Neerja Modi School
Shipra Path, Mansarovar
Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302020
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Youth (What is this?)
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Chandni Chopra

Director , Simple Education Foundation
Chandni is the director of Simple Education Foundation (SEF). She manages the design and execution of all structural school processes and she has played a prominent role in carving the “student vision” for all programmes that SEF conducts. The foundational building block of her work is her undying motivation towards ensuring that the children have the facilities and strength to bring about change in the world and be the leaders of tomorrow. Along with this, she personalises her connection with students by beinger experience includes possessing a degree in Business Economics and Public Policy from Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. She worked alongside a few nonprofits before joining the Teach For India Fellowship in 2013. After the Fellowship, she joined Teach For India as a Program Manager and worked for 2 years. She also led TFI’s unique student leadership initiative called ‘Udyami’ in Delhi.

Gayatri Peshawaria

Chef Gayatri Peshawaria is quite infamous for being the owner of Gayatri’s Gourmet, a food education company based in her hometown ,Amritsar. In addition to her ten years of cooking experience she believes in cooking with seasonal and natural food to support the local farmers and to accomplish her zero waste cooking agenda. From the UK to India she hasn't failed to portray her brilliant cooking skills, whether it's being a wine critic, journalist or participating in Gourmet Gateway in the most famous cities of the world. She is the founder of MasterClass, an education program which empowers school students to make informed food choices whilst being in an enjoyable environment. Over 1000 children across 5 major schools in India have been trained and certified in MasterClass’ successful four year run as of now. She has travelled the world with her passion and trademark candor and continues to wow people by experimenting and creating.

Nalini Sorensen

Nalini is a world renowned, award-winning children's book author, whose insight is a delight for kids. She believes in savouring the moments of sudden elation and “living life to its full potential”, a twist on the cliche. In our transient lives, she promotes being cheerful and appreciative of beauty all around. Humour and intellectual tranquility is her forte. Nalini has had many books published, Her book titles include, ‘Lucky, It’s Summer!’, ‘Lucky, It’s Not Just a Christmas Story!’, ‘Lucky, It’s Diwali!’, ‘While You Are Sleeping’, ‘Papa’s Marathon’, etc. Nalini is a woman of various talents & equal responsibilities. Her family relies on her for having a wonderful, fully balanced day filled with light humour. She has not only written readers for schools students across India, but has also attended and presented at numerous literary events. Her lively attitude towards life makes her a perfect role model for children and represents her young spirit.

Nisha Pathak

Nisha Pathak's dedication towards football led her to formulate the first ever girls’ football team in her school and mark her stance as a national level football player. She is a true embodiment of sheer all round excellence along with possessing the diversity to always take on all opportunities that come her way. Her sports aficionado is also accentuated as she competes as a district level swimmer. Apart from her ambition towards athletics, her hobbies range from being a part of the free-spirited requirements of dance to the beautiful broad spectrum of art. Additionally, being the immense multipotentialite that she is, she also manages to not let anything distract her from staying on top with her academic performances. Nisha is truly an inspirationist and that too, from such a young age

Pooja R Bhale

Founder & Director of Protecte Ecology Foundation
Pooja R Bhale, acts as a messenger when it comes to communicating the deep rooted harmony that mother earth possesses. She aspires to reconnect people to this planet using her understanding, knowledge and unconditional love that was developed from her vast experience as a conservation biologist and as the head of Protecterra Ecological foundation. PEF’s flagship project, which aims to revitalize our interconnection with earth by developing our perspective by raising awareness. Her profession also complements one’s passion to explore the world as she has traveled all across India, South Africa and England to contribute her skills by working in certain protected areas. Along with being an asset to her incredible initiative, she also portrays her versatility by being on the Maharashtra rugby team, acquiring a certification in Leadership For Young Adults. Apart from all this, she’s been a professor since she was 24 & also, given that she shares her home with around 40 animals.

Saniya Shah

Co-Founder 0f Flypilota
Saniya Shah, an inspiring female entrepreneur has had her fair share of achievements, ranging from recieving her MBA from Cornell University to becoming the CEO of Pilota. She has also led teams within the innovation incubator of Fortune 7 company, UnitedHealth Group where she created and launched new products for the company. Saniya Shah stands with pride as one of the Forbes 30 under 30 recipients. Her keen foresight and compatibility with hard work hae made her a perfect fit for being a three time founder. We are delighted and honoured to have her as one of our speakers for TEDxKids this year and inspire young, ambitious students.

Shikhar Sehgal

Shikhar Sehal is a 13 years old boy with wild imaginations. He not only believes and dreams to help the poor through various initiatives but he has actually made it possible to succour them through his fundraising campaign using modern science & technology for the progress of mankind and a secular approach in national governance. His interests are eclectic – plays the viola, enjoys swimming and actively participates in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences. He aims towards excellence in all that he does. His other interests include being a foodie, and travelling to different places to taste the cuisines which adds a very charming touch to his personality.

Swarup Deb

MD, Girgit Studios Pvt Ltd & Animation Designer Professioal
Swarup Deb is an animation designer professional, & an educator, design thinker & strategist. He is also a mechanical engineer, who graduated from Govt College of engineering Pune & worked with Bajaj Auto and Larson & Toubro before studying animation film design from The National Institute of Design. Swarup also owns the title of being a creative producer and managing director of Girgit Studios Pvt Ltd. He had founded this studio in 2011, from having a very unique vision of success towards India and to all those kids who would enjoy animation and stories through that medium. Being in this field he has helped & contributed to various design teams like TVCs, Short films, Promo films, ect, but has also spread awareness of themes which are social relevent like child abuse, parent safety for children, gender inequality through these films. He is also a recipient of the 40 under 40 award of animation xpress for being very brilliant and one the most promising individual influencer.

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Jaipur, India