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Theme: Journeys

This event occurred on
August 1, 2020
Birmingham, Birmingham
United Kingdom

Everyone is on their own individual journey. Journeys can be new beginnings with opportunities for growth and discovery. However, journeys can also be difficult; they often involve overcoming obstacles and they can challenge and redefine beliefs, as well as opening your eyes to new perspectives. Whatever your journey may be - embrace the highs and the lows, and enjoy where you are right now. After all, it’s the journey that matters, not the destination.

We are delighted to announce that TEDxAstonUniversity will be holding a VIRTUAL event this year! Get your ticket and join us from the comfort of your very own homes as we explore the theme of ‘Journeys’!

A number of talented and thought-provoking speakers and performers will taking to the (virtual) stage to share how their individual journeys have helped them come up with unique concepts about society and the world around us.

Aston Students' Union
Aston University
Aston Triangle
Birmingham, Birmingham, B4 7ET
United Kingdom
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Connor Picken

Photographer, Filmmaker and Clothing Designer
My name is Connor Picken. I am a 20 year old creative from London. I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most talented individuals in the creative industry. I am a photographer, filmmaker and clothing designer. I have made several award winning documentaries and I have recently launched my first clothing line. It all started for me back in 2016 when I had one experience that would change my mindset forever.

Dr. Moran Cerf

Professor of Neuroscience & Business
Moran Cerf is a professor of neuroscience and business (Kellogg School of Management) and the Alfred P. Sloan professor (American Film Institute; ’AFI’). Cerf holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience (Caltech), an MA in Philosophy and a B.Sc in Physics (both from Tel-Aviv University). His research uses neuroscience to understand the underlying mechanisms of our psychology, emotion, decision-making, and dreams. Cerf holds multiple patents and his work has been published in academic journals such as Nature and portrayed in popular media outlets such as Wired, Scientific American, BBC, CNN, The Atlantic, Time, Forbes and dozens of others. He has made much of his research available via public talks at TED, TEDx, PopTech, The World Economic Forum, and more. Prior to his academic career, he worked as a hacker in the cybersecurity industry. Currently, is on the board of a number of tech companies and is the Co-founder of ThinkAlike and B-Cube. Importantly, he is right-handed.

Jordan Patel

Social Entrepreneur
Jordan Patel is a social entrepreneur who wants to address the divides in society that he has both lived through personal experience and continues to see around him. He sees it as his mission to prevent others from making the same mistakes he has, by sharing his story and helping others to find a voice and sense of belonging.

Nathalie Ormrod

Senior Lecturer of Marketing & PRME Director
Nathalie Ormrod is a Senior Lecturer in the department of Marketing and Strategy at Aston Business School (ABS) and the BSc Marketing degree's Programme Director. A Senior Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, she represents ABS for the United Nations' Principles and Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative.

Prof. Dr. Marc Oliver Opresnik

Professor of Digital Marketing
Marc Opresnik is a distinguished Professor of Marketing at the Technical University of Lübeck and a Member of the Board of Directors at SGMI Management Institut St. Gallen. In addition, he is Chief Research Officer at Kotler Impact Inc. and global co-author of marketing legend Philip Kotler. With his many years of international experience, he is one of the world's most renowned experts in marketing and negotiation management.

Sam Beni

Technology Futurist & Co-founder of 9Q.AI
Sam Beni is a Technology Futurist, experienced in AI and other emerging technologies. He has Co-founded 9Q.AI, a company aimed to optimise every decision to result in value creation, and solve the most complex issues.

Venandah Madanhi

Consultant, Founder and Speaker
Venandah Madanhi is the founder of Talk About, a future Trainee Solicitor and Engagement Consultant. She was the youngest person on Birmingham’s inaugural Top 30 Under 30 list and ranked 6 in the Future Leaders annual publication. Venandah is passionate about social progress and helping people develop their soft skills through the power of technology.

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Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Andreas Papadopoulos
  • Hugh Williams
  • Joel Song
  • Lillian Psylla