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This event occurred on
June 27, 2021
11:00am - 8:00pm EEST
(UTC +3hrs)
Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki

According to Aristotelian philosophy, Eudaemonia is the highest good in our lives, also being a regulator of human behaviour. The concept of Eudaemonia contains an eventual continuity of actions that hold the transition from potential to active being. Eudaemonia defines our constant personal development and the comprehension of ourselves, while being a distinct concept of that of happiness, as a synonym of completion, according to ancient Greeks. Eudaemonia, anyway, draws its meaning and its dynamics from the “teleological” philosophy, so the achieving of happiness through the “absence of pain” isn’t the aim according to hedonistic philosophers, but the completion of every personal target is. In a more modern and allegorical approach for us, the team of TEDxAUTH, Eudaemonia describes a human achievement, personal liberation, achieved through a constant and gradual attempt. TEDxAUTH 2021 talks will figuratively express the process of achieving a personal “Eudaemonia,” proving that human potential is, at last, enough for the conquest of the highest good, and that the ability to overcome social and cultural stereotypes is innate within all of us, manifested in various aspects of our lives. Based on the notion of the highest purpose of Eudaemonia, we are inspired by everyday people that embodied social change and personal completion in an attempt to inspire our own personal revolution.

Ceremony Hall of A.U.TH.
Thessaloniki 546 36
Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, 546 36
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Thessaloniki, Greece


  • Eleni Amprazi
    Team member
  • Joanna Nestorides
    Team member
  • Panagiotis Karatakis
  • Simon Maniatis
    Team member