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Theme: Pushing Boundaries

This event occurred on
November 21, 2020
Boston, Massachusetts
United States

The purpose of this event is to connect and empower the MCPHS University community through knowledge and skillsets, with a focus on initiating multidisciplinary conversations to spark curiosity and inspire positive changes. The overarching theme to accomplish these goals is Pushing Boundaries, which encompasses our ability as a community and as individuals to learn our limits, acknowledge them, and then move beyond them.
- Learning and understanding internal and external limits: determining the pre-existing boundaries at our current level of experience/knowledge/field etc. This leads to questioning which boundaries are necessary and which should be reviewed.
- Acknowledging our limits: accepting the progress we have made and knowing that having boundaries doesn’t mean weakness
- Going beyond the boundaries: setting a new goal that pushes the boundary, a plan to push it, and actually executing the plan.
These key concepts are applicable to all disciplines and can be found in personal and professional growth.

MCPHS University
179 Longwood Ave
Boston, Massachusetts, 02115
United States
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University (What is this?)
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A. David Lewis

Dr. A. David Lewis specializes in both comics’ treatment of religious concepts and their engagement with healthcare & medicine. The author of several graphic novels including Kismet, Man of Fate, Dr. Lewis serves as full-time faculty for MCPHS University.

Akshay Patil

Dr. Akshay Patil is a returning alumnus from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences where he was President of the Private Practice Club. He has done rotations across the country in various modes of practice and is currently a resident optometrist passionate about providing eye care to his community at the Specialty Eye Institute in central Michigan. His professional aspirations include working in the private practice sector while developing an effective global outreach program, while his personal goals include visiting all of the national parks in the United States. Ardent pizza aficionado. Diehard Laker fan. Spelling Bee Winner.

Bethany Davis

Bethany Davis is an activist, advocate, change agent, coach, and speaker. Aside from her Director role, she is also a coach and Conscious Business Super Connector for the Conscious Leadership Group.

Kimberly Levitt

Kimberly Levitt is a student and faculty and student member at MCPHS University. She also Manages the Health Program at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center in Pennsylvania. Kimberly has incredible experience researching and working with the LGBTQ community and believes that understanding LGBTQ health disparities should be a key component in the health field around the globe.

Laura DiBenedetto

Laura DiBenedetto is the number 1 Bestselling Author of “The Six Habits… Practical Tools for Bringing Your Dreams to Life”, CEO of the multiple-award-winning marketing company Vision Advertising, and curious student of life. Her mission is to positively impact one billion people and give them the accessible recipe for happiness The Six Habits makes possible, to create a better next generation.

Lydia Green

Lydia is a pharmacist and former pharmaceutical advertising copywriter who seeks to reduce the influence of pharmaceutical marketing and misinformation on American healthcare. She is also the founder of RxBalance, a nonprofit organization that addresses areas of medical misinformation in order to reduce medication costs, improve outcomes, and promote safer prescribing.

Matcheri Keshavan

Matcheri Keshavan is a psychiatrist. His main research expertise is in the causes and treatment of serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. He teaches at Harvard Medical School and is the Academic Head of Psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Robert Sadowski

Robert describes himself as a regular Polish guy, husband, father, and businessman. He is passionate about football. He is trying to be a helper. In his professional life, he is an expert in emergency shipping. Every day he needs to thrive in dynamic circumstances. His passion is not contained only within logistics. It spills over into philanthropy and personal endeavors. In 2016, he ran the Everest Marathon to raise funds and awareness for Hospice Home. In 2015 he ran the Bajkal Ice Marathon and in 2014, the Marathon de Sables. These challenges provide an outlet for him to serve, refocus his priorities, and re-energize him.

Stephanie Skouras

Stephanie is a member of the Kymera Therapeutics Immunology team. She began her journey in immunology at Harvard Medical School. As a deeply curious person, Stephanie is always questioning the way things work and why. Outside of immunology, she has a great interest in understanding our body’s natural processes and the roles they play in our decision-making processes.

Tom English

Tom is a Transformation Mentor and the founder of 3 Stewardships Ltd. The mission of 3 Stewardships is to empower individuals across the globe on their unique transformation journeys, so that they are ready and able to create and enjoy lives of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.

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Boston, MA, United States
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